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First, all the November submissions were interesting and altogether form a wonderful collage of the Sketchbook Poets!

Thank you to our Global Correspondents for their articles of culture and poetry.

We are happy to announce a preview of our new Childwriter's Sketchbook directed by Judith Gorgone!

She is simply amazing ! Her PlanetPals are featured this month. See her Gallery on the contents page: Introducing Planetpals Friends for Earth  and, Planetpals Images.

Michie Michemon will be featured in our Debut Magazine on January 31, 2008!

Material Michemon (Michie Tanaka)
Artist / Illustrator
Tokyo , Japan

Michie graduated from NAGOYA ZOUKEI ARTS University. After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer at a design studio and a stationery manufacturer. Now Michie is freelance and enjoys working on many different projects including children's illustrations and characters. Her unique color schemes, and fluid simple style lends itself to a multitude of products from publishing to homegoods. Much of her inspiration comes from animal and plant themes. Michie has exhibited at many shows in Japan. View Michie's website:

Here is the cover for the Childwriter's SketchbookCover Link

Anyone interested should submit children's poems, short stories, or prose poems. The targeted age group is the middle school children of 7-12. Send submissions to:

Yura Ronov has joined us from Russia with his translated tanka.

A. D. Winans has some reminiscences of San Francisco.

F. N. Wright has more memories of Mattoon.

Saul Bernstein will be joining us again with his art in the December Issue.

I hope you enjoy the November Sketchbook and send in your comments please!

We will publish them in the December Issue, in Letters to the Sketchbook Editors.

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Thank you.

Karina Klesko, Sketchbook editor






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