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Robert Naczas was born at the beginning of 1976 in the Subcarpathia region of Poland but he is now living in Ireland with his wife - Aneta and two kids - Amelia and Yeshe; teaching English to immigrants. He published two haiku chapbooks; some of his haiku also appeared in various online magazines. Enjoy.


Mary Angela Nangini's poetry has appeared in the World Haiku Review, HaikuHut's Short Stuff, Visual Haiku and Photo Haiku, WorldWall2, Poet's Porch, Poetry Life and Times, PoeticVoices tribute 9-11 special, and several anthologies. She has two poetry books published by The Edwin Mellen Press and was a finalist for the Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize 2001. I live in the GTA, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. For more information visit her website: Human Potential and its Shadow.


Stephen Nelson was born in Motherwell, Scotland in 1970. He has recently published at Otoliths, Double Room and elimae, and is very much option d) all of the above. He blogs at


Deborah Rachel Ngo, SG: is a self-taught artist and poet who was never formally trained in either art forms except for attending enrichment classes at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She was born in 1988 and is of Chinese and Eurasian heritage. Deborah calls Singapore home and although she is relatively unknown, writing and painting have been lifelong passions for her.


Ruth Nott is 65, a native Floridian, who has found poetry to be a valued part of her life. Her poetry reflects her faith and values and a deep love for God and family. Her work has been published in various anthologies of the International Library of Poetry, small press magazines, Poetry Canada magazine, The Quilter magazine, The Joy of Living Poetry Collection by Hazel Street Publications, Sea Oats Review a magazine by the Panama City Writer’s Assoc., Mahogany and Molasses, Verse-a-tility (chapbook of the Chiefland Poetry Group), Anthology Twenty-Four of the Florida State Poets Assoc., Inc., Of Poets and Poetry (newsletter of the Florida State Poets Assoc., Inc.), various newsletters, and several poetry websites, blogs, and groups. In January, 2005 Ruth self-published her first book of Christian poetry, “A Pure and Simple Faith” and in January 2006 assisted her family in self-publishing a family anthology titled “Family Matters.” In 2007 Ruth has self-published “Crazy Patch”, “Haiku for Lovers”, “Where Memory Lingers”, and “Garden of Faith”. Please visit her website


Christina Nguyen is a writer and poet living in Hugo, Minnesota, USA. She plays with words and poetry on Twitter as @TinaNguyen. In 2011, her work appeared in Ribbons, Gusts, red lights, American Tanka, Frogpond, Prune Juice, Moonbathing, tinywords, Atlas Poetica, and other journals.


Magnus Amudi Nwagu is from Enugu State of Nigeria. He is currently enrolled in a Law programme at Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He has published one book, We Must Learn Again To Fly: (A Call for change)


Rita Odeh is a Christian Palestinian who was born in Nazareth and, following a B. A. in English and Comparative Literature from Haifa University, returned to teach high school in her hometown. A member of the World Haiku Association, she has published five books of poetry in Arabic, and maintains a trilingual website where her poetry may be read in Arabic, English and Dutch    She began writing haiku on Oct.15, 2006. Since then she's devoting all her time to this type of poetry since she believes that: the scent, not the flower, is driving her crazy.  


Mariusz Ogryzko was born in Bialystok, Poland in 1977 and he lives there with his wife and son. He works as a biology teacher in a primary school. Enjoying writing haiku and haiku related forms he is a member of Polish Haiku Forum 'Haiku po polsku'. His poems were published in Modern Haiku, Asahi Haikuist Network, Frogpond and haiga at World Haiku Association.


Lisa Okon was born in Brooklyn, studied at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and has lived for most of her life in Jerusalem, where she raised her family. She works in private practice as a marriage therapist and family mediator and has recently completed her first novel, dealing with the relationship between two bereaved parents, an Israeli and a Palestinian. For over ten years she has been involved in a love affair with Japan and writing haiku has been one of its manifestations.



Karen O'Leary is a wife, mother, nurse, and freelance writer from North Dakota. Writing affords her an outlet for her creativity. Her articles, short stories, and poetry have appeared in various venues including SP Quill, Storyteller, Amaze, Beyond Katrina, Purpose, Art With Words, and Sketchbook.



Tomas O'Leary saw a gentle ogre exhale a sparkling evergreen sprig in a photo which invited a few attentive words to keep it company on its journey into one mind or another. His third book of poems, A Prayer for Everyone, was recently published by Ilora Press and is available from Grolier, the oldest and best all-poetry bookshop in the country. He lives in Cambridge, MA, where the Grolier lives.

Photo Requested


Shannon O'Leary is a Christian from North Dakota majoring in Elementary Education. I have published some poetry through the writing forum. I continue to write in hopes of learning through not only my writing, but other people 's writing as well.



norman j. olson is a small press artist and poet who has published more than 200 poems and an equal number of artworks in literary journals all over the USA and in 15 other countries... he was born in 1948 and lives in maplewood, minnesota usa... he worked for 20 years in a factory printing telephone books and then for 20 years at a civil service job from which he retired in 2011... his first book of poems and drawings, Pleasure in a Stained Universe is scheduled for publication by Lummox Press in 2012... he has shown his original art at Jay Gallery in Seoul, Korea and at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami. Florida... he does not sell his originals and so has nearly his entire life's work (about 400 artworks) in his personal collection... website:  -- email:  (Photo: Tokyo, July 2011)


Sergio Antonio Ortiz, US is a retired educator, poet, and photographer. He has a B.A. in English literature, and a M.A. in philosophy. Flutter Press released his debut chapbook, At the Tail End of Dusk, October 2009. Ronin Press released his second chapbook, topography of a desire, May 2010. Avantacular Press released his first photographic chapbook: The Sugarcane Harvest, May 2010. His third chapbook: Wet Stones and Bedbugs in My Mattress, will be released by Flutter Press, November 2010. He was recently published, or is forthcoming in: Fried Eye, Shot Glass Journal, Cavalier Literary Couture, and Touch: The Journal of Healing. He is a three-time nominee to the 2010 Sundress Best of the Web Anthology, and a 2010 Pushcart Nominee.


Louis Osofsky bumbles his way to deeper understanding; sustains a wild and nurturing relationship with his two teenage sons; provides fiscal wellness to the local public health agency; sleeps most nights in westwood, california … found in various poetry venues


Scott Owens is the author of 7 collections of poetry and over 800 published poems, editor of Wild Goose Poetry Review and 234, and recipient of awards for his work
from the Pushcart Prize Anthology, the Academy of American Poets, the NC Poetry Society, NC Writers Network, and other places. His haiku have appeared in Heron's Nest, Notes from the Gean, Magnapoets, and Shamrock among others. He lives in Hickory, NC, USA, and teaches at Catawba Valley Community College.


Peter Pache is a retired environmental manager/biologist now living in rural New Mexico, with interests in heritage livestock, pottery and, of course, haiku. Peter and his wife are pictured here on their 2007 trip to Glacier National Park.


Amy S. Pacini is a freelance writer from Land O Lakes, Florida. She is a 1994 graduate of Houghton College with a B.S. in Business Administration. She is the poetry editor for Long Story Short and was previously a volunteer reader and editor for Short Poem ezine. She is the founder of Pasco Poets, and has held memberships in Poets Live, Brandon Poets & Artists Guild, the International Women's Writing Guild, and The Write Time. Her work has been published in Hope Whispers, Hanging Moss Journal, Sand Literary Journal, Captains of Consciousness Journal, Moondance Online, and Creative Writing Online. She writes poetry, short stories, personal essays, and motivational quotes. Amy owns and operates A.S.P. INK and its site


Pravat Kumar Padhy is a Petroleum Geologist. His literary works are referred to in Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry etc. His poetry won the Editors’ Choice award at Asia American Poetry, Poetbay and Writer Guild of India award. His poems, haiku and tanka appeared in Commonwealth Quarterly,Poet, Poets for Living Waters, The Enchanting Verses, The Houston Literary Review, World Haiku Review, The Notes From the Gean, Ambrosia, Sketchbook, Simply Haiku, The Mainichi Daily News, Haiku Reality, The Heron’s Nest etc. Haiku accepted for exhibition by the HAS “haiku wall” in the historic Liberty Theatre Gallery at the Quarterly National Haiku Society of America Meeting in Bend, Oregon, June 3-5, 2011. The Tiny Pebbles is his latest collection of verse.


Asim Kumar Paul, aged 62, is a retired person, and lives in Kharagpur, West Bengal, INDIA. He loves poetry and prose poetry. He writes poetry in English and Bengali. He is the author of three poetry books; 1. Three Poems (2005), 2. Winter Shade to His Liking (2007, and 3. Azure (2010). All his poetry books are self published. And all three books are praised by Dr. Benjamin Zephaniah. He has Poetry Blog Sites:  which gets 2200 visits worldwide in 10 months shown in a review

Now he has a new blog started on 04.01.2012 together with above blog  He posts poems at, and

Asim is a member of


Dejan Pavlinovic, born in 1968, is an English teacher and occasional tourist guide from Pula, Croatia. He has been writing haiku since 2007. So far his haiku has received awards and commendations in Croatia (Krapina 2008-2nd prize) and Japan (Kusamakura 2009-2nd prize, Itoen 2009-Merit award).  When not being captured by his family, work, travel, sea, sun, football, music and other blessings, Dejan occasionally publishes his haiku both in English and Croatian on his blog 


Verica Peacock was born in Zagreb ( Croatia ), in 1930, but lived in Slavonski Brod with her aunt and uncle until, age13; they were imprisoned. She was released on condition she spent the rest of the war in an orphanage, while most of her family perished in Auschwitz. She joined her mother in England in 1946, learned English quickly and fell in love with the language. She taught English, Drama, German and Commerce in Secondary schools. At age 48, she had a massive stroke, but luckily recovered and continued teaching. She wrote poetry as a teenager and took up writing seriously after retirement, publishing her memoir, The Find.  

She has won first and second prizes for poetry in Writers’ Forum and for haiku and tanka; also she has had haiku published in Roumania, haiku and haibun in Croatia, articles on the Paraolympics and travel, as well as stories in My Weekly. Her hobbies are writing poetry, particularly haiku, translating her own and Dobrisa Cesaric's and Vesna Parun's poetry, meeting people, line dancing and caravanning. She is married to Graham and they have a son and a daughter and four beloved grandsons. She is a member of National Association of Writers' Groups (NAWG), The Inn Scribers’ writing group in England and Spark in Croatia .


Eric Pederson is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse; he is majoring in English and High School Education. In addition to writing poetry, Eric is writing a novel which he hopes to have completed by the end of summer, 2009. He enjoys all types of outdoor activity, including biking, Frisbee, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and hiking. Eric is pictured with Kristi Sauer, his fiancée; the couple will be married in the summer of 2009.  Kristi is an English major at UWL.


Natalie Perfetti grew up in the small town of Lowell, Indiana, where she first learned to love reading and writing. She graduated in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in writing and literature from Millikin University. Natalie now attends Florida State University in Tallahassee where she pursues her master's degree in literature. When not immersed in a book or a poem, Natalie loves to swim, bike, and travel

Her tanka have appeared in a number of magazines, including the Tanka Society of America journa, Ribbons and Dirty Napkin, and Moonbathing, and Modern English Tanka.

Perfetti wrote Moon's Edge as part of her James Millikin Scholarship project, "At the Edges of Traditions: Poems of Our Own," which won the Outstanding Project Award for 2009.

Moon's Edge, by Natalie Perfetti, illustrated by Laramie Hutchens. (Decatur, IL.: Bronze Man Books, 2008). 38 pages, 9 x 6, saddlestitched. ISBN 978-0-9787441-0-6. $12.00 and $2.50 postage from the publisher at  or by mail from: Bronze Man Books, Millikin University, 1184 W. Main, Decatur, IL 62522.



Liudmila Petrova lives in Bulgaria, but was born in Ukraine before ... many years. Well, the important thing is that my heart is young. I am glad to take care of my grandchildren, flowers and vegetables, and now to write haiku.


Stella Pierides grew up in Athens, Greece. She now divides her time between London and Munich. This European background underpins her work. Her poetry and short stories have been included in anthologies, in print and online magazines, and elsewhere. She has co-edited Even Paranoids Have Enemies (Routledge, 1998) and Beyond Madness (JKP, 2002). Stella is currently working on her second novel and participating in the “NaHaiWriMo” Facebook community, “A River of Stones” and other poetry and fiction projects. She reads, walks, and potters; the rest of the time she daydreams about the Aegean.

website:   and Twitter:


Pamela Pignataro lives in a small town in upstate NY with two grown children & assorted pets. Poetry is my escape from my real life as a nurse. Asian forms & the related cinquain are my favorites & have been published in Moonset, Ribbons, Red Lights, White Lotus, Modern English Tanka, Frogpond & Amaze.



Deryn Pittar, New Zealand: I live in Papamoa, New Zealand. I write short poetry and have been published in Valley Micropress, A Fine Line (N.Z, Poetry Society magazine), Takahe; and Kokako and Paper Wasp, two magazines specialising in haiku and tanka.  publishes two journals on line; Shot Glass Journal and the Fib Review for Fibonacci poetry. I frequently have my work published in these journals.

In the past year I’ve sold one poem to South Pacific Press for a poetry math book for the middle school children in American; and recently came in 3rd in the Clarity Contest for the Lucidity Poetry Journal, USA.

I enjoy playing with words and have had two short stories published in HER Magazine and several pieces of flash fiction published in on-line sites. I was a finalist in the 2011 AUT 10 minute Screen Play contest and I’m currently working on a mystery romance novel and trying to find a home for a paranormal novella.

Read my poetry at:
visit my website: for news

My first love is poetry.


Marija Andjela Pogorilic was born Radovan in Rovinjsko Selo in 1948 where she lives today. She graduated from Pedagogical Academy in Pula (Geography and History).

Marija publishes poetry and prose in the Chakavian dialect of Rovinjsko Selo and standard Croatian. She writes down sayings and proverbs of her place. So far she has published three collections of poetry: Dih ljubavi (A Breath of Love), Kap rose (A Dewdrop) and Zrno soli (A Grain of Salt). She is presented in 12 joint collections and over 50 literary magazines and takes part in poetry recitals in the country.

She publishes Haiku in IRIS haiku magazine and joint haiku collections in Klostar Ivanic, Ludbreg, Obrovac („Rene Matousek“ haiku meeting). For her haiku she has received an award and commendment. (The 12th Mainichi Haiku Contest 2008 - Honourable Mention, The Klostar Ivanic 2009, 2nd Prize


Reason A. Poteet, USA, IN: I was born in the US in Kentucky in 1943, moved in Indiana in 1968, graduated with a Master's from Indiana University in 1969. Married Henry in 1975, we have two sons and two grandchildren. I am retired from teaching elementary school for nearly forty years. My relationship with poetry (with no formal training) began in 2005 after retirement and I have published work in newspapers, anthologies and online at several sites. I am a Christian and my passion for my Lord is displayed in most of my 200+ pieces. I write under the penname, Reason A. Poteet.


Jasminka Predojevic was born Đerek in 1961, in Imotski, Croatia. She lives and works in Zagreb. Jasmina publishes haiku in the magazine Haiku, Iris, joint haiku collection in Ludbreg and Kloštar Ivanić, taking part in the meetings of haiku poets throughout Croatia. For her haiku she received a number of awards and commendments in Croatia and Japan.


My name is Katarzyna Predota. I was born in Poland, in 1983. I live there with my husband. I have been interested in haiku since 2007 and now haiku is my passion. My poems have been published
on the internet at Asahi Haikuist Network, Mainichi Daily News, Shamrock Haiku Journal. My poems were noticed in the  Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2008 (Sakura Award) and at the 1st Polish Contest HAIKU 2008.


Vera Primorac was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; she lives in Viskovo, Croatia. She is a retired teacher. For many years she worked abroad in Croatian Schools; there she was also writing and painting on silk. She had a number of noted independent and common exhibitions. She has published five books so far: Utocista, haiku (2006.); Komadic duse na dlanu, poetry, (2007); Tragovi, haiku (2007); Mirisi zemlje, poetry, Rijeka (2008); Druga strana zrcala, prose (2008). For her haiku she received a number of awards in Croatia and abroad.


Aleksandar Prokopiev is a short story writer and essayist. Born 24 February 1953, in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature. Works at the Institute of Macedonian Literature in Skopje.  Works: The Young Master of the Game (short stories, 1983), ...or... (short stories, 1986), Sailing South (short stories, 1986), A Sermon on the Snake (stories, 1992), Was Kalimah a Post-Modernist? (essays, 1994), Fairytale on the road (essays, 1996), Let's make a movie together (stories for children, 1997), Ars amator-ia (stories, 1998), Image which rolls (haiky, 1998), Anti-instructions for personal use (poetical diary, 2000), Postmodern Babylon (essays, 2000). He tried his skills at scenarios for stage projects, comic strips, quiz-shows, texts for rock-and-roll songs, feuilletons, translations and radio adaptations.


Tyler Pruett is a writer with a special interest in English language haiku. His work appears in many journals including Acorn, Frogpond, Haiku Presence, The Heron's Nest, and South by Southeast. He has received critical acclaim for his poems, including the Roadrunner Haiku Journal's Scorpion Prize in 2009, and the Best Haiku for 2005 award from the Mainichi Daily News. Tyler’s poetry is also featured in Haiku 21, an anthology published by Modern Haiku Press.


Dorota Pyra lives in Gdansk, a spectacular city in the north of Poland, where she works as a pre-school teacher. She commenced her haiku hike in 2005. Beside this genre, she writes longer poetry and also children's short stories and songs. Dorota's haiku can be found on Polish and foreign websites as well as in paper publication. "Icy moon", her first book of haiku and free poems, was published by Bernardinum Press of Pelplin in 2009. By winning The 2009 Shiki Special Kukai in memory of William J. Higginson and getting the prize - the journey to Matsuyama - she was given the chance to feel the air that created this miniature poetry. Dorota's fascination with photography and visual art as well as the kind of education she got (Academy Of Fine Arts in Gdansk) allow her to draw joy from joining word to image in the form of photo-haiga.Her works can be seen on WHA Haiga Web site, Haigaonline, DailyHaiga, and on her blog rozsypany czas (scattered time).


Chinese Vietnamese, she grew up during the war and lived under the Communist rule for ten years after Saigon fell. Now a naturalized US citizen, she writes from her background consisting of three cultures. Her haiku, haibun, and tanka have been and will be published in the issues of Notes from the Gean, A Hundred Gourds, The Heron’s Nest, Haiku News, Mainichi Daily News, Multiverses, Moonbathing, Red Lights, Lynx, Atlas Poetica, Ribbons, Lyrical Passion Poetry Ezine.


Jennifer Quillen teaches art in an elementary school in Crossville, Tennessee. She is active in the promotion of the arts in the area. At the same time, she is a busy wife, mother, grandmother.


Zhanna P. Rader writes a variety of poetry and short stories in Russian, her native language, as well as in English. She is the moderator of WHCrussian haiku forum (in Russian) and of WHCpoemsforchildren (in English). She was the previous President of the Athens, Georgia Branch of National League of American Pen Women. She is a member of: Georgia Poetry Society, USA; Southeaster Writers Association; Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators; and Greensboro Art Alliance, GA, USA. She is a winner of many haiku, senryu and children’s poetry contests. She has been published since 1986 in numerous magazines, anthologies and books in several countries, among which are the following: Amaze, Brussels Sprout, Canadian Zen Haiku canadien, Cicada, The Daily Yomiuri, Dragonfly, Ecopoems; Winners of the Rhyming Haiku, 1991; Fire Pearls; Four Seasons Haiku Anthology, 1991; Frogpond, Haiku Canada Newsletter, Haiku Zashi Zo, Haikumena, Hermitage; How to Write and Publish Poetry, Larry Gross, Tallahassee, Florida, 1990; In Buddha’s Temple, Ko, Lishanu, Lynx, The Lyric, Mainichi News, Mayfly, Midwest Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Moonset; “Na Pua’oli puke’eono”, Anthology of HEA; South by Southeast, New Cicada, Nightshade, Mountain, Samoborski Susreti,  Sand & Gravel Press; Only Morning in her Shoes, Utah, 1990; “The Reach of Song,” Georgia State Poetry Society;  The Red Pagoda, Russia House, Short Stuff, Simply Haiku, Sketchbook, Ulitka, Wind Chimes, World Haiku Review, “Write on, HEA! Hawaii”, Yellow Moon.


Russell H. Ragsdale, KZ: publishes through electronic submission only because he lives in a dark corner of the world (Central Asia) where the snail mail works erratically. He has been published in Autumn Leaves, Banks of the Little Miami, Blue Fifth Review, Luciole Press, Monthly Review and Pirene’s Fountain. He teaches English at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research in Almaty. His blog is called Yuckelbel’s Canon and can be found at 


Rinzu Rajan has written in more than 30 forms with no formal training in poetry or a degree in literature. She started writing poetry as a means of expression, with her thoughts searing away from the boundaries of cliché with practice and maturation. Poetry is an important part of her, as important as her research work in biology or shopping which being the other essentiality of her life. Her previous publications include Blossoms of India, Houston Literary Review, Poetry Bulwayo, Muse India, MOLT, Green Silk review and Asia Writes. She has an anthology Gestures to her credit along with four of her poet friends.


Chitra Rajappa, IN: I am a researcher in Computational Chemistry based in Bangalore. I have an abiding interest in reading poetry and literature. I came across haiku poetry for the first time in 2002 and have since attempted to write some of my own. A couple of my haiku have appeared in Asahi Shimbun. I also participate in the Shiki monthly kukai whenever I can. Chitra's blog: Plain Vanilla.


Elena Ray: I am primarily a photographer. My main subjects are people and natural objects. The themes I am currently exploring are energy and healing systems, and archetypal psychology. I work extensively with Asian and handmade papers. I paint and mix painting and collage with my photography.  


Wayne (Scott) Ray was born in Alabama and spent most of his first fifteen years with his family on Ernest Harmon Air Force Base in Stephenville, Newfoundland until moving to Woodstock Ontario in 1965. He lived in Toronto with his (ex) wife and two daughters Leanne & Jaclyn from 1973-1988 when they moved to London Ontario in July of 1988. Wayne is the founder of HMS Press Publishing, the Multicultural Poetry Reading Series (University of Toronto), Scarborough Arts Council Poetry Contest, co-founder and Secretary/Treasurer of the Canadian Poetry Association (1985-88 Toronto & 1992-1995 London) and co-chairman of the League of Canadian Poets: Associates (Toronto) for 1985/86. He was co-director of the Beaches Poetry Workshop (Toronto) in 1983. Since moving to London he has helped form the Writers Resource Center & Online Bookstore and was the National Coordinator of the C.P.A. He was the recipient of the Editors Prize for 'Best Poet Published in 1989' from Canadian Author and Bookman. He was instrumental in helping establish the London Arts Council and is the Past President of the New London Arts Festival for 1999-2001. He is listed in Who's Who in Ontario 1995. Wayne has several books of poetry and non-fiction published as well as credits in; anthologies, periodicals, journals and newspapers across Canada between 1983 and 2006. He was living in Fredericton New Brunswick in 2002/03 but is now back in London where he is actively publishing and writing. He operates a Book Repair business and a Photography Archives.


Sarah Rehfeldt lives in western Washington with her family. She is a writer, artist, and photographer. Her most recent publication credits include: Modern Haiga; Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction; The Golden Lantern; Ascent Aspirations Magazine; ginosko; and DailyHaiga.  Photo: Alex, Sarah, and Allison


Terrie Leigh Relf (AKA semi), a life time member of the SFPA, lives in Ocean Beach, located in San Diego, CA. In addition to teaching Academic Writing and Critical Thinking at San Diego City College and Woodbury University of Architecture and Design, she is on staff at Sam’s Dot Publishing, where she edits Hungur Magazine and The Drabbler, and serves on the Special Projects Committee. Recent releases from Sam’s Dot Publishing include The Poet’s Workshop—and Beyond, Blood Journey, a vampire novel, co-authored with Henry Lewis Sanders, and My friend, the poet, and other poems about people I think I know. She has been nominated for two Rhysling Awards, most recently for a collaborative poem with her daughter, Willow Katsumi Relf-Discartin, “Space Envelopes”. You may contact her at:


My name is Kristin Reynolds. I am a mother to five gorgeous little ones and one husband. We live in the southern Vermont green mountains now, which are a constant inspiration, but I am originally from Winnipeg, Canada - a true prairie girl at heart. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I tend to write poems of truth, nature, raw emotion and inspiration.


Moira Richards lounges around the staffrooms of, and - usually sipping tea, sometimes Jack Daniels. Off-line, she teaches accounting-related subjects at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa.


Julie Rogers began reading her poetry in San Francisco cafes in the 1970’s. She has self-published four chapbooks. In 2007 Vimala published her Buddhist hospice manual, ‘Instructions for the Transitional State’. Her main focus is the completion of several book-length manuscripts of poetry including one solicited by Wild Ocean Press. She has read on public radio and television and at many venues in Oregon and northern California. Her poems have been published in various anthologies such as Poets Against the War and most recently, Beatitude – Golden Anniversary 1959 – 2009. Website:


Stephen Rojcewicz, US: a Past President of the National Association for Poetry Therapy, is Board-certified in both psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Steve has always been fascinated with the relationship of mental health to the creative arts and the humanities, and has published numerous articles in this field. He has created haiku and other poetry, has participated in renku, has translated poetry, and is the co-author of a textbook on psychotherapy, published by the American Psychiatric Association. In addition to his practice of psychiatry in Maryland, Steve is currently a graduate student in ancient Greek and Latin  at the University of Maryland.


Emily’s first haiku appeared in Modern Haiku in 1969. Since then over 6000 of her haiku have appeared in various publications. She has received numerous awards for haiku.

Emily has written twenty chapbooks, and thirteen of these can currently be purchased from Shadow Poetry’s Bookstore online. Examples of Emily’s three chapbooks of full color haiga can be viewed at
Shadow Poetry.


Sana Rose is a 23 year old new author from Kerala, India. She began writing at the age of 13 and her debut book, The Torrent from My Soul : Poems of A Born Dreamer was recently published in USA, which she’s planning to republish in India, too. She has already completed her next book of poetry, titled The Room of Mirrors: Reflections in Words. She is also working on her first fiction, titled Amidst Sandcastles.

Her poetry focuses on vivid romance, reflections, philosophy and often some vehement socially relevant pieces, voicing her protest against the suffering of women at various levels. She has written quite a number of Haiku, Senryu and Tanka and also experiments with various other forms of poetry. She is also passionate about Art and Photography. When not writing, she is a medical student. For more, visit Sana Rose at her personal website. Sana Rose:


Karol Rosiak, born in 1962 in Poland, is a psychologist (Ph.D.). He specializes in social psychology. He lives in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He loves reading and writing haiku - it is his passion. He also publishes his poems at Polish haiku forum:


Cynthia Rowe is President: Australian Haiku Society, Editor: Haiku Xpressions, Immediate Past President: Eastern Suburbs (Bondi Writers) Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW. She has a degree from the University of Melbourne and has taught French and English. She has spent time in France and the French Territories and was awarded a Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française by the French Ministry of Education. She is a Writing Fellow of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW.

Her poetry can be read in numerous literary journals in Australia and overseas. Her haiku have won a number of awards including the Polish International Haiku Competition 2011. She is a member of the Red Dragonflies haiku group and Bowerbird tanka group. Her poetry collection Driftwood was recently published by Ginninderra Press.

Her short stories have appeared in national magazines and been broadcast on National Community Radio. Her play ‘Not the Vice-Chancellor’ was performed in the Sydney Short and Sweet Festival 2008.

Cynthia has published four Young Adult novels: Our Hollow Sofa (2004), Ants in My Dreadlocks (2005) [runner-up Society of Women Writers NSW 2007 Biennial Book Awards], Stinger in a Sugar Jar (2007) and Bad Grass (2009) [Second Prize Junior Fiction Society of Women Writers NSW 2011 Biennial Book Awards], with a fifth YA novel My French Barrette to be published in 2012. She has written one general fiction novel, Couscous Threads (2008) [Highly Commended Society of Women Writers NSW 2009 Biennial Book Awards.]



Durda Vukelic Rozic, was born in 1956, lives in Ivanic Grad, Croatia, graduated from the Faculty of Economy, Zagreb, now retired. She publishes poetry, humorous sketches and haiku, editor-in-chief of bilingual (Croatian and English) haiku magazine IRIS, founder of The International Haiku Meeting in Klostar Ivanic and Haiku Association "Three Rivers" Ivanic Grad. So far she published four books; three collections of humorous sketches and a collection of haiku, For her humorous sketches, haiku and poetry she received a number of awards in Croatia and abroad. From time to time she puts her poems to music. During 1972-1978 period she lived in Chicago, USA. Durdja was awarded the 2nd Prize, Annual Haiku Contest by the Journal of the Romaian-Japanese cultural interferences HAIKU, Bucharest, Romania, 2011: Published in journal HAIKU Serie 4, anul 21, Nr. 45/2011.


Stjepan Rozic is an amateur musician, born in 1946 in Ivanic Grad, where he enjoys his retirement. He has three sons and three grandchildren.

He has written haiku since 1996 and received a number of awards and commendations in Croatia (The Haiku Days Dubravko Ivancan, Krapina 1st Prizes 2004 and 2007), and Japan (Itoen 1997, Kusamakura 1999, 2000, 2005, 2008, Mainichi 2004). His haiku have been published in haiku magazines: Iris, Haiku, Kō, Moonset, on the internet and several anthologies. He published the haiku collection Proljetni vjetar/Spring Wind in 2005 and took part in joint haiku collections Sedam prozora/Seven Windows, Klostar Ivanic 2002, and Sedam novih putova/Seven New Ways, Zagreb, 2003. He is among the founders of  the Haiku Association, "Three Rivers", Ivanic Grad and Klostar Ivanic Haiku Meetings since 2003. Stjepan won 2nd Prize on 13th Mainichi haiku contest, 2009.

Published a haiku collection Biglisanje / Song of a Nightingale, Klostar Ivanic, 2010.

Awards and commendments in 2010: Ludbreg Grasevina* award by Prof. Zeljko Funda; 2nd Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge Chapbook, Issa's Untidy Hut, Philadelphia, SAD; Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, International Haiku Contest, Canada, KŌ Haiku magazine in English Vol 24 No.4, Japan; The Ludbreg Column of Haiku Poets, a yearly travelling recognition which has been awarded at Ludbreg Haiku Meetings since 2003.

* among Croatian foremost wines


Helen Ruggieri lives in Olean, NY. A book of haibun,The Character for Kokoro (Spirit), will be out soon from Recent essays have appeared in anthologies: Illuminations: Expressions of the Personal Spiritual (Celestial Arts Press) and In Pieces: An Anthology of Fragmentary Writing (Impassio Press).   


Kevin Ryan is the Director of Charnwood Arts, a committed community artist, a keen photographer, writer and haijin. He has published a wide range of books and magazines and has developed, managed, produced or delivered well over 1,000 different arts programmes, projects, residencies, festivals and events across all art forums. He is also a documentary short video maker and an Ustad in a South Asian martial art.



Sarojini Sahoo: Well known for her frankness, Sarojini Sahoo, is a prime figure and trendsetter of feminism in contemporary Oriya literature. For her; feminism is not a gender problem or any confrontational attack on male hegemony. So, it is quite different from that of Virginia Woolf or Judith Butler. She accepts feminism as a total entity of female hood which is completely separate from the man's world. She writes with a greater consciousness of women bodies, which would create a more honest and appropriate style of openness, fragmentation and non-linearity. Her fictions always project a feminine sensibility from puberty to menopause. The feminine feelings like restrictions in the adolescence, the pregnancy, the fear factors like being raped or being condemned by society and the concept of a bad girl etc always have the thematic exposure in her novels and short stories. Born in a small town of Dhenkanal in Orissa (India), Sarojini has an MA and PhD degrees in Oriya Literature and a Bachelor of Law from Utkal University. She now teaches at a Degree college in Belpahar, Jharsuguda of Orissa. She is the second daughter of Mr.Ishwar Chandra Sahoo and Mrs.(Late) Nalini Devi and has married to Mr.Jagadish Mohanty , a veteran writer of Orissa.and has a son and a daughter. She has been conferred with the Orissa Sahitya Academy Award, 1993, the Jhankar Award, 1992, the Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award and the Prajatantra Award. She has published eight anthologies of short stories and five novels. Recently an English anthology of her translated stories is published by ‘Grassroots' of Kolkata/Bhubaneswar.Her other anthologies are: Sukhara Muhanmuh (1981), NijaGahirareNije (1989), Amrutara Pratikshare (1992), Chowkath (1994), Tarali Jauthiba Durga (1995), Deshantari (1999), and Dukha Apramita (2006). The novels are: Upanibesh (1998), Pratibandi (1999), Swapna Khojali Mane (2000) Mahajatra (2001) and Gambhiri Ghara (2006).

She has been widely translated and published in different Indian languages. Her stories have been included in anthologies published by Harper Collins, National Book Trust, Gnanapith and Sahitya Akademi.Once she was also the editor of Oriya Literary Magazine the Pallaba and fiction oriented English timely journal the Breakthrough. Delhi Doordarshan, the National Channel of India has featured her life style and creations in its special tele-serial "Literary Postcard ."

For an extended biography read this link.


Geoff Sanderson’s photography has appeared in Verse Libre Quarterly (VLO) and in Boxcar Poetry Review, and his haiga have been published in Haiga Online, Simply Haiku, Short Stuff, WHA Haiga Contest archives, and in Moonset The Newspaper. After many years of landscape photography and traditional poetry, he switched to digital photography and caught the Internet bug when in his seventies, then plunged into the arcane world of photo-haiga three years ago.

Retired from his 34-years career in the Royal Air Force more than twenty years ago, Geoff now lives in North Yorkshire, England, with his wife Jill – an amateur artist. Much of their leisure time is spent in hill-walking in all seasons, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, The Lake District, and Scotland, pursuing their hobbies of photography, painting and writing.


Janak Sapkota, from Nepal, has published Lights Along the Road, a collection of haiku co-authored with the American poet Suzy Conway. He won the Smurfit Samhain International Haiku Prize 2006 and the Seventh Annual Ukia Haiku Competition 2009. While on a writing residency at Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc, Donegal, Ireland, he published Full Moon, a limited edition of his haiku with Irish language translations by Gabriel Rosenstock and images by Danielle Creenaune.


Mel Sarnese is a Toronto poet, published in anthologies and literary journals. Her work has been broadcast on the CBC Radio and TVOntario. Mel has performed her work at venues such as, 'Clinton's art bar series in Toronto and The Bowery Poetry Café in NYC. She has published a chapbook, Leper's Cave (Beret's Day Press, 2008) and is editor of the anthology, 'The Poetry of Relationships' (Federation of Canadian Poets). Mel Sarnese is an executive member of the Canadian Author's Association and is a professional member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. Mel writes poetry, short stories and essays with a novel underway.

Mel Sarnese lives with her physician husband and their three daughters.


Mark Savage:  I was born in the midwest, raised in OC, and now live in Los Angeles.

I began shooting professionally at 21. I have a variety of clients that range from celebrity, public relations firms, magazine, print advertising, and weddings.

I began to document the poets of Los Angeles through portraits roughly in 1997. To date, I have photographed well over 100 poets and am currently working on a first book of portraits. The website devoted to the project is

Poets are encouraged to contact me at if they wish to participate.


Rebecca Saxon resides in a Washington DC suburb. An engineer by profession, Rebecca first wrote song lyrics before attempting poetry. She started writing poetry as another artistic outlet. In addition to Sketchbook, her work has been published in Lynx, White Lotus and Moonset Literary Newspaper. For her, the lure of haiku is the ability to express the beauty of the everyday, whether seen, remembered or imagined.  


Carl Scharwath: I am a father and that means the most to me. My interests include competitive running and I have a 2nd degree black belt in TKD. Print publishing credits include; Not Popular Magazine (short story), Lake Healthy Living, Pulse and Abandoned Towers. Web publishing credits include; Lake County Library, Pens On Fire, Calliope Verve, World Salad, Haiku Ramblings (Haiku) and Language & Culture. I recently had a news story in the Orlando Sentinel and a two page feature in Lake Healthy Living Magazine. Both articles discussed the "Running Poet."  


Mike Scheidemann: Most of my life I have lived as a farmer and kibbutz member, practicing socialism in Northern Israel. In this pastoral environment I wrote and published four anthologies of poetry and numerous short stories. Recently I have tried my hand at writing two novels and three plays for the stage; all very rewarding. I enjoy practicing my poetic craft by using traditional forms like the villanelle, the pantoum and the sonnet. I like indulging in rhyme schemes.

I co edited two books on Peace through Poetry and Culture; the material of two international peace conferences sponsored by UNESCO. Indeed the honorary doctorate I was given was awarded by the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, associated with UNESCO, for coordinating the conferences. I also happen to be President of Voices; the Israel English Poetry Association; the largest group of Anglo Saxon poets in Israel  We see ourselves as the cultural link with Anglo poetsaround the world. To this end we have launched our 21st international poetry contest (Ruben Rose Annual Poetry Competition) and our thirty sixth volume of poetry of which we are justly proud.


G. David Schwartz - the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue. Currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati, Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered. Check out my book on Midrash:

Link to G. David Schwaartz site.


Greg Schwartz is the staff cartoonist for SP Quill Magazine. His haiku and other poems have appeared in various journals including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Writers' Journal, bear creek haiku, Barbaric Yawp, and bottle rockets. In addition to haiku, he also writes horror, and is a member of the Haiku Society of America, Horror Writers Association, Science Fiction Poetry Association, and Mid-Atlantic Horror Professionals. He can be found online at


Iolanda Scripca lived in Eastern Europe for the first 20 years of her life, in a loving family. Her mom was a teacher and high school principal and her dad a published writer, poet and TV producer. She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucharest. Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential. Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English. She is married to Ron; they own a business and enjoy traveling to exotic places.

Web site:


Slavko Sedlar: I was born in 1932 in Jezersko near Krupa in Bosanska Krajina.

During WWII I found myself, like other young Serbs who survived the war, in Vojvodina war orphanages, and afterwards in boarding schools in Vršac, Rijeka and Belgrade, where I completed my elementary and secondary education, as well as business school.

In February 1980, with a haiku seminar held by Aleksandar Nejgebauer, I adopted haiku with Zen and discovered a new world, a world where I was to forget the Christian teachings and principles I had adopted until that time. Тhe seminar developed into the so-called “Haiku class”, that is a haiku school organized at the Vršac Literary Community, where I instructed haiku beginners.

In 1982 I started the Yugoslav poetry/haiku marathon of Vršac, to which a haiku contest was added in 1985, the first and, for several years, the only one in the country.

In 1996 I was commended and awarded an honorary membership by The Novi Sad Haiku Club “Аleksandar Nejgebauer” for my exceptional contribution to Yugoslav haiku.

My haiku have been published in a number of literary journals, in my country and abroad, in Serbian and other languages.

I am the recipient of many commendations, recognitions and awards, both domestic and foreign, and I myself have awarded many haijin as a judge of haiku contests.



Fred Jeremy Seligson was born in 1945 (a "Haebang-dungi /Independence child") in Washington, D.C.. A few days later, a stout, black nurse held him up to the window, pointed across the street and declared, "Boy, someday you’re going to live in that White House!"

F. J. earned a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Southern California in 1967, and a J.D. from Indiana University School of Law in 1970. J.D. means Juris Doctor, not "Jewish Doctor," as his wife first supposed. Joining the U.S. Peace Corps, he wrote laws to improve the lot of peasant farmers under Haile Selassie’s Government in Ethiopia. This one’s is not a joke!

From 1973 on, solo journeys took him into the Congo rainforest to pygmies and learn about Nature. Then to India to inquire into Truth from a guru. Australia to slave in a solar salt mine. And to Japan to count syllables with a famous poet, Cid Corman. An old woman caught him in Kyoto, set his bag of poems on her back, and sent him packing to Korea.

Soon after arriving in Korea in 1977, he married his "pen pal" up on a snowy Korean mountaintop.
From 1978 through 2003, F. J. taught at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in the Department of English Education, in S(e)oul.

Currently he is teaching Interesting Yoga English and, A Journey through the World’s Religious Cultures on-line for Wangwan Buddhist University in Ik-san, South Korea. Also, he is the Asia-Pacific Vice President for the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

F. J. is the author of Oriental Birth Dreams (Hollym 1988) and Queen Jin’s Handbook of Pregnancy (North Atlantic Books 2001) as well as of various poetry chapbooks.

He founded the Children’s Peace Train in 2002.


Alex Serban: I was born in Romania, in 2000. I like abstract painting and also I paint. I had some exhibitions. I want to learn and write better haiku.  My website:



Zvi A. Sesling has published poetry in numerous magazines both in print and online in the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Israel. Among the publications are: Ibbetson St., Midstream, Poetica,The Deronda Review, Voices Israel, Saranac Review, New Delta Review, Plainsong, Asphodel, Haz Mat Review, Istanbul Literary Review, The Chaffin Journal, Ship of Fools, Chiron Review, Poetry Monthly Interational, Matrix, The Tower, New Vilna Review and Main Street Rag. He was awarded Third Place (2004) and First Prize (2007) in the Reuben Rose International Poetry Competition and was a finalist in the 2009 Cervena Barva Press Chapbook Contest. In 2008 he was selected to read his poetry at New England/Pen “Discovery” by Boston Poet Laureate Sam Cornish. He was a featured reader in the 2010 Jewish Poetry Festival in Brookline, MA. He is a regular reviewer for the Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene and he edits the Muddy River Poetry Review. He is author of King of the Jungle, (Ibbetson St., 2010), which has been nominated for the Massachusetts Book Award and a chapbook Across Stones of Bad Dream (Cervana Barva, 2011) and a second full length poetry book, Fire Tongue to be published by Cervena Barva Press.


Vaughn Seward (aka Masago) is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He became interested in Haiku in 2005 and has since written numerous haiku, senyru, and tanka. He participates in several Yahoo haiku news groups and in 2006 started a haiku blog. In April, 2006, after being involved in several Renku projects he discovered the idea of 3x3 interlocking renku. Later this came to be known as Rubricku. In August, 2007 he completed a year-long linked haiku project and in August 2008 he completed a year-long rengay project. He has just started a one-year Renhai project.  


Frances Shaffi: A beginner in the pleasures of Haiku but carried away with the intensity of feeling 17 syllables can convey, can encapsulate so succinctly.

I have traveled widely perusing different fields of endeavor and now reside in California.  Poetry, painting, and music all are part of my life.


Ami Shecter, a native Baltimorean, went to Drew University where she received a BA in Anthropology and Religion in 1989. She now lives on the Paulinskill River in Northern New Jersey and is a self employed gardener. Her specialty and passion is container gardening, but she also plants and maintains annual and perennial gardens for homes and offices. She has been writing haiku for a few years and is eternally grateful to all the poets, teachers, editors, moderators, secretaries and everyone in the haiku community keeping the haiku spirit not only alive but rocking!


Joy Sherri: Songstress and dweller amongst the trees Upstate NY and now in the desert of the NegevIsrael.  I come from a pretty long lineage of teachers and musicians, word smiths and innovators.


Born on Jan. 14,1922, inherited love for literature, Gandhian way of life, universal brotherhood and human religion, influenced by Danish saint Mr. Alfred Emanuel Sorensen popularly knows as ‘Sunyata’. Contribute haiku, tanka, articles and poems in English, Hindi and Urdu languages to Indian and foreign magazines. Award Honarable Mention – The Saigyo Award for Tanka 2009. The Japanese Tanka Poets Society 2009. Publication – ‘Song of Life’ published by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.


Trish Shields studied Fine Arts and creative writing at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Her first book of poetry, Soul Speak, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in 2001. Her poetry and short stories are published internationally. Trish’s first novel, Inferno, was on The Open Book’s best seller’s list for 2004. The Canadian Poetry Association, The League of Canadian Poets and the Canadian-Cuba Literary Alliance are a few of the literary associations she belongs to. She lives on Vancouver Island.


Bronislawa Sibiga lives in Tychy (Poland); she graduated a school for nurses. Her passions are poetry, and handicraft (with the usual twistsshe creates angels). The author has written haiku since 2004. Bronislawa's haiku can be read at  Some of her poems have been published in English.


Herbert Siegel, Ph.D., Long Beach, New York, USA is a retired CEO of major public companies. He served on numerous corporate and bank boards. Herb created three collections of poems over half a century and continues writing.


Johnmichael Simon, born in England, grew up in South Africa and has lived in Israel since 1963. He has published three solo books of poems and two collaborations with partner Helen Bar-Lev. His poetry and short stories have been awarded many prizes and he is published widely in print and website collections. He is the chief editor of Cyclamens and Swords publishing. The “Cyclamens and Swords” website is 

His personal website is


Keith A. Simmonds was born in Barbados where he received his early education at St. George’s Boys’ School, St George, and the Modern High School, Roebuck, St. Michael, Bridgetown. He worked in Barbados before migrating to Trinidad where he worked and studied. He earned a B.A in French and Spanish at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad, then won a French scholarship which allowed him to acquire a Phd in France. He likes walking, travel, nature, reading, teaching French, and writing poetry which is an integral part of him now. He has won several awards for his writings, especially for verse. For him, poetry is indeed a source of consolation, peace, a means of exploring the inner sense of the human experience, a benediction! The word, for him, is life itself! For him, true poetry puts a premium on the eternal quest for the values of truth, honesty, probity, pride, the dignity and power of the human spirit and our relationship with the Supreme Creator of the Word! Keith Simmonds is a regular contributor to Wonder Haiku Worlds. He is bilingual and writes in both French and English. He spends three months of the year in France and the rest of the year in Trinidad where he writes and teaches French at all levels.


R. K. Singh, IN:  Born, brought up and educated in Varanasi, I am a university professor, teaching English language skills to students of earth and mineral sciences. I have authored over 150 articles,165 book reviews and 34 books, including Twelve collections of poems, among them, two jointly with U S Bahri, TWO POETS (1994) and COVER TO COVER (2002), and two others, EVERY STONE DROP PEBBLE (1999) jointly with Catherine Mire and Patricia Prime, and PACEM IN TERRIS (2003, a trilogy collection, containing my haiku collection PEDDLING DREAM). MY SILENCE AND OTHER SELECTED POEMS:1974-1994 (1996), ABOVE THE EARTH'S GREEN (1997), and THE RIVER RETURNS (2006) are my other three important poetry books. NEW INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY: AN ALTERNATIVE VOICE: R.K.SINGH (ed: I.K.Sharma) is the latest publication on my poetry. It contains 22 critical articles, six interviews and over a dozen review/comments by about 30 scholars.(Details from I have received several awards and honours, including honorary Litt.D. from the World Academy of Arts and Culture, Taiwan, 1984, Michael Madhusudan Award, Calcutta, 1994 and Peace Museum Award from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, 1999. His blog is at this link:


Born on 28th July 1979 at Budaun (U.P.), India, Shaleen Kumar Singh after his post-graduation in English did his doctorate on "Panorama of Mahashweta's Indo-English Verse- A Critical Evaluation." He is a poet, critic, reviewer and translator. He has several research papers, articles, poems and reviews published in esteemed journals, magazines and news papers of India and abroad including Remarkings (Agra), Poet (Chennai), Poets International (Banglore), Metverse Muse (Vishakhapattnam), Helicon Views (Amroha), The Green Lotus (Bhubneshwar), Bizz Buzz (Mysore), Contemporary Vibes ( Chandigarh), Free Xpression (Australia) Voice of Kolkata (Kolkata), Skylark (Aligarh), Indo Asian Literature (New Delhi), Poetcrit (H.P.), Shine ( Tamilnadu), Mandakini ( Bareilly), The Golden Vase (Bhubneshwar), Indian Book Chronicle (Jaipur), Replica (Cuttack) etc. A number of his poems have appeared in several National and International journals like Kritya, Muse India, Poetsindia, Literary India, Boloji,, Neopoets and several others. Lectured severally on A.I.R. Attended several Literary Seminars. Translated the book Mahendra Bhatnagar Ke Geet in English under the title Lyric Lute. Edited collection of English poems entitled Creation and Other Poems and Hindi poems entitled Dohe Tabib Ke. At present he is editing the ezine  and a book of Critical essays on Stephen Gill (Canada).



I am Anne Smith. I started writing poetry again ( I wrote all the time when I was young) when my husband died in February 2006. I do not only write such short poems as I find with the Outlaw Poets but some longer pieces. I am 70 years old and was a college principal before I retired in 1999. I have three sisters and two children and my elder granddaughter is training to become a blues and soul singer.


Monica E. Smith enjoys writing about everyday things, and feels that a poem can be found anywhere. Her family continues to play a most important part in her writing. About her writing, Monica explains "I feel poetry need not be written in a complicated language for the select few. I find, even in the brevity of poetry the freedom of expression, and in that there is freedom in expression." She feels what is most important in writing a poem is the sharing, as it is the sharing/experience of the poem which makes it live.

Monica is the author of two poetry books,
Days of Fine Gray Ash, available through her web site, and Kindred: A Family Portrait, available at,  and,, as well as their affiliate online bookstores. Her poems have been published in many national and international journals.

Monica enjoys reading and exploring her family ancestry, as well as her love of photography, which she calls "silent poetry". She has been experimenting with creating Haiku-Photography, a form which has recently risen from the original Haiga (Haiku Painting). In August 2008, she released her first book of photography with, Going Coastal, a coffee table book containing photographs of coastal areas within the United States. Since then, she has released two more books with Blurb: Dog-matized: The Comical Truth of Life with a Jack-A-Bee and Menagerie, a collection of her essays, poetry, haiku and photography.

In 2009, Monica was asked by the chaplain at Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio (where she works) to create a photographic work depicting the rhythms and harmony of birth and death. The posters will hang in the palliative care unit at Mount Carmel.

Monica invites you to visit her website, Purple, and her blog Rantings of a Mad Poet.
Monica welcomes all correspondence at


Sophie Song teaches at a private elementary school in Maryland
and is a single parent and is a "Muse" to several poet/artists..

Sketch by Ed Baker


Born in 1943, in Donja Bistra nearby Zapresic, Zeljko Spoljar graduated from The Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. So far he has published four books of poetry and a haiku collection. He is a member of several literature and cultural associations, publishes in literature journals and takes part in poetry and haiku recitals.


J.E. Stanley is an accountant and part-time guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio. A member of The Deep Cleveland Tribe of Poetry, he is the author of the book, Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), the chapbook, Dissonance (deep cleveland press) and the short collection, Ink (Gypsy Lips Press). He has been a frequent contributor to the deep cleveland junkmail oracle and Sein und Werden. His work has also appeared or is forthcoming in 103: The Journal of the Image Warehouse, Amaze, Asimov's, ChiZine, The Ghazal Page, MoonLit, Stray Dog, tinywords, Three-Chord Poems: The Poetry of Rock & Roll, water*fire*light and numerous other publications.  


L.B. Sedlacek's poems have appeared in a variety of publications such as Audience Magazine, Hurricane Review, Assisi Journal, Red River Review, Tertulia Magazine, I-70 Review, InSpirit, Manorborn, Down in the Cellar, Edgar Literary Magazine, Heritage Writer, and Bear Creek Haiku. L.B. also hosts a podcast for the small press, "Coffee House to Go." L.B. Sedlacek is from Lenoir, NC.


Vania Stefanova was born on December 14, 1969 in Sliven – Bulgaria. She has a Master Degree from the University “St.St. Kiril i
Metodi” in Veliko Tarnovo, in Bulgarian philology. She has worked as an editor at “ArsMedia”; she is also the author of two poetry books. In 2007 she experimented in yugen and started to write haiku, some of which are in English. Her poems were published in Crosspoints (Кръстопът), Dictum, eLit, Forum for literature “Глоси”, including its section for experimental haiku and short forms (in Bulgarian). Her haiku was awarded in international poetry competition (Melnik, 2009).


Craig W. Steele is a writer and university biologist whose creative musings occur in the urban countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania where he writes for both children and adults. His adult poetry has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Willows Wept Review, The Edge Magazine, WestWard Quarterly, Caduceus, Astropoetica, the Aurorean and elsewhere.


terrytip Terry Steudlein: Born in New Orleans 1940. Spent six years in the US Navy, nine months in Yokouska Japan in 1959-60. Returned to New Orleans to work in the Space industry.  Worked on the Apollo Program, Saturn I and Saturn V Boosters and then the Space Shuttle program, External Tank. I'm now retired, and live in Slidell, Louisiana. Became interested in Haiku and Senryu in 2007 and enjoy trying my hand at it...... My web page is


Richard Stevenson lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, and teaches at Lethbridge College. He is the author of 22 books and a CD of original jazz and poetry on the life and music of Miles Davis. Recent collections of haikai literature include Hot Flashes (Ekstasis Editions, 2001), A Charm of Finches (Ekstasis Editions, 2004), and Flicker At The Fascia (Serengeti Press, 2005). Two new collections of haiku, senryu, tanka, and zappai will be out later this year: Tidings of Magpies (from Spotted Cow Press) and The Emerald Hour (with photos by Ellen McArthur, from Ekstasis Editions).


Brian Strand lives in Buckinghamshrie, England (where he was born) and is now retired. Some of Brian's writings (and some artwork) have been published in a variety of small press magazines including Amaze, and a number of internet poetry magazines. Brian Strand has published three chapbook: William Soutar, Flowers of Life: A Selection of Cinquains, Brian Strand, editor; Shorthand of the Heart: A selection of poetic form, edited by Brian Strand; and POIEMA: A selection of Ekphrasis poems, by Brian Strand. PHANEROS: A selection of Lanternes by Brian Strand. SEQUENCE: A selection of Fibonacci by Brian Strand. INFORMEL & HEART OF CREATION: Art chapbooks of a selection of Tanga by Brian Strand.


Stevie Strang is a ninth generation Southern Californian who has written short stories and poems ever since her Great Aunt Lucille gave her a pen for her 8th birthday. Her recent interests in Haiku, Haiga, Tanka and Haibun have been an inspiring challenge to her portfolio of poems. She also dabbles in free verse and flash fiction and is currently working on a fictional novel. Stevie has been published in MOONBATHING, Ink, Sweat & Tears, ECLECTIC FLASH, and several other online anthologies and webzines. She won Second Honorary Award for the ANITA Sadler Weiss Memorial Haiku Awards 2010. Two of her short stories from her book, "The Chapters - A Life of Short Stories," are available on Kindle, on


Richard S. Straw copyedits technical documents and prepares bibliographic databases on health and substance use. He has lived in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1984. Before then, he lived in central Ohio, where he taught freshman English composition at Ohio State University, edited technical papers for a trade journal, proofread for a digest of news from the former Soviet Union, and graduated from Ohio State University (BA in English, 1977; MA in English, 1980).

He has collected and read books of haiku, senryu, haibun, and haiga since 1966. In the late 1980s, he served as an editor of Pine Needles, a quarterly newsletter for the North Carolina Haiku Society (NCHS). He self-published A Hiker Sees His Shadow (2001), an eight-page chapbook dedicated to the memory of his dad. Selections of his published haiku are available at, courtesy of Dave Russo of the NCHS. Along with other NCHS members, he attends monthly haiku meetings, ginkos, and the annual NCHS Haiku Holiday.


Sherry Steiner was born in the Bronx NY but now lives in Housatonic MA in the Berkshires of Western MA. Writer of eclectic spoken word pieces. Arts educator, visual artist. Published and exhibited in various venues.  enjoy!


John Stone is a working musician living in Northern California. Some of his work can be found in Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun Online, and a slew of obscure journals that nobody really reads.


Constantin Stroe is a Romanian cameraman and poet. He has published poems and haiku in the following poetry magazines: Albatros, Dor de dor, Haiku. In the last year he obtained honourable mentions at the contest of the Haiku magazine (Romania) and at the Ludbreg Calendar Haiku Contest (Croatia).


André Surridge: Born in Hull, England, André lives in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand. He is the winner of several writing awards for both poetry and playwriting.


E. E. Sule is the author of The Agatu Culture: Songs and Dances (2002, a study of oral poetry); Impotent Heavens (2004, a collection of short stories); Knifing Tongues (2005, a volume of poetry); The Writings of Zaynab Alkali (2005, a critical work); Naked Sun (2006, a volume of poetry); and Dream and Shame (2006, a collection of short stories). He teaches African Literature, Creative Writing and Modern Literary Theory in Department of English, Nasarawa State University. His poems, short stories and scholarly essays have appeared in both local and international anthologies, journals and e-journals such as Asheville Poetry Review, Drumvoices Revue, Camouflage: Best of Nigerian Contemporary Writing, Sentinel Poetry Online, MindFire Africa, Tiger’s Eye: A Journal of Poetry, The Ker Review: A Journal of Nigerian Literature, Benue Valley Journal of Humanities, Ibadan Journal of English Studies, The African Journal of New Poetry, KAROGS, and SemiCerchio. He is currently a writer-in-residence with the PER SESH Writing Program in Popenguine, Senegal, where he is working on his first novel.  


Alan Summers: I live in Bradford on Avon (just outside Bath, U.K.), but workshop and read around the U.K. The haiku events I've been involved with range from the first ever British Sign Language Haiku Festival, organised by the University of Bristol; The Stars & Night Sky Challenge Haiku Competition for children from the slum areas of  Nairobi, Kenya; 'Rocket Dreams' a "live multi-haiga" event matching haiku with NASA images, with a talk from award-winning space historian Piers Bizony; the With Words Space Haiku competition during National Poetry Day (U.K.) and World Space Week for local schoolchildren in Bristol, including entries from Nairobi (Kenya) which were so good that they became 'hidden haiku' for visiting local children to find amongst the space exhibits in At-Bristol!

There have been a few haiku poet residencies including the U.K.'s largest & month-long celebration of natural history, "Bristol Festival of Nature 2004"; "Haiku Week" at Bath Spa University with projects traditional & untraditional including a 24 Hour Haiku Answerphone; Bristol café & art gallery Oppo} throughout 2006, even mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide to Great Britain; various 'haiku inhabitances' and 'haiku karaoke' at a number of city Art Trails, and locally at the Ale & Porter Visual Arts Centre, Bradford on Avon.

Next year I'm going out in a mobile library meeting people visiting out of the way villages.

Various details about my haiku activities are on Area 17:


Shalini Sunkuru has worked as a software engineer. Literature and music are her interests. Her haiku have been published in Simply Haiku and World Haiku Review. Some haiku are to be published in upcoming issues of Notes for the Gean, Simply Haiku and haiku journal. Her poetry has been published in an anthology of Indian women poets, Roots and Wings.


As a child I had a great imagination and loved story writing. For a while my creative writing took a back seat as I discovered the joys of foreign languages and spent 2 years teaching abroad. Personal circumstances have led me to focus on my writing again. I am an active member of a writing group and have my own blog @

I have also had the pleasure of seeing many of my poems and short stories published in various anthologies, journals and newsletters including Forward Press publications, thefirstcut, the Static Movement anthologies, Every Day Poets, Shamrock (Irish Haiku Society) and Lynx (AHA Poetry).


Irena Szewczyk lives in Warsaw Poland. She is interested in literature and photography. Irena practices yoga. She started to write haiku and make photo haiga in March 2011. She publishes her works in English, Polish and Hungarian on her blog Her haiku and haiga have been published in The Asahi Shimbun Digital, Daily Haiga, Haigaonline, HIA Haiku Contest, Sketchbook, WHA Haiga Contest.


Kim Tairi is a seventeen syllable poet and librarian living in the antipodes. She has a passion for cheese, vodka, running and riding a bike. She also writes flash fiction. Good things come in small packages! She is 5ft 2.


Yayoi Tanida, US

  • Born in Kobe, Japan;

  • Been in New Mexico since 1998;

  • Working as a quality engineer;

  • Started to write English haiku early in 2008;

  • A certified Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement) teacher with Ichiyo School of Ikebana.


Charles Tarlton, US: I am a retired university professor from upstate New York (The University at Albany), but I now live in Oakland, California with my wife Ann who is a painter. I studied at the University of California, Riverside and UCLA and I have lived and taught in New Zealand, Malta, British Columbia, and, most recently, in retirement near Bagnoles in Normandy. I have published traditional western poems in Landfall, Jack Magazine, Houston Literary Review, Tipton, and Barnwood, and an e-chapbook in the 2River Chapbook Series, entitled, The Vida de Piedra y de Palabra: Twelve improvisations on Pablo Neruda's Macchu Picchu. More recently, I have been writing haiku and tanka, some of which have been accepted for publication in Haibun Today, Red Lights, and Simply Haiku.


Barbara A. Taylor is inspired by her Rainbow Region of northern New South Wales, Australia where she lives. Her work has appeared in journals and anthologies including Atlas Poetica, crickets and Chrysanthemums, Ludberg Calendar 2008, Presence, gaartisiluni, Lynx, CHO, Folly, Flashquake, Shamrock Journal, Haiku Scotland, Simply Haiku, Tinywords, Chrysanthemum, Stylus, Wisteria, Eucalypt, Kokako, Triptychhaiku, Ribbons, Landfall: A Tanka Anthology, Sketchbook, Wisteria, Shamrock, Tiny Words, Simply Haiku, Kokako, Moonset, Eucalypt and literary journals including Triplopia, Cezanne's Carrot, Kaleidowhirl, Dusie and The Blue Fifth Review. Her diverse poems with audio are at <>


Nicole currently has many hopeful projects, a variety of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She hopes for more chapbooks and a nicely bound poetry book soon. She has been accepted at Abraham Lincoln Magazine, Asphodel Madness, Camel Saloon, 4 and 20 Journal - a short nature poem, Just Another Art Movement - New Zealand, Ken Again, Kerouacs Dog, Outward Link - three peaceful social poems, Nefarious Ballerina, Pigeon Bike, The Scrambler and other journals online and in print. Nicole Taylor has been published and winning locally. She is a dancer, an artist and a volunteer. She blogs at


Photo Requested


Cindy Tebo currently lives in Catawissa, MO, with her husband and teenage son. Her collaborative writings have appeared in Lynx and The Aroostook Review.  


Diana Teneva was born in 1966 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. She has a Master degree of French philology and a Bachelor degree of English philology. She is working now as a foreign language teacher. Her first book of poetry, Scratched Soul, was published in 2005, and the second one, A Painting in a Verse, was published in 2010. Her third book of poetry, Awakening, is expected to appear in 2012. Her poems were published in lots of newspapers, anthologies, Internet literary sites and blogs.

She has entered many Bulgarian poetry competitions and international haiku contests (The Haiku Foundation Contest, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Concours de haïku en forme fixe de revue HAIKU, Concours Haïkouest, 3e concours Haïku et calligraphie).

Some of her poems are translated in Russian, French, English and Spanish.


Jan Theuninck is a Belgian painter and poet born in Zonnebeke, Belgium in 1954.

He writes poessays and ekphrastic poetry.



A. Thiagarajan, IN: A postgraduate in English, A. Thiagarajan (b 1949) taught in colleges in India, before joining the the finance sector. He has been writing in English and Tamil since college days. His work (poems, haiku, short stories and articles) has appeared in some anthologies; it also has appeared in Subtle Tea, Poetic Diversity, A Little Poetry, Poetry Canada, Ygdrasil, Lililitreview, SAWF, Tinywords, pwreview, poetrysuperhighway, betterkarma, DNA, NDTV, Indolink, The Heron's Nest, Haiku Harvest, Roadrunner, Simply Haiku, Cloudspeak, Velvetillusion,, Meghdulam, and Mainichi. Nuances of relationship between individuals, mental pain and cruelty we inflict on each other and ourselves are his obsession. Interests include finance, Sri Aurobindo and mythology. He lives in Mumbai, India with his wife, Rama. His only child, Ganesh, has just started working in the USA. - email



Manuela Thiess is from Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico. Manuela Thiess was born in Germany, lived most of her life in California and plans to die in Mexico, thus coming to a kind of full circle of her own personal evolution. She has spent time as an actress in Los Angeles, a college ESL instructor in Monterey, Ca., and a correctional educator at CTF Soledad, CA. She and her husband, Gustavo Garcia Aguilar, moved to Guanajuato in 2008 and opened an optics business there in 2009 as her husband is an optician.

She has written poetry through her life, and several productions of her one-act plays in Los Angles where she received favorable reviews in the LA Times as well as the
Santa Monica Herald. In addition, she is an avid photographer, a sometimes painter, and she enjoys doing abstract painting on furniture.

Her philosophy on life is to attempt to keep it as simple as possible.


Janice Thomson is a multi-media artist residing on Vancouver Island BC, Canada. She is a Chinese brush painting and digital graphic artist whose works have been shown and sold across Canada. She also writes all forms of poetry and has been published in various anthologies, chapbooks, magazines and newspapers. She has been studying Japanese poetry forms for some time writing haiku, tanka and now renhai. She is also a photographer creating haiga and taiga with her photos. A book of these is to be released sometime in 2009/2010.


Jari Thymian’s Japanese form poems have appeared in American Tanka, Simply Haiku, Modern Haiku, Matrix Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and a variety of other magazines. Her chapbook, The Meaning of Barns, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2007. She grew up on a Minnesota dairy farm and lived in Colorado for the last 25 years. More: 


Juhani Tikkanen: I'm was born in 1945. I live in Turku, Finland. I published my first collection of poems in Finnish 1966. I served as a radio-man in the Finnish Navy. I began writing haiku (or just three-liners) in English three years ago.  I'm an old sailor and Radio Officer. I sailed many places over these Seas and Oceans, but twenty years ago I dropped my anchor. After that I worked with computers and electronics, and now I am going to retire in 2010. I write short texts almost daily. I am married with a excellent blog-keeper  (  There I am allowed to publish some of my photos. I have translated some poems into Finnish. My e-mail: juhani (dot) tikkanen (at) gmail(dot)com

Blogging in Finnish: juhanitikkanen(dot) 


Craig Tigerman was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Illinois for over 50 years with an eye on south Florida. He has published two volumes of poetry, Indigo Avenue and Tigertale, selections from over 30 years of writing. Craig is most comfortable writing structured lyrical poetry, having also composed many dozens of original songs. "Rhythm and rhyme are key to making a poem memorable," he states. Craig is married, has four children and two grandsons. By day he is a software support specialist for a well-known computer company. He fervently prays daily for a massive outbreak of peace and love throughout the world.


Maria Tirenescu was born in village Sacel – Maramures – Romania, in 1949. She graduated from Mathematics – Mechanics Faculty – Babes Bolyai University Cluj Napoca. She is a mathematics teacher at technical college “Ion D. Lazarescu” in Cugir – Romania.

Her haiku and other poems have appeared in many literary sites online:,,,,,,, and

She has published in several national and international reviews: Poezia, Haiku, Albatross, Oglinda Literara, Poets International, KO, Revue de Tanka Francophone.

She’s anthologized in the following Romanian haiku anthologies: Surasul crizantemei 2004, Primele viziuni – 2005, Primele viziuni II – 2006 and in the following bilingual anthologies Flori de tei/ Lime-tree flowers – 2006, Greieri si crizanteme/Crickets and chrysanthemum – 2007, Scoici de mare/ Sea shells – 2007.

She wrote some books: Risipa de parfum haiku booklet 2005 and Culorile viselor – 2007.

She won the following prizes: great prize at haiku contest AD VISUM, the first edition, 2005 -VISEU DE SUS; first place in the haiku contest of “Haiku” Romanian magazine – 2006; first place in the haiku contest AD VISUM 2006 – Viseul de Sus- Romania; an commendable haiku as one of the most interesting poems The First international haiku contest of Bulgarian haiku club HAIKU AND MUSIK 2006; Honorable Mention Chicago Cicada Haiku Contest – 2007; the fifth prize of the Poems for Mother Earth and Honorable Mention Mainichi Haiku Contest 2007.


Cheryl A Townsend used to publish Impetus magazine (poetry, reviews, artwork, lots of yadda, yadda, yadda) and ran Implosion Press. She hosted umpteen poetry reading venues in the 80's before opening cat's Impetuous Books in Kent, Ohio. None of the above does she now do. She does write poetry, reviews, fiction, comedy-mysteries, and is an avid photographer. Her poetry, prose, reviews & photography have been published somewhat consistently since 1982. She lives in Ohio with her husband of 26 years, two cats and a yard full of demanding perennials


Jennie Townsend's work is published in Red Moon anthologies, "inside the mirror" and "pegging the wind"; in S x SE; World Haiku Review; The Heron's Nest; Hermitage II; and in the 7th volume of Contemporary Haibun. Jennie writes with fine poets on Marlene Mountain's site--several "Connections" were published in Lynx and Mindfire. She has been included in New Resonance 4 and in the upcoming "Echoes". Haiku is a gift that has changed how I live my life and how I see the world.  


Kay Tracy lives in the vibrant Pacific Northwest. She is an associate editor of Four and Twenty poetry and has poetry published in Haibun Today, Magnapoets, and Everyday Poets. Her blog:


Bill Tremblay is a poet, novelist, professor, editor of the Colorado Review [15 years], and reviewer whose work has appeared in seven full-length volumes including Crying in the Cheap Seats [UMass Press], Duhamel: Ideas of Order in Little Canada [BOA Editions Ltd.], and most recently Shooting Script: Door of Fire [Eastern Washington University Press] which won the Colorado Book Award. He has received support from the NEA, the NEH, the Fulbright Commission as well as The Pushcart Prize, Best American Poetry, and the Corporation at Yaddo. Bill wrote the libretto for an opera entitled SALEM 1692, a love story set in the turbulent era of the witch trials: it will premiere October, 2010, in Albuquerque, N.M.  Visit the web site Bill Tremblay


Ranu Uniyal was educated in Lucknow, JNU- New Delhi, and Hull University, U.K. She was awarded Commonwealth Scholarship for PhD in English at Hull University. She is a Professor of English at Lucknow University.

Her poems have been published in Northern Poetry Vol.2 (Littlewood Press UK), Indian literature, Kavya Bharati, Muse India, Manushi and Femina. She has done poetry readings at national and international literary festivals and her poems have been translated into Malayalam, Uzbek and Hindi.

She is one of the founding members of “PYSSUM” a charitable organization for children with special needs in Lucknow.


Sunil Uniyal is based in New Delhi and works for Government of India.  His haiku 'Milestone' first appeared in the early eighties in the Mirror Magazine of Mumbai. Of late, these have found space in e- journals like Muse India, Kritya, Haiku Dreaming Australia and Notes from the Gean. He is also engaged in the translation of the poems of Hindi and Urdu poets like Kabir, Sur, Ajneya, Ghalib and Mir Taqi Mir. His other interests include religion, art and archaeology and has even written a monograph on Games and Sports in Indian Art and Archaeology.


Eric V. a.k.a. “El Coyote” works and lives in San Francisco, California. He has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from The University of California Santa Cruz. He writes haiku and poetry in his spare time. Eric posts haiku on different online websites and occasionally reads at open mics throughout San Francisco.


Chris G. Vaillancourt, CA: Over 200 of my poems have appeared in more than one hundred journals in the U.S. and Canada, in Japan and Australia, and the U.K, including: Real Angry Poets, Quills, Unfeigned Coffee Fiend, Detour Memphis, Why Vandalism?!, Plum Ruby Review, Vox Poetica, Outcry, The Hudson Review, Whisper, Poetry Space, Dangling Verbs, Writers Forum, Poesie, Cafe Del Soul, South Jersey Underground-Issue 6, Protest Poems, Poetry Stop, P&W, elffin&elffa, and many others. I have had a series of chapbooks published in the 1980's by 4 Winds Press, such titles as "Doors and Windows", "Dancing in the Eighties" and "Slow Burn". I have had four poetry books published, "Teardrop of Coloured Soul" "I Walk Naked into a Cloud", "the Rushing Stream of Desires", and "A Yellow Sunshine Night". Chris G. Vaillancourt is a Canadian poet. He resides in Windsor, Ontario.


Saša Važić is a freelance journalist, astrologer, translator, writer of prose and poetry, essays, book reviews. Author of over 1000 articles on various topics which appeared in newspapers and journals, Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Simply Haiku, member of the editorial board of Haiku Novine (Niš, Serbia), International Editor for moonset (Oregon, USA), and member of the World Haiku Club and the Haiku Oz (Australia), her haiku have been included in over ten national and international haiku anthologies and in a number of national and international haiku magazines. They have been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croatian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and Greek. She is the recipient of a number of awards and commendations in contests held in her country, in Japan (Water, Lake and Sea; Suruga Baika; Basho Festival; Ito en; Mainichi), Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Canada, the USA, France and Romania. Largely, through her translation efforts she has brought English language haiku poetry, articles and books to Balkan readers and vice versa. Važić is the editor of the bilingual Haiku Reality ( She is the author of an e-book of haiku poetry entitled muddy shoes candy heart, edited by Anita Virgil and published by Peaks Press, USA (

She has translated more than 20 books of haiku poetry by Serbian and some foreign authors (into English), as well as David G Lanoue’s novels Haiku Guy and Laughing Buddha into Serbian.

Apart from haiku, Važić also writes tanka, haibun and collaborative rengay.

She also creates haiga, some of which have been published at the World Haiku Association’s website, Kuniharu Shimizu’s website See Haiga Here, Haiku Canada Review, as well as in the Contemporary Haibun published by the Red Moon Press, USA.

Her many longer poems and short stories as well as some literary articles and book reviews have also been published in a number of journals, in her country and abroad.


Max Verhart (1944, the Netherlands) writes and publishes haiku since about 1980. 1999-2003 president of the Haiku Circle Netherlands, since 2003 editor of Vuursteen (Flint), the oldest haiku journal in Europe. Member of the editorial staff of the Red Moon Anthology (USA) since 2002. Translations published in English, German, Greek, Japanese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Polish, French.


Christine L. Villa: Born and raised in the Philippines; she currently lives in California, USA. She is among other things, a published children’s writer, a photographer, and a jewelry maker. It was only in 2011 when she seriously started creating haiku and haiga. Her work has appeared in Berry Blue Haiku, A Handful of Stones, Notes From the Gean, Asahi Haikuist Network, ITO EN North America New Haiku Grand Prix (Semifinalist for the Month), One Hundred Gourds, Haigaonline, Haiku Pix Review, DailyHaiga, and See Haiku Here. She loves collecting her haiku and photographs at

As an aspiring haiku poet, she intends to learn more. One of her biggest dreams is to inspire more Filipinos to write and share their haiku to the world.


Sandy Vrooman has been writing for a long time. Her first published work was in the National Anthology of High School Poetry. Then she won a hair dryer in the Woman's day Beautiful Words Contest. After a hiatus including college, marriage(s) and a child, she found her voice again. She has short stories and poems published in Doorknobs and Bodypaint, Riverbabble, Canadian Zen Haiku, Juice, Autumn Leaves, Dances with words, 40 Plus, Poets Against the War, Moonset, and Atlas Poetica.

She is currently teaching art to kids through a city funded enrichment program and working on her book (isn't everyone?) She also writes as Kitsune Miko, a heian period Japanese courtesan, and Krystall Knobbs a wanna be Las Vegas show girl.


Patrick Wafula: I am 38 years old, a high school literature and language teacher. I have studied Education and School Management from Kenyatta University.

I am married to Loise and we have four children: Faith, Esther, Elizabeth and Vittorio. We live in Nairobi. I love teaching children and youth and I enjoy writing stories and poems for them. I also enjoy writing stories for adults. My favourite poetry genre is haiku and haibun. My favourite hobby is reading supernatural and adventurous stories, watching adventurous and detective movies and listening to country music. I also love traveling and learning more about the world and foreign cultures.

Thank you for reading my stories. Leave your comments here in the comments section or get in touch with me through:  or Tel: +254 721 99 14 13.


Ella Wagemakers: Born sometime towards the end of September 1961 in Manila, Ella Wagemakers emigrated to The Netherlands in 1988 and became a Dutch citizen in 1993. She obtained a Master's Degree in Education in Tilburg in 2003, and is currently teaching English full-time at the Dutch Police Academy. Her first book (written in Dutch) is a genealogy of the Wagemakers family. An essay of hers, 'Dutch Journey', was included in the anthology Not Home, But Here edited by Virginia-based author Luisa A. Igloria. Her first poetry collection, Sorrows of the Chameleon, was published in February 2007,
She lives with her husband, Adrian, in West Brabant.


Ruth Walters: I live in the U.K. just outside London. I'm 58 now and have two sons aged 33 and 30 who also write poems and my brother writes very funny poems too. I divorced in 1984 and brought my two sons up by myself while working for the National Health Service as an Oral Health Promoter which I still do.

My poetry is diverse, funny, serious, witty, sexy, sad, spooky, strange but always entertaining I hope.

I also write Haiku and dabble in all types of poetry. My sense of rhythm comes from my love of music. I used to have a classical singing voice, but these days, due to health problems, it has gone. Nevertheless I still attempt to sing sometimes, mainly when I'm vacuuming so nobody can hear me. Both my sons write songs, play guitar and sing. My favourite pleasure is when we gather in my little sitting room to play music and have a sing song.


Wandering Poet is a Buddhist monk, San Francisco poet and author. He has a masters degree from California State University, where he also taught English, liberal studies and library science. His books include a translation of “Cold Mountain Transcendental Poetry,” by the T’ang Zen poet, Han-shan; and “Geronimo’s Song of the Apaches,” an epic poem by Geronimo about the history and culture of the Apache people. He lives a solitary life in the mountains of northern California. Visit Wandering Poet’s websites at  and 


Joyce Watkins:

"The artist need not know very much; best of all let him work instinctively and paint as naturally as he breaths or walks."

Emile Nolde

When I write or is with the thought of discovery, awareness and awe. I know I am tapping into a region not of my own. My part is to get still, to make the space for the muse to appear. Sometimes the words just come, and it is my pleasure to write them down. Other times...I sit and wonder, ponder...till the thoughts flow through me. It is not mine...great spirit blows the clear air on a high mountain top. Then, I can hear the trees speaking, the clouds singing, see the stars dance...and the words tumble out, freely and spontaneously. It is a spiritual path, a communion, a meditation, and I am very grateful for this gift. Joyce's website.


joyce Watkins

san diego,CA



Susan Weaver is a poet, cycling journalist and travel writer from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who cares more about what she discovers on a bicycle than how many miles she goes. For a year she's been writing a two-wheeled journal in haibun and tanka prose. Married to landscape painter Joseph Skrapits, she has finally caught the bug and is experimenting with sumi-e painting. Weaver's tanka has been published in red lights. Her haiku has appeared in Modern Haiku and in the 2005 anthologies Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania and Unexpected Harvest: A Gathering of Blessings.


Sharon Weimer resides in Central New Jersey, United States. Happily married with two beautiful children. I am a proud Founding Member of Global Poets Guild, an organization of poets who create projects where proceeds benefit charities. Poetry has become my passion only within the last few years. It is beginning to become a most enjoyable and rewarding obsession.  


Edward Wells II is currently working in Antarctica. He is also contributing Poetry Editor at The Houston Literary Review (an online e-zine). His work has appeared in numerous publications both online and in print. He is currently planning his next two years. He hopes that they will prepare Him to begin what has become a long-term goal of co-Authoring a book in Mexico with a multi-lingual native Mexican.


Angie Werren lives and writes in a tiny house in Ohio. Her haiku and haiga appear in places such as tinywords, The Zen Space and Red Dragonfly. She blogs her micropoetry on feathers --


Ben Wesling was born in Cambridge, England in 1962. The small town of Colchester where he grew up had a Roman wall around the town, and an 11th century haunted castle in its midst, where he frequently played as a child. In his 12th year he discovered H.P.Lovecraft, and this changed him forever. The hidden, dark, strange and occult became his passion, and would influence his writings in later years. His family moved to California in 1974, where he went to school and then joined the job market in the graphic arts field. You will find Ben's stories and poems at:


Elaine and Neal Whitman live in Pacific Grove, California. In nearby Carmel, they are both volunteer docents at the Robinson Jeffers Tor House. Elaine and Neal are members of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society and regular contributors to its study-work journal, Geppo. They particularly enjoy collaborating on the creation of haiga, combining Elaine's photographs and Neal's haiku.


Tammy Whisman resides in Southern, West Virginia. She’s a member of the West Virginia Writers, Inc. and a frequent contributor to several online poetry magazines. Author of two poetry books, Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz and Sliced Ice Cream which is in post-production and soon to be released.



My name is Urszula Wielanowska. I live and work in Kielce (Poland). In 2006 I first encountered haiku. Since that time, I've been a faithful reader. Currently, the creation of haiga and haiku is my new passion. Privately, I am a great lover of flowers. My work has been published in online journals.


Emily Wierenga:  “My hope is that at the end of my life, God might say, 'Bene scripsisti de me' (you have written well about me).” ~Glenn Penner, Voice of the Martyrs.
I am a freelance journalist, author and artist. My first book, Save My Children, was published by Bayridge Books in September of
2008. I am represented by Sandra Bishop of MacGregor Literary. I write articles for Christian Week, Faith Today, Adbusters, Geez, The Anglican Planet, Focus on the Family, Christian Courier, In Touch, and others. When I'm not writing, I play guitar, and I paint: oil, acrylic. I paint people, in bright colors. My husband, Trenton, is a math and science teacher. We've been
married seven and a half years, have a boy named Aiden Grey (born Nov. 12, 2009), and live in a small home in rural Alberta. We work with youth, drive a veggie-oil car, and make wine.

I come from a home-schooling heritage; my mum now battles brain cancer. Her tumor is shrinking. She is my song. My dad is her
hero. He cares for her daily; pastors a church. I am the eldest of four.

I love to travel. In June of 2009, an excerpt from Mum's Dance secured a trip to a writing workshop in Lake Como, Italy; I've
also been to the Dominican Republic, Australia, Korea
where Trent and I taught English for a yearLebanon, Jordan, Japan, China, Mexico, Holland, England and Germany. When I was young,I lived in Africa along with my parents who were missionaries.

I host an online community of artists. We gather on Thursdays, share a broken kind of theology called imperfect prose. Join us.
Thank you, for standing with me in this literary and artistic chaos.

Please visit my web site:

live in love.



Don Wiggins is semi-retired and lives in his childhood home of North Carolina


Colin Will, formerly a scientific librarian, has had four poetry collections published, the latest being Sushi & Chips (Diehard Publishers). He chairs the board of St Anza: Scotland's Poetry Festival, and He is webmaster for Poetry Scotland. His blog is 'Sunny Dunny', a reference to his home town of Dunbar, Scotland. His personal website is at  He is also a publisher of poetry and other chapbooks, under the name Calder Wood Press. In January 2008 he was appointed Poet Partner to Elgin, in North-East Scotland, for a two year period.


Robert D. Wilson is Robert D. Wilson is Co-owner, Co-publisher, and Co-editor In Chief of Simply Haiku with Sasa Vazic.  Robert lives in the Philippines with his wife Jinky.  


Juliet Wilson is an Edinburgh based poet, reviewer, adult education tutor and conservation volunteer. Her chapbook Unthinkable Skies was published by Calder Wood Press in 2010. She blogs at Crafty Green Poet and edits the online poetry journal Bolts of Silk .


Linda Willets has been in Photography for about five years. I shoot with Nikon cameras. My passion is floral photography. I love to get close up to my subjects. I love to take photos of flowers from the back , a view most miss but there is much beauty. The plant is Jimpson Weed. I'm in Arizona, USA. I live in Southwest part of the state. The photo was taken at the Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden.  


A.D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet, writer and photographer, whose work has appeared internationally, and has been translated into eight languages. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University and a member of PEN. He is the author of over forty-five books and chapbooks of poetry and prose, including The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski and the Second Coming Revolution (Dustbooks). A collection of Selected Poems was just published by Presa Press. He is the former editor and publisher of Second Coming Magazine/Press. He edited and published Second Coming for seventeen years, where he met and became close friends with the late Bob Kaufman, Jack Micheline, and Charles Bukowski. In 2005 a song poem of his was performed at Tully Hally, NYC. In 2006 he was awarded a PEN National Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence. He can be contacted at:


Tad Wojnicki's work has appeared in Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun, bottle rockets, Poetry Midwest, The Jewish Spectator, ZYZZYVA, Noo Yawk, Tattoo Highway, Poetry Motel, Sugar Mule, Rainbow Curve, Homestead Review, Harrisburg Review, and poetry anthologies like: AutoBioDiversity: True Stories from ZYZZYVA, ed. by Howard Junker; In the Arms of the Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief, ed. by Amy Ouzonian; and Taboo Haiku, ed. by Richard Krawiec. Tad is the author of a novel, Lie Under the Fig Trees, and a poetry chapbook, Where Angels Catch Hell. He lives in Carmel, CA where he organizes bohemian "poetry powwows" on the beach. Overseas on sabbatical, currently he teaches Ginsberg and Bukowski in subtropical Asia.


Monika Wojtenka lives in the heart of Green Lungs Poland (the north-eastern area of Poland with wild and exuberant nature). Mother of two wonderful girls - Alice and Joanne, she likes family traveling among lakes and forests. She enjoys learning about human nature and behaviour and she works as a psychologist (PhD) and school pedagogue. To improve her working ability she studies finger language and English. Because of her brother Mariusz she began to write haiku poems and she tries to discover the essence of haiku spirit.


Carol Pearce-Worthington writes haiku, haibun, free verse, and paints watercolors from a tiny apartment at tree-top level during winter, and in summer, from a communal roof terrace overlooking Central Park in New York City. She has published her novels, illustrated children's stories, and poetry collections at Some books are free to download. She and a film/graphics expert and friend, are currently collaborating on producing a memoir collection of her haibun for publication, which will also include her Chinese water color art as well as primitive black and white drawings.


Ashley Wood: I have written poetry for more years than I care to mention, usually free-form. I am most inspired by experiences within the natural world and carry a notepad and pen on all my excursions. I live in the UK in the newly created South Downs National Park.

My poetry webpages:


Nora Wood grew up near the Tetons in Wyoming. She is a writer and poet living in Atlanta, Georgia with her two daughters. She took up daily haiku-writing in 2007 as a discipline and creative outlet. Nora has published haiku in Simply Haiku, The Heron's Nest, World Haiku Review, and the Lilliput Press Basho Challenge chapbook. Find her work on line at haiku a day.


Although born in the United States, Diana Woodcock has spent the best part of her life living abroad—nearly eight years in Asia and the past five in Qatar. Her first chapbook, Travels of a Gwai Lo, was just released in September as one of four poetry chapbooks included in Toadlily Press’s fifth quartet of poetry, By Way Of. Her forthcoming chapbook, Mandala, is dedicated to the Tibetan people and will be the 14th in Foothills Publishing’s Poets on Peace series. In 2009, she received first, second and third prizes from Artists Embassy International and an International Publication Award from Atlanta Review. Recipient of the 2007 Creekwalker Poetry Prize, her poems have appeared in Best New Poets 2008 (selected by Mark Strand), Nimrod, Crab Orchard Review, Portland Review, Southern Humanities Review, and other journals and anthologies. Currently teaching writing courses at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, she has lived in Tibet, Macau and Thailand. She’s received residency fellowships from Centrum, MICA/Rochefort-en-Terre, Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Everglades National Park.


Beata Wyszyńska lives in Warszawa, Poland; she works as an art teacher in kindergarten. Beata began writing in 2008.


Since 1970 John Yamrus has published 2 novels, 15 volumes of poetry and more than 900 poems in magazines around the world. Selections of his work have been translated into several languages...most recently, Romanian. His newest book, Shoot The Moon, is available from

Sketch by Swedish artist Henry Denander


Quendryth Young is a retired cytologist who lives on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Retired after forty years in this field of Pathology, her life remains filled as a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a director and National Master in the fascinating game of Bridge, sings alto in the local Chorale, and after years of writing traditional and free verse, has developed an escalating passion for haiku. Quendryth’s first haiku collection, The Whole Body Singing, was recently awarded second place in the HSA Mildred Kanterman Memorial Merit Book Award for “excellence in published haiku, translation and criticism”. Her work has been acknowledged in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, NZ, Ireland, Japan and Romania and Austria. Quendryth edits the haiku section of the magazine FreeXpresSion, and coordinates a group of haiku enthusiasts, Cloudcatchers, for ginko and workshops. As a member of the Wollumbin Haiku Workshop, her work appears on


Scot Young was born and raised in Missouri. He is a high school principal. In his spare time he teaches a poetry class beginning with the Beats. His recent poetry credits include: The Beat, Spoken War, Asphalt Sky, Potpourri, and Pleiades.


Eric V. a.k.a. “El Coyote” works and lives in San Francisco, California. I have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from The University of California Santa Cruz. I write haiku and poetry in my spare time. I post haiku on different online websites and occasionally read at open mics throughout the city.


Rafal Zabratynski was born in Rzeszow, Poland, where he still lives. He is an English teacher in a lower secondary school. Rafal writes mostly haiku but also haibun, rengay and creates haiga. His works appeared in numerous Internet publications, such as (among others): Haiku Harvest, Asahi Haikuist Network, Tinywords, Simply Haiku, Mainichi Daily News, The Heron's Nest, Contemporary HaibunOnline. Rafal is a moderator at the Polish forum ABC haiku po polsku and a member of the English AHApoetry Forums. Since 2005, he has been running his personal website WordographsWriting haiku and mountaineering are Rafal's favourite ways of admiring the world.


Spiros Zafiris is a 60 year-old Montreal poet..he has self-published 2 books of poetry, Very Personal and Midnight Magic (1979/1981)..his more recent poems can easily be found by googling his name...he has been published in several periodicals, including Modern
English Tanka
, though he doesn't send out his poems as often as he should.


Jaden Zalokar, Croatia:


Mariana Zavati: I am a published Romanian writer, member of the Uniunea Scriitorilor RO/ Romanian Union of Writers. I have published poetry, two novels and I write essays for several literary magazines. I was born in Romania and I am a graduate in phylology. I live in the UK.

I have has been presented with:

- 4 Editor’s Choice Awards UK 1996, UK 1997, UK 1998, USA 2003
- The Third Prize and the Bronze Medal in the North American Open Poetry Competition 1998
- The American-Romanian Academy Award for Poetry 2001
- The Ionel Jianu Award for Arts 2001
- Provincia Corvina – 2008 Diploma of Excellence for developing Anglo – Romanian links and translations
- Award at the International Festival of Romanian Poetry (first edition) RO 2008


Andrew James Zimba is a writer, poet and freelance journalist who has been published in the Polish American Journal and the internationally-read Pol-Am newsletter. Andrew is a member of the Texas-based Golden Triangle Writer's Guild and the Louisiana-based Bayou Writer's Group.


Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé has edited more than 10 books and co-produced 3 audio books, several pro bono for non-profit organizations. Trained in publishing at Stanford, with a theology masters in world religions from Harvard and fine arts masters in creative writing from Notre Dame, Desmond is a recipient of the Singapore Internationale Grant and Dr Hiew Siew Nam Academic Award. He has recent or forthcoming work in Caper Literary Journal, Cricket Online Review, Dark Sky, Fence, Pure Francis, Nano Fiction, Spilling Ink Review, Spork Press, Swink, and Wag’s Revue. Desmond also works in clay, his commemorative pieces housed in museums and private collections in India, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.


Brian Zimmer is a U.S. citizen living on the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada. His work has appeared in various journals including: Gusts, Modern English Tanka, Ribbons, Atlas Poetic, Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun, Eratio & Moria.


Verica Zivkovic was born in Serbia. She completed grammar school in Pancevo and graduated at the Faculty of law in Belgrade. Besides poetry, she also writes literary reviews. She has been awarded several times for her poetry. She has won 42 international awards for haiku poetry. Her poems have been translated into many languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German...She lives in Starcevo near Pancevo, SERBIA (Yugoslavia). She has published five books of poetry: Someone's Standing Behind you, A Sickle in Shirt, The Undressed Sky, The Passer-by, Shift of the Moon, The Ripe Blackberry.


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