Vasile Moldovan, RO and Magdelena Dale, RO




New Year's Greetings

Winter story
the tinfoil moon lighting
a Christmas Tree                          VM

The carol singers meet
by the fragrance of sponge cake   MD

Only a passenger
at the international airport:
the year ready to go                     VM

In this magical night
the noiseless snow                       MD

Fresh traces
on the old passage
the year runs out                          VM

The house with trimmings
waiting for its guests                     MD



Near the church
an old beggar drinking
for the new year                           VM

End of divine service
from afar steaming chimneys         MD

A shooting star
lost among the fire works
the yesteryear                               VM

In the middle of the crowd
I listen to “Ode to Joy”                 MD

New Year’s dawn
the northern wind playing
the fir’s cones                              VM

In the champagne bubbles
effervescence of hope                   MD



at the window eave
first sunrise                                  MD

Gift for my boy
a pair of skates                            VM

First laughter,
snowman’s nose
fallen down                                  MD

The postman is calling:
New Year’s greetings                  VM

Fierce blizzard
the shadows of the fire
just between us                            MD

Under the old icon a candle
lighting the new calendar               VM



In a dark corner
a cat is purring…
the first sunset                               MD

Telling the same old stories
mother puts her child to sleep        VM

A white dove
carrying the green olive branch
New Year’s day dream                MD

Even in this day our Earth
suffers from the global heating       VM

Holy water
in a plastic bottle
prayer for peace                           MD

And a sign of abundance:
even the dogs are eating cakes…  VM




Vasile Moldovan - Romania - sabaki, the president of Romania Society of Haiku
Magdalena Dale - Romania

Composed by email 24 December 2006 to 6 January 2007







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