Zhanna P. Rader, US



Light Verse


how did you get
your name?

robert wilson


A boy called Tommy
Once saw me flutter
Yellow as butter,
And called his mommy:

"What's that, so cheery
Fluttering by?"
She said, "That's, dearie,
A butterfly."




who is chasing whom?
the squirrel or
its shadow?

robert wilson


The squirrel's shadow
Chased its master;
The latter tried
To gallop faster;

But only when
The evening came,
The squirrel won
The chasing game.




where did you get
those wings?

robert wilson


Former Caterpillar

I am a butterfly,
I beg your pardon.
I need my wings to fly
In your fine garden.

I grew them ('twas an urge)
In my cocoon,
From which I did emerge
One afternoon.




stay longer
what's your hurry?

robert wilson



You see, I'm just
A drop of water,
The blue-sky clouds'
Wee-little daughter.
The sun
—it'll lift
Me from the floor,
And you won't see
Me anymore.
I have no will,
I have no voice;
I really have
Not any choice.




how do you see
when moon's away?

robert wilson



We have those barbels
To feel around
And we can hear
Each stir and sound.
No need for sight
In moonless night.




what does it say
to its young,
the koi fish at dusk?

robert wilson


It says, "Our food
Is soundly sleeping.
It's time for water

Or it may say,
"Let's have some fun!
We won't be seen
By anyone."

Or else: "It's time
To sleep, my dears.
Now, close your eyes
And drape your ears.

‘Tomorrow’ is
Another day
For us to swim
And hunt, and play."




gazing at me
from a cliff
a deer writing haiku?

robert wilson


A deer—it wrote a haiku
On the beach,
Then climbed up to the cliff
Out of my reach.

I realized: my haiku
Were much worse,
When I was reading his
Inspiring verse.

The deer
—it kept just gazing
From his height.
And I must say, it was
An awesome sight.

Then all this vision vanished
So it seemed.
And now I think, perhaps,
I only dreamed...

Perhaps, I wrote that haiku
In the sand?
But it's so good!
I cannot understand...






Flashed in the Fog






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