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Introduction to The Man Tree

Angela Howard's, "The Man Tree", presents a good lesson about 'strangers' for middle school children.

If illustrations were added to the story it would be instructive for elementary school children. It is never too early to begin guiding children towards positive directions.

Angela's story carries a wonderful theme for children about strangers. Sometimes evil disguises itself and uses all sorts of tactics to trick children.

Global Magazines, Sketchbook and Childwriter's Sketchbook, would like to ask writers around the world to submit poetry, stories, and illustrations about children dealing with strangers.

The following links provide useful information:

Code Adam

Code Amber

The Editors will accept submissions in the writer's language, translated into English; both will be published in Childwriter's Sketchbook. strongly supports this important project.

Please send your submissions:

We welcome submissions from illustrators world wide to appeal to an elementary school age group.

Thank You.

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