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Cyclamens and Swords

Poems and illustrations - Helen Bar-Lev
Poems - Johnmichael Simon

75 pages
with full color illustrations
Price $22.00

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The achingly beautiful cover of timeless trees, earth, flowers and rock, is redolent of
Israel’s destiny. This little land, so hallowed in human history, seems the literary and spiritual core of existence to most of humanity. If strife is ever present here, how can there ever be the peace of ancient promise? This land seems to symbolize the eternal quest for harmony where forces of turmoil march ceaselessly. Bar-Lev and Simon explore this theme for us.

Cyclamens and Swords will become a treasured classic, echoing as it does so fluently, the longing, fearing and questing that marks these troubled times. Helen Bar-Lev’s poem Beauty sums up the reader’s feelings as we reluctantly finish this special book: “and I,/the ingrate,/ever insatiable,/implore you,/please,/ show/ me/more.”

Katherine L. Gordon, Author, Editor, Publisher, Judge and Reviewer, Resident Columnist for Ancient Heart Magazine




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