A Collection of Rengay

Hortensia Anderson, Magdelena Dale, John Davey, Chuck Foland, Betty Kaplan, Karina Klesko, Zhanna P. Rader, Elaine King, Vasile Moldovan, Moira Richards, Kevin Ryan, Vaughn Seward, Alan Summers, Barbara Taylor, Max Verhart, Ella Wagemakers

Alan Summers—Green Tomatoes

Kevin Ryan, Karina Klesko, Zhanna P. Rader—Flashed in the Fog

Elaine K., Ella Wagemakers, Zhanna P. RaderLengthening Days

Zhanna P. Rader and Karina KleskoSpring Rain

Zhanna P. Rader, Vaughn Seward, Chuck FolandHues of Autumn

Vasile Moldovan and Magdelena Dale—New Year's Greetings

Moira Richards and Barbara A. Taylor—Surfing Our Century

Barbara A. Taylor and Moira RichardsThree-Sided Affairs

Jon Davey and Hortensia Anderson—Surging Tide and Ebb Tide

Hortensia Anderson and Vaughn Seward—In Sync

Max Verhart and Betty KaplanThe Remains of the Kite






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