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Free Verse Poets

November 30, 2007 Sketchbook

Stephen Mead

A. D. Winans

Andrew Zimba





Shanna Baldwin Moore, US

gut bucket blues

wild whisky
voiced woman
of the mountain
ballads of coal towns
train songs and beaches
come sing with me
this sound of Bach
on the breeze....
bamboo and wind
still strummen your guitar
and me, singing
and plunken
the bass....
gut bucket





Free Verse

I’m Being Held Captive In A Woman’s Dress Shop

I am patiently waiting
in the Neiman Marcus Dress Shop
while my wife tries on expensive gowns
from the reduced sales rack.

Speaking in a heavy accent
an Asian sales lady wearing a conservative
black suit with a colorful neck scarf says:
“All the designer gowns on this rack
are fifty to eighty percent off today only.”
I tell her, “Everything is always on sale
for a price—
or else they wouldn’t be open for business.”

We both laugh
and the sales lady smirks
giving us her best dour Nan* grimace.

In the foyer a string combo
begins to play “All That Jazz**”
and we join them singing
the chorus in perfect harmony:

And all that jazz
And all that jazz.”

The astonished sales clerk
hangs the dresses on the rack
and retreats through a door
marked personnel only.

“Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town?
And all that jazz.”


*Nan. American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930, Chicago Art Institute. The dour faced woman in this painting is Grant Wood’s sister, Nan.

**Chicago, a popular musical.







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