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Karina Klesko, editor and John Daleiden, editor









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Heart Like Mary's, Watercolor, 1996

Stephen Mead, US



Pris Campbell, Susan Constable, Gillena Cox, Laryalee Fraser, Shanna Baldwin Moore


November 30, 2007: Vol. 2, No. 5


Sketchbook Authors
November 2007, Vol. 2, No.5

Hortensia Anderson, US
Ed Baker, US
Helen Bar-Lev, IL
Marlene Buitelaar, NL
Pris Campbell, US
John Tiong Chunghoo, MY
Susan Constable, CA
Gillena Cox, TT
Magdalena Dale, RO
John Daleiden, US
Sam Flavor, CA
Chuck Foland,
Laryalee Fraser, CA
Judith Gorgone, US
Elizabeth Howard, US
Carl Huffman, US
Paul Ingrassia, US
Elaine King, NZ
Manu Kant, IN
Betty Kaplan, US
Karina Klesko, US
Deborah P. Kolodji, US
Stephen Mead, US
Vasile Moldovan, RO
Shanna Baldwin Moore, US
Aju Mukhopadehyay, IN
Ruth Nott, US
Karen O'Leary, US
Zhanna P. Rader, US
Kala Ramesh, IN
Moira Richards, ZA
Yura Runov, RU
Kevin Ryan, UK
Vaughn Seward, CA
Brian Strand, UK
Alan Summers, UK
Barbara A. Taylor, AU
Craig Tigerman, US
Ella Wagemakers, NL
A. D. Winans, US
F. N. Wright, US

Andrew Zimba, US


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N - Z  Sketchbook Biographies




Global Correspondents

Connecting to Scotland

The Big Darkness

by Sally Evans, UK


Connecting to Israel

Events In Review

by Helen Bar-Lev, IL


Connecting to Trinidad

Elections Day 2007 Trinidad and Tobago

by Gillena Cox, TT


Connecting to India


by Kala Ramesh



Connecting to India

Indian Temples and Tripura Temple Culture

by Aju Mukhopadhyay


Connecting to Malaysia

History of the Malaysian Railway

Islamic Arts Museum

by John Tiong Chunghoo



John Tiong Chunghoo, Malaysia
Gillena Cox, Trinidad
Sally Evans, Scotland
Helen Bar-Lev, Israel
Cristian Mocanu, Romania  
Aju Mukhopadhyay, India
Rita Odeh, Palestine
Kala Ramesh, India
E. E. Sule, Nigeria

Various Correspondents will be featured from month to month.


Read the poems by genre

Acrostic, Cinqku, Cinquain, Crystalline, Dorsimbra, Fibonacci, Free Verse, Ghazal, Haibun, Haiku, Kyoka, Lanterne, Light Verse, Mondo, Pantoum, Rondeau, Sedoka, Shan-zi, Sijo, Sonnet, Stella Renga, Senryu, Tanka, Tetractys, Triolet


Sketchbook is an E-Journal for 
Eastern and Western Short Verse Forms

Submission deadline: 20th of each month

Sketchbook will be published on the last day of each month twelve times a year

Submissions are open to the general public.

Send to:
Subject: Submission + Genre(s) Name



Announcing December 2007 Kukai

For the December 2007 Kukai submit one to three HAIKU using the kigo: "star" or “stars”. The exact kigo words must be used in the haiku. No more than a total of three haiku may be submitted:

night travelers
guided by winter stars
a desert moon

john daleiden, US

Subject: Dec07 kigo “stars”

Submissions: December 01, 2007 – Friday, December 21, 2007 Midnight.

Voting: Sunday, December 22, 2007 – Thursday, December 28, 2007, Midnight.

The results will be published in the Monday, December 31, 2007 Sketchbook.



Announcing December 2007 Haiku Thread

Announcing December 2007 Roads / Paths / By-ways Haiku Thread

For December 2007 the theme of the monthly haiku thread is roads, paths, or by-ways. Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the Roads Thread.

Subject Line: Dec07 roads haiku thread.
Deadline: Midnight Sunday, December 23, 2007

mystery man
riding the morning train
handsome and rich

john daleiden, US

All Haiku received will be posted on-line at December 2007 roads haiku thread.

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the December 31, 2007 Sketchbook.





Sketchbook Special Features
November 2007, Vol. 2, No. 5


Hortensia Anderson, Magdelena Dale, John Davey, Chuck Foland, Betty Kaplan, Karina Klesko, Zhanna P. Rader, Elaine King, Vasile Moldovan, Moira Richards, Kevin Ryan, Vaughn Seward, Alan Summers, Barbara Taylor, Max Verhart, Ella Wagemakers

Read the rengay



A Solo Stellarenga

John Daleiden—Counting Blessings



Alan SummersBeyond The Crow

Barbara A TaylorKitchen Castles



Cat Poems Project




Ed  Baker

clouds my mind, Kiss me again!



Diwali Festival of Lights

Kala RameshA Diwali Night Greeting

Manu KantDiwali Haiku




The Little Black Book

Ed Baker, Karina Klesko, Paul Ingrassia


Little Black Book Guidelines


The OutlawPoets II

A. D. Winans

Six PoemsNorth Beach Yuppie Bar, Poem For The Jazz Man At The Anxious ASP, One Too Many Poets One Too Many Poetry Readings, State Of Seige, Sunday Morning Blues, Tenderloin Cafeteria Poem

A. D. Winans On A. D. Winans

I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation II



Shanna Baldwin MooreOne Fr' the Lady's

Shanna Baldwin Moore and Sam Flavor—A Dialogue Between Two Like Minded Souls

Carl HuffmanFaces


Co-Editors Sketchbook II: November  2007
Shanna Baldwin Moore
F. N. Wright


"cold night" or "night chill" Kukai

     First Place: Josh Wikoff

     Second Place: Zhanna P. Rader

     Third Place: Josh Wikoff

Read the winning "cold" night" or "night chill" haiku


 Editor's Choice

2007 November Food Haiku Thread

Karina's Choices

John's Choices

Read the food haiku


From The Editor's Desks

Karina Klesko

John Daleiden



A Writer's Handbook

Gillena CoxThe Fold: An Experimental Short Form



Cover Art

Stephen Mead is a published artist/writer living in Albany, New York. Some of his work is featured on the November 2007 Cover, this Contents page, and a gallery in this Sketchbook issue.  As an artist he is self-taught, yet has been heavily influenced by both surrealism and expressionism. Stephen Mead's Premiere Artist Portfolio is on-line.
In the early 1990's he was published in several little literary magazines, but stopped to pursue visual work. On the web, both his writing and his artwork have been showcased internationally.
Presently has several title pieces of his e books archived in their art pages at cc & d magazine. These works incorporate both image and text, as does his e book "We Are More Than Our Wounds". Currently photoshows of his piece "Blue Heart Diary" and other poetry/art hybrids can be viewed online.


Book Fair

Featured Book of the Month:


Cyclamens And Swords

Helen Bar-Lev

The Art of Haiku, Gerald England, ed.
Spirit Harvest, Trish Shields
unfinished book,  Deborah P. Kolodji
Flowers of Life, Brian Strand
Shorthand of the Heart, Brian Strand
Poiema: Ekphrasis Poems, Brian Strand
Phaneros, A Selection of Lanternes, Brian Strand
Things Just Come Through,  Ed Baker
Cobweb, Cristian Mocanu
Watching the Buds of Dream, Rita Odeh
The Language of Sparrows, Andreas Gripp
Like Darwin Among the Gods, Andreas Gripp
Presence of Mind, Jim Kacian
Oklahoma Heat, Marc Thompson
(C)opyright Sign, Daniela Bullas
Animals are Nature's Poetry, Helen Bar-Lev
Cyclamens And Swords, Helen Bar-Lev
San Francisco Blues, A. D. Winans
whispers from hell, A. D. Winans
Rustle of Bamboo Leaves, Victor P. Gendrano
Coast Lines, Trish Shields and Katherine Gordon
Fire Pearls, M. Kei, editor
Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay, M. Kei
The Poetic Image,  Alan Summers and Roger Brown
moments, Gillena Cox


































































































































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