Editor Karina Klesko's Choice Food Haiku



Fit For Feasting

The Sketchbook editors have selected their Monthly Haiku Choices from the November 2007 food thread.

Love this one ...number 1 choice...


First Choice

stolen cherries
she keeps washing
red-stained hands

# 23. Hortensia Anderson, US




I find all of these haiku exemplary! Well juxtaposed, and natural to read, using observations and thought.


rows of red peppers
in the farmer's market—
a sharp autumn wind

# 25. Hortensia Anderson, US



fruit cake
wrapped in cheese cloth
harvest moon

# 27. Trish Shields, CA



september sunset—
red, green and yellow apples
match the fallen leaves

# 28. Hortensia Anderson, US



Teaching my kids
how to bake pies—even the cat
is covered with flour.

# 30. Zhanna P. Rader, US



autumn frost
making plum jelly
keeps the kitchen warm

# 31. Sally Evans, UK



sunrise on the farm—
the curve of fresh-laid eggs
in wicker baskets

# 39. Hortensia Anderson, US



thanksgiving dinner—
together savoring
a full moon

# 42. Judith Gorgone, US



at midnight
raiding the refrigerator
cold turkey

# 53. john daleiden





all natural food served
plastic flowers
in the shops windows

# 04. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

I like the humor in this.



Just a potato,
carrot, red pepper, courgette.
My broken magimix.

# 05. Sally Evans, UK

it may be a magic mixer ..but shoving all the veggies into it and I think the zucchini may have taken it over the top! love it...been there done the idea of needing magic to save that dish.....



spaghetti bolognese—
i sip cooking wine
finger dishevelled hair

Blithe Spirit September 2001

# 06. Alan Summers, UK

Alan, I had to look up the recipe for this...  am including it for those who don't know what it looks simply divine! Perhaps it takes a long time to make and I am envisioning the bottle to be done before the food is......!!   Follow this link to the recipe.



ripe avocados—
I carve the moon's phases
with a penknife

# 08. Hortensia Anderson, US

This is so cool, Hortensia! Love it as it is an art of fruit carving...






hunter's moon
a mandarin soaked
in brandy

# 09. Trish Shields, CA

This looks easy, I can do this...

I just like the whole thought of it...moon ...the color of a mandarin orange soaked in moonlight as well...



I burn my tongue,
I cut my finger—
dinner's ready!

# 16. Zhanna P. Rader, US

I Like this for the univeral scope of it...we have all been here—male or female everywhere.



within one hundred days
of Christmas
and dinner
with no pastelles!!

# 20. gillena cox, TT

A link to pastelles







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