Zhanna P. Rader, US, Vaughn Seward, CA,
Chuck Foland




Hues of Autumn

Northern breeze—
a maple leaf catches
the setting sun.                            zpr

Rising, yellow moon—
a rustle under the oak.                   vs

Fallen foliage
squirrels gather acorns
in the dusk.                                  cf

Lower Appalachians
this burst of autumn hues.              zpr

The last one
flutters from the top—
bare branches.                             vs

The cold wind whistles gently
repeated crunch under foot.           cf


This rengay was a challenge for us as the given theme was "Autumn Leaves" (and not just "Autumn"). We thought that each verse should therefore somehow reference leaves and yet we did not feel that the same word for leaf or leaves should appear in more than one verse. So, after the first verse you'll notice that leaves (or a leaf) is referenced only indirectly.

Here is our worksheet version of the Rengay

...and here is a worksheet of our linking, theme, and remarks annotations.

Vaughn, Zhanna, and Chuck
Novemeber 7, 2007

September 24 - Nov 7, 2007







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