Ron Moss, TZ and Sheila Windsor, Uk


alchimist's eye by sheila windsor

alchemist's eye


leap and whorl in the alchemist's eye a glimmer
a baby born under the light of mars
after the war the jaw
beached whale carved-up by a chainsaw
in a medieval church we hunt the green man
grasshoppers made an a outback crossroad
i ask for directions the pendulum circles
sky diver deep into blue
lapis lazuli the rhythmic rise and fall each sleep breath
old home movie a sepia swish of the trout's tail
the short round man in a bowler hat into fog
sunday market a toddler clutches a plastic buddha
stranger's smile to ignore or scratch the itch
on the clothes line her silk shimmers
a circle in the air for magic
the gymnast's chalk dust explodes!
all that's left of the circus depressed grass
she reaches for today in a valium bottle
Y the sun falls into his arms
on the coffin lid the family crest
a little girl twirls her paper poppy
boxcar derby a last touch of paint
desire just a trace on the old scent bottle
busy mall the busker's voice twists the crowd
ruby tuesday hitching a ride into sunrise
on the plate nachos and silverfish
the bridge where lovers meet
butcher shop the slap of fresh sausages
trickle of olive oil over tomato
warm sunset the drift of pavorotti through the wine grove
snuggling into the first snowflake
a frozen carrot sniffs the air
between their names our faces
mantra to god the waft of sandlewood
wave after wave his paper boat. . . .
midnight opening the door to a blood moon



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