Gillena Cox, TT



Global Correspondent Report From Trinidad

Elections Day 2007 Trinidad and Tobago

1946—Election: the first with universal adult suffrage, in Trinidad and Tobago
2007—General Election Monday 5th November

The people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago went to the polls on Monday 5th November to elect the government they think should manage their affairs for the next five years.

The contesting parties were the incumbent PNM, the UNCA, the COP, the DAC, and the DNA. Their's was a majority win as the PNM returned to the seat of government having won 26 seats. The UNCA will form the opposition with a winning of 15 seats in Parliment.

The Prime Minister, and leader of the People's National
Movement, the Honorable Patrick Manning, chose to be sworn in as Prime Minister, not at President's
House, the usual venue, but rather in full live view of the people in the famous Woodford Square on Wednesday 7th November.



Polling Day 2007

As billowy clouds dissolve,
Egrets from gusty heights installed,
Justly kittled, lend
Monday’s nexus of polling queues,
Regal sagacity;
Treetops undulate,
Vying with xiphoid yielding zephyrs.

*Abcedarian: a poem where the sequenced lines or words in a poem begin with successive letters of the alphabet.







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