Ruth Nott, US



Cat Haiku

cat in the window
bird on the ground
unfulfilled desire






the heron stalks
in dripping, hesitant steps




insects dazzled by
spider’s intricate webwork
treacherous intent




their silent screams fall
on his hunger deafened ears
survival instinct




climbing the fence
morning glories and clematis




wild iris grow thick
crowding the roses and phlox
riot in progress




nose to nose
man and beast at odds
new puppy




babies peep
hawk dives
empty nest




splotchy two-tone coat
spirited barnyard clown
painted pony




wedding cake and smiles
icing smeared from cheek to cheek
video moment





Free Verse

Four-Footed Faith

tearful swollen eyes
bearing up without complaint
withstanding the pain

our brave four-footed
companions cannot reveal
their true agony

through their faith in us
they display a love and trust
unequaled in nature




What is...

curled or rolled into
a soft pliable ball
cats, yarn, and cookie dough






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