The purpose of The Little Black Book is to promote Multi-Cultural Improvisational Poetry.



Disassociated syntax not only the words themselves but how they are used and interchanged in parts of speech.

Fragments and use of news headlines.

Combining stanza or stanza forms with free verse in an even or uneven flow purposely interrupting the sequence of thought to interject another thought.



Visualization of the form on the page

Creating the idea on the page; matter compliments form.

For example: the poem link below: symptoms of a migraine displayed on the page**





Creativity of topics should cover a broad spectrum addressing the world around us.


Examplary Poets

ed baker

Reinhard Dőhl

cid corman

Reinhard Dőhl

marlene mountain Guillaume Apollinaire
e. e. cummings

Stéphepane Mallarmé

Lawrence Ferlinghetti John Hollander
Eugen Gomringer Dorthi Charles
Roger McGough Emmett Williams
Francesco Cangiullo Ian Hamilton Finlay
Eugen Gomringer Haroldo de Campos
May Swenson Edwin Morgan
M. L. Rosenthal Mathias Goeritz
Cavan McCarthy K. P. Dencker
Luciano Ori Eugenio Miccini
  Mathias Goeritz



Related Poetry terms

concrete poetry shape poetry
calligramme futurism
ideogram pattern poetry
visual poetry ekphrastic poetry
dada carmen figuratum



References and Sources

Apollinaire, Guillaume. Calligrammes, translated by Anne Hyde Greet. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980.

Themerson, Stefan. Apollinaire's Lyrical Ideograms. London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1968.

William, Emmett, editor.  An Anthology of Concret Poetry. New York: Something Else Press, 1967.



Request for Information

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9. This will be an ongoing project 2007-2008.



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