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S. M. Abeles lives and writes outside Washington, D.C. His poems have appeared in Ribbons, Frogpond, Prune Juice, Shamrock, paper wasp, South by Southeast, Atlas Poetica, and other journals.


Nadia Adams is from Cape Town, South Africa. During office hours, she is a buyer for a laboratory distributor but out of the office, she indulges in all her passions and crafts. The passions are blogging, reading, tree-hugging and travelling even if it's just a weekend getaway up and down the coast of South Africa. The crafts are cross-stitch, knitting, crochet especially amigurumi, origami, quilling and card-making. She most enjoys  blogging about her interests and she has a craft blog, a charity blog and now that she has discovered haiku, a poetry blog. Nadia also blogs for Cape Town Tourism on their travel blog. Do pay a visit any time to


Jax Aemilias lives in Devon, UK, and enjoys all types of poetry, from Shakespeare to Basho. Reading and writing poetry is his favourite way of chilling out.


Vinita Agrawal was born in Bikaner, India, on August 18th 1965, Vinita is a writer, researcher and poet. She has been published in several magazines, journals, newspapers and websites and (, Touch- The Journal of Healing, Museindia, (June 18th , 2011), mahmag world literature – (March 2011), Femina, Free Press, Beyond Borders – An Anthology of Poems from the SAARC Region,, The Criterion – An International Journal in English (April 2011, Vol. II, Issue I), The Brown Critique (May 2011), (June 2011) E-Women Issue 9 august 2011  a micro fiction titled ‘Barren’ on  ) etc.

She lives in New Delhi with her husband and has a son who is attending college in the US.


Michelle V. Alkerton (formerly Lohnes) is an artistic spirit who cannot contain her excitement when inspired. An internationally published poet, she thrives best when close to nature and enjoys the therapy her writing, art, photography and other creative outlets provide. Her haiku and related forms have been published in the journals Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Acorn and Raw NerVZ Haiku (among others) and will be appearing in upcoming issues of Haiku News. While her collaborations of linked verse forms with marlene mountain, as well as Marco Fraticelli, have seen publication, her most recent appearance in Lynx (issue XXIV:3) were for three solo renga. Michelle has recently become interested in the study and creation of digital poetry and shares her constantly evolving digital poetry experience with her beta test site “On the Surface” which includes links to her main web site “Brain Angles” originally created to show her online computer art exhibit “A brain from all angles”.


Ramesh Anand is an engineer based in Johor, Malaysia. His Haiku works has been published in Notes From The Gean and Shamrock Ireland Haiku Journal. His Haiku work is also forthcoming in Simply Haiku, Muse India - Mango Moons, OM Times Magazine. His long verses has been published in Muse India and The Enchanting Verses International Journal.


Barbara Anderson has lived in Colorado for the last 25 years. After reading her first haiku in 2005, she became captivated by the form’s beauty and power. Her goal is to write just one perfect haiku before she dies; she needs nothing more.


Hortensia Anderson has been living in nyc with the exception of four years in southern California. Her main interest poetically has been in collaborative and experimental ventures. She has been on dialysis since 1981.


C.B. Anderson was the longtime gardener for the PBS television series, The Victory Garden. Since 2003, hundreds of his poems have appeared in scores of print and electronic journals out of North America, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and India. His e-chapbook, A Walk in the Dark, can be found on the website of The New Formalist Press.


Karin Anderson: I live in beautiful Australia; I am 64 years old and am married as are my children. I have been writing poetry for twenty years and have qualifications in copywriting and writing for public relations. I belong to a group of poetry writers called Wordweavers and we have published three poetry books, my favorite being Ocean to Moon, where we used the moon's cycles as chapter headings. I enjoy river walking, folk dancing, interior decorating, listening to music, and going to cinema. I write for others to enjoy my journey through life and to discover the beauty and power of words...


Norla Antinoro is a research biologist cross trained as a pyshcotherapist. Finding herself forced to retire from both professions, she bumbled about until she discovered that writing did not have to be technical to be fun. In short, she discovered poetry and opinion. A bit of a footloose wanderer since her husband's death, she has lived in Canada, New York, and is now roosting at least for a while in Oregon. Norla spends her time writing poetry and politics as well as finding expression in painting, photography and fiber art. She sees art as easy to intertwine with the social justice issues that absorb her passions and energies. She now edits two magazines online: We!, a weekly progressive op-ed journal, and Jabberwocky' s Garden, a literary jourmal that showcases the work of some of the most talented poets out there. Both zines are hosted pro bono by

We!: a Progressive Voice:   http://www.mytown. ca/we
Jabberwocky' s Garden:  http://www.mytown. ca/jabberwocky



an'ya is of Serbian/American heritage, and lives in Oregon, USA. This published haijin previously taught Balkan dance troupes, was a former Nascar-track trophy girl, Slavic foods caterer, and a pre-school teacher. She is the Past-Director/Editor of “beginners” for the World Haiku Club, and the past-editor-in-chief of haigaonline. She is the past editor of the Tanka Society's journal Ribbons. Currently she is editing moonset, The NEWSPAPER at 
She is the original founder and President of the Oregon haiku and Tanka Society, and is now serving as its Vice President. an'ya has been printed in numerous publications and anthologies and has won quite a few contests. 


Judi Brannan Armbruster, 62: In the mid 90's Judi returned to Karuk Tribe of northern California ancestral territory and found the threads of her poetic voice. She is a retired RN, married and the mother of one daughter. She has a strong
presence on the internet and in literary magazines and anthologies: Yellow Medicine Review; Stellar Showcase Journal; Thresholds; Autumn Leaves; Short, Fast and Deadly; Poetry Quarterly, 420 ezine; twenty20 journal; Red Voices; Red Ink.

She is actively work-shopping her poetry at the Wild Poetry Forum
and aha forum for haiga.

Blog: Native and Natural - The Art and Poetry of Judi Brannan Armbruster


My name is Stella Armour and I live in Yorkshire, England. I have been writing poetry for two and a half years, also I enjoy music and painting.


R. D. Armstrong (Raindog): How about: Old too soon, smart too late. Or: Raindog lives in Long Beach, CA amidst the ruins of a career as a small press publishing mogul. Visit the remains at Lummox Press  



Cheryl Ashley lives on Protection Island in the Strait of Georgia, BC. She is a writer and artist - published: poems, articles and haiku (two Sakura awards from Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

I love the brevity of haiku; a moment captured in time.



When not writing, Sharon Auberle may be found hanging pictures and poems at her website, Mimi's Golightly Café.  Her work has appeared in numerous publications and on-line magazines and in a variety of anthologies. She has two recently published booksSaturday Nights at the Crystal Ball, a memoir in poetry from Cross+Roads Press; and Crow Ink, a collection of poetry and photographs from Little Eagle Press.


Nnorom Azuonye is the author of The Bridge Selection: Poems For The Road (2005) and Letter To God & Other Poems (2003). He has published widely in print and e-journals including Orbis, Drumvoices Revue, World Haiku Review, Eclectica Magazine and Keystone among others. He is the Founder/Administrator of Sentinel Poetry Movement and Managing Editor, SPM Publications - the publishing arm of Sentinel Poetry Movement - publishers of Sentinel Poetry (Online) and Sentinel Poetry Quarterly (Print).



Pamela A. Babusci is an internationally award winning haiku/tanka & haiga artist. Some of her awards include: Museum of Haiku Literature Award, International Tanka Splendor Awards, First Place Yellow Moon Competition (tanka category), First Place Kokako Tanka Competition, Basho Festival Haiku Contest (Japan) and Honorable Mention Suruga Baika Literary Festival (Japan).

Pamela has illustrated several books, including: Full Moon Tide: The Best of Tanka Splendor Awards and Taboo Haiku. She was the logo artist for Haiku North America in NYC in 2003 and HNA in Winston-Salem, NC in 2007.

In her spare time she presses flowers, ferns & leaves to make cards & framings, abstract watercolor/oil painting, sumi-e painting, Chinese calligraphy, makes collages & jewelry. She has a deep desire to be creative on a daily basis, which feeds her spirit & soul & gives meaning to her life. Poetry & art have been an integral part of her existence since her early teen age years & will continue to be a driving force until she meets her creator.

Pamela is interested & welcomes any reader feedback of her poetry/art works at:
moongate44 at gmail dot com


Originally from St. Andrew, Jamaica, Raquel D. BAILEY is a proud mother, Event Planner, Administrative Consultant & child advocate. She enjoys writing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and love songs. As a Florida State University, English graduate, she is the Founding Editor & Publisher of Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine with specialized focus in Japanese short form poetry. Her poetry works are forthcoming and also published in The Heron's Nest, Simply Haiku, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Asahi Haikuist Network, The Aurorean, (EPN) Electronic Poetr y Network, Shamrock, Wisteria, Chrysanthemum, The Tallahassee Democrat, **Red Lights, Taj Mahal Review, Presence, Other Poetry, Mainichi Daily News and Cider Press Review. Her literary works have also received runner up and/or honorable mentions in the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition (2008), The Haiku Calendar Ludbreg Competition (2008), Mainichi Daily News Haiku Contest (2007), 7th Annual Chistell Writing Contest for Fiction (2007) and the Big Pond Rumour Contest for Fiction (2007).  My web site: Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine


Don Baird
is an internationally known and respected martial arts teacher and poet. For the past ten years or so he has been specializing in eastern poetry forms such as haiku and tanka. He has been published in ezines and magazines including Simply Haiku several times. He won third place in the International Kusamakura Haiku Contest two years in a row. Recently, he took first place in his division in the Shokon Tadashi Kondo Award. For the last five years he has been teaching advanced haiku studies for a poetry site of almost 200,000 members. A teacher: a student. Don remains committed to his journey of a haijin.


Ed Baker
here 66 years
lives his writing and art..

Recent works: Things Just Come Through (Red Ochre Press, 2006), POINTS/COUNTERPOINTS (2006/1972), RESTORATION LETTERS (Corman-Baker correspondence: 1972-2003, tel let press), Song of Chin, full moon,Wild Orchid, Stone Girl E-Pic, vols 2 & 3 (tel let), Stone Girl E-Pic, Vol. 5 via Ed's web site. Ed has recently put out his first issue of DOZEN magazine featuring Chuck Sandy & John Vieira also including - Bob Arnold, Ed Baker, Shizumi Corman, Ted Enslin, David Giannini, John Levy, John Martone, John Phillips, Jeremy Seligson, and Karma Tenzing Waaaangchuk. Ed has more than 55,000 poems, 400 watercolors, 600 3-d pieces...and adds to, every moment:

from behind
full moon



Janet A. Baker grew up in the Iowa farm country. She now lives in Enicinitas, California, and is a professor at National University in San Diego. Her work has recently appeared in Briar Cliff Review, Lilliput Review, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Cider Press Review, and qarrtsiluni.



Konrad Banaszkiewicz: Poland. Studying Art Teacher at University of Zielona Góra.
Professionally I do advertising design. That includes folders, larger publications, calendars, company papers, logotypes, illustrations and much more other things associated with printing.

I also create computer graphics. In my creations I utilize my own digital photos, drawings or paintings.

For the past several years traveling has been my passion. I’ve been to Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz, Ukraine, Romania and Lithuania.


Magdalena Banaszkiewic lives in a small village in western Poland. She was a teacher, but now she's taking care of children, running a family emergency house. She's fond of poetry, hatha yoga and alternative medicine. She also creates and solve charades. Haiku poems written by her have been published at Tinywords, Asahi haikuist network magazine, Shamrock and the forum's anthology.


Johnny Baranski started writing haiku and its related forms under the tutelage of Lorraine Ellis Harr (Tombo) in 1973. Since then he has been widely published and anthologized. In 2001 his collection Convicts Shoot the Breeze was a grand prize winner in the Virgil Hutton Memorial Haiku Chapbook Contest. His latest chapbook, Just a Stone's Throw, is available from the author at  Mr. Baranski makes his home in Vancouver, Washington USA.


Helen Bar-Lev was born in New York City in 1942. She has lived in Israel for 35 years. She holds a degree in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge, 1972. Since 1976 Helen has devoted herself to art: painting, teaching and writing poetry. From 1989 until 2001 she was a member of the Safad Artists’ Colony in the Upper Galilee where she had her own gallery.

Today Helen paints and teaches in Jerusalem. To date Bar-Lev has participated in 80 exhibitions, including 30 one-person shows. Her poems and paintings have appeared in many online journals such as The Other Voices International Project, The Coffee Press Journal, Boheme Magazine, The Poetry Bridge, River Bones Press and also print anthologies, including Meeting of the Minds Journal, Voices Israel Anthology, Manifold Magazine of New Poetry, Lucidity Poetry Journal and Across The Long Bridge, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Sailing in the Mist of Time, An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry, Harvest International, Palabras-Press, Poesy first international issue.

Helen is a member of Voices Israel English Poetry Society and The Israel Artists’ and

Sculptors’ Association. She is the global correspondent in Israel for the Poetry Bridge and Editor-in-Chief of the Voices Israel annual Anthology.


Christopher Barnes, UK: in 1998 I won a Northern Arts writers award. In July 2000 I read at Waterstones bookshop to promote the anthology Titles Are Bitches. Christmas 2001 I debuted at Newcastle's famous Morden Tower doing a reading of my poems. Each year I read for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival and I partake in workshops. 2005 saw the publication of my collection Lovebites published by Chanticleer Press, 6/1 Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh.

On Saturday 16th Aughst 2003 I read at theEdinburgh Festival as a Per Verse poet at LGBT Centre, Broughton St.

I also have a BBC webpage  and  (if first site does not work click on SECTION 28 on second site.

Christmas 2001 The Northern Cultural Skills Partnership sponsored me to be mentored by Andy Croft in conjunction with New Writing North. I made a radio programme for Web FM community radio about my writing group. October-November 2005, I entered a poem/visual image into the art exhibition The Art Cafe Project, his piece Post-Mark was shown in Betty's Newcastle. This event was sponsored by Pride On The Tyne. I made a digital film with artists Kate Sweeney and Julie Ballands at a film making workshop called Out Of The Picture which was shown at the festival party for Proudwords, it contains my poem "The Old Heave-Ho". I worked on a collaborative art and literature project called How Gay Are Your Genes, facilitated by Lisa Mathews (poet) which exhibited at The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University funded by The Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute, Bioscience Centre at Newcastle's Centre for Life. I was involved in the Five Arts Cities poetry postcard event which exhibited at The Seven Stories children's literature building. In May I had 2006 a solo art/poetry exhibition at The People's Theatre why not take a look at their website

 The South Bank Centre in London recorded my poem "The Holiday I Never Had", I can be heard reading it on

REVIEWS: I have written poetry reviews for Poetry Scotland and Jacket Magazine and in August 2007 I made a film called 'A Blank Screen, 60 seconds, 1 shot' for Queerbeats Festival at The Star & Shadow Cinema Newcastle, reviewing a poem...see my space



 Danica Bartulović was born 01.04.1953 in Croatia. She began writing from an early age. So far she has published 13 books of poetry. Soon her book “Selected poems” will be printed as a selection of dr. Sc.Hrvojka Mihanovic-Salopek. She writes poetry, book reviews, essays, reminiscences ... and is also represented in anthologies. She has won international awards. Danica is one of the editors of Podstrana Magazine in Podstrana near Split. She is well known as a poet of spiritual poetry, and as a very emotional and recognized lyric poet. She is also known by short, concise writing style. Danica also writes haiku. She likes to work with people who promote peace, love and tolerance.


Roberta Beary‘s book of short poems, The Unworn Necklace (Snapshot Press, 2007, 1st Hardcover ed. 2011) was selected as a William Carlos Williams Book Award finalist by the Poetry Society of America. Her website is


Vince Beck: I was born in New York City. I've lived most of my life on the road, a military up bringing gave me a good grounding in "the rules of the road". That's probably why I've survived, even tho my address was on the wild side, marijuana, benzedrine, alcohol, LSD, and the heavy one--heroin. I abused them all and managed to escape. Today I'm pretty much drug-free, except for the occasional bit of the "herb superb". I immigrated to Australia 1970...No regrets. I've traveled Australia and I love it, naturalized in 1978 "here to stay"! My band--"Vince & the Vipers" play all sorts of music. Beside myself there's Steve Berriman on reeds, tenor ukulele, vocal back-ups....Brian Mollet, ukulele, back-up vocals. I do the main vocals and play guitar. Jazz, rhythm & blues, country--we play 'em all. Aside from a couple of charity gigs a month, we've been laying low for the winter (April to October) months.  


Tom Berman is a member of Kibbutz Amiad in the Upper Galilee, Israel. Born in Czechoslovakia , he grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and is a scientist whose poetry has been published here and there, now and again. He was Editor in
Chief of the annual Voices Israel Anthology from 2003 to 2006. will be delighted to dispose of two books of his poems (Shards, a Handful of Verse and Rambles, Wanderings with a Wayward Muse).


Saul Bernstein:


Robin Beshers was transplanted from Oklahoma to beautiful Sonoma County California at a very young age. After living in, and raising her children in Amador and Mendocino counties throughout her adult life she has been happily back in Sonoma County for three years. Professionally, she is a Certified Professional Coder and a Medical Assistant. She discovered a serious love of Haiku in 2007, studying the craft and writing ever since. She also dabbles in photography, and polymer clay art.


Wolfgang Beutke was born in Berlin (1947) and currently lives near Hamburg in the North of Germany. His fields of interest are: Japanese and Chinese Ceramics, since 2005 Haiku.


Barbara Bialick, US, has degrees from the University of Michigan and Boston University. She has published as a journalist, book reviewer and poet in McCall’s, Ibbetson Street, Muddy River Poetry Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Pemmican, Lilith , Poetica, Istanbul Literary Review, Bagels with the Bards, The Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Magazine, Small Press Review and The Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. Her chapbook TIME LEAVES was published by Ibbetson Street Press.


Patricia Biela is a native of Maryland and is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology. A first generation American, she is of Angolan paternal and Haitian maternal descent. Biela participated in the 2008 Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop. She is a 2007 Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation Scholarship recipient from the Fine Arts Work Center Summer Poetry Workshop. She is a 2006 Hurston/Wright Workshop Alumna. Biela has studied poetry under Dr. Tony Medina, Professor of English, Howard University. She was a poetry venue review columnist for the Spring/Summer 2004 One Heart Publication – Holistic Journal. Her poems appear in the book Cracking Walnuts and Other Goodies by Arlene Carter-Pounds, Drumvoices Revue, Warpland, Stanford University’s Black Arts Quarterly, The Caribbean Writer, Void Magazine (on-line), Howard University’s The Amistad (on-line), and X Magazine.


JÓZSEF BÍRÓ - poet / writer / visual artist and performer -

JÓZSEF BÍRÓ was born in 19 may 1951 / BUDAPEST  ~ poet and writer 1975 to present
organizational memberships : Hungarian Alliance of Writers / Art Foundation of Hungarian Republic / Belletrist Association / etc .
published works : 15 volumes of poetry ( books ) /
1 book of prose
creative works : 9 individual exhibitions
more than 700 group exhibitions around in the world
more than 90 single ( live ) - performances around in the world


Ginka Biliarska: 1946—Bulgaria graduated from The Sofia University with a major in Slavonic Languages. She has worked as a journalist and editor at different publishing houses; author of 6 books, radio plays, a large number of articles for the central and literary newspapers. She took part in some theater performances, tv and radio programs and broadcasts. Since 2003 she has been the president of the Bulgarian Haiku Club. Compiler of the haiku anthologies with international participation: The Flower, 2002; The Rose, 2003; The Road, 2004. She has received numerous awards: 1996, National Contest—Poetry for the Sea; 2000, Poetry Contest—Yavorov's Days; 2002, Poetry Contest—Yavorov's Days; 2005, Russian Haiku Contest; 2005, National Play Contest; 2006, Haiku Contest—Croatia. Ginka Biliarska passed away 31 July 2007.


Richard Biscayart, US: I am at the end of my career.


My name is Oana Aurora Boazu and I'm from Romania. I was born in Craiova, but for the last three years I have been living in Galati, where I work in a Dutch company, member of the Damen Shipyards Group. Although I have been writing haiku for many years, since 2000, only recently I started taking part in competitions and contests and won the Third Price in the International Haiku Contest "One Thousand Cranes", Iasi, Romania, 2008, a honorable mention in the 8th International Haiku Contest, Ludbreg, Croatia, 2009 and got published in Frogpond Journal, Winter Edition 2009, Volume 32, No. 4, released in March 2010.  I write contemporary haiku as well as modern haiku.


Zlata Bogović was born in Varaždin. By vocation she is an economist, lives and works in Varaždin. She writes short stories, poetry, haiku poetry, aphorisms and poetry and prose for children and the young. A number of her poems have been put to music. She takes part at recitals and literature evenings, and haiku meetings throughout Croatia and received a number of awards for her poetry and her haiku (Kusamakura International Haiku Contest 2002 and A Special *A* Award Hekinan Aichi 2008)


Gary Blankenship is a sometime poet, editor and judge from Bremerton WA , who is much too fond of poetic series based upon whatever crosses his path. He is the author of A River Transformed poetry based on Wang Wei’s River Wang poems and available at   He is currently working on a long series based on Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” Part may be seen at


Wilfredo R. Bongcaron
, who is fondly called Willie by his associates and friends, is a government employee in Manila. He works as a line supervisor in LRTA, the first mass transport system in the city. He is happily married, with a very loving and supportive wife and three brilliant kids who are "gems" in their own right. He writes in the English and Filipino languages; and usually writes in the haiku/senryu genre. He has contributed his poems and haiku in the internet.

Willie is a proponent of the Save the Earth movement. He writes to make other people conscious about our environment, among other considerations. He is very much concerned about environmental degradation and all the likes. He also believes in karma; and works towards maintaining an aura of good karma and inner peace within him.


Zlata Bogović was born in Varaždin. By vocation she is an economist, lives and works in Varaždin. She writes short stories, poetry, haiku poetry, aphorisms and poetry and prose for children and the young. A number of her poems have been put to music . She takes part at recitals and literature evenings, and haiku meetings throughout Croatia and received a number of awards for her poetry and her haiku (Kusamakura International Haiku Contest 2002 and A Special *A* Award Hekinan Aichi 2008). 3rd Prize Kusamakura Haiku Contest 2010.


Ralf Bröker was born in Ochtrup, Germany, in 1968. He used to be a local journalist and worked as a pr-writer in Frankfurt am Main and Dortmund. With his family he returned the Münsterland, which is a countryside quite close to the Netherlands. Ralf is earning his money as a media service provider and pr-consultant. His clients are cooperative enterprises in the Rhein-Ruhr-area. First publication of poetic work in 1986; started to read haiku, senyru and haibun in 2007, tries to write them since spring 2008.


Shawn Bowman is a lifelong resident of Cleveland, Ohio. His poems have recently appeared in a variety of publications in the U.S. and England. He views the cinquain as the perfect marriage of the sonnet and the haiku, and he believes that the form is capable of developing as rich a tradition.



Carmella Braniger (PhD) teaches creative writing at Millikin University, in Decatur, Illinois (USA). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Modern English Tanka, Atlas Poetic: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Contemporary Tanka, Moonbathing: A Journal of Women's Tanka, Chrysanthemum, Eucalypt, buzzard picnic, Sycamore Review, Poems and Plays, and The Dirty Napkin. Her chapbook, No One May Follow, was published in 2009 by Pudding House Publications. She collaboratively writes and publishes poetry sequences with fellow English faculty and students. Her recent travels in Greece (Athens, Crete, and Santorini) inspired a series of tanka sequences, "Rome" and "Santorini".


Gerald Bravi from Winnipeg , Manitoba , is an educational psychologist and holds a Ph.D. in that area. He began writing poetry at an early age, but this passion was shelved as his career took most of his time. In 1998 he became involved in writing again and now spends more time at this endeavor. He enjoys writing in all forms and loves experimenting with each. His poetry has been published in a number of anthologies, e-zines and journals.



Leslie Brockway, US: I recently took up writing haiku almost immediately after signing up for Twitter. That was in April of 2009. Oddly, it was at Twitter where I chose the word "haiku" for my first subject search. My other personal interests are cooking, hiking and reading. I am an avid reader. I am also married, and I have one daughter who attends college. I, myself, had some college studies in liberal arts. I enjoy my work with retail industries, and share my free time with my family.


Bouwe Brouwer (08-03-1977). Born, raised and still living in Emmeloord, a small town on reclaimed land in the middle of the Netherlands. I became interested in haiku writing in August 2008 and have been writing ever since. I try to combine my writing with my love for designing and publishing handmade books in a very limited edition and my love for travelling. Some of my work has been published in Vuursteen (Flint) the magazine of the Dutch and Flemish haiku society.

My  new blog is at:
(which means floodline).


Helen Buckingham was born in London, 1960, and currently lives in Bristol in the southwest of England. Her haiku and senryu have appeared in journals and anthologies throughout the world, including A New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2007). Her work has also been placed in a number of competitions, such as the HIA, the Hackett and the Basho Memorial. She is a member of the British Haiku Society.



Marlène Buitelaar (1951) lives in the Netherlands. She works at the only Dutch Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht, situated at a beautiful spec of nature which is a daily source of inspiration. An avid reader, music lover and photographer, she started writing haiku and rengay in the beginning of 2007, shortly after being introduced to the subject.. Some of her haiku and rengay have already been published in Dutch and English.

Combining her new love for haiku with her existing ones, she now enjoys making photo haiga and rengay together with partner Max Verhart. Her other project is writing a series of essays on music and haiku (in English and Dutch) for which she is collecting music haiku (or music as inspiration for haiku) from all over the world. An anthology of music haiku is a future project. She’s very interested in receiving a copy of any kind of music haiku you have written,
published or nonpublished. Emailadress is


Silvija Butkovic was born on December 6, 1964. in Osijek – Croatia. She graduated from Commercial School in Slavonski Brod, lives and works in Djakovo. She works in the National Studfarm of lipizaners in Djakovo - Croatia, as manager in tourism.

Silvija is a member of the Association of Croatian Haiku Poets and an active member of Photoclub Djakovo. She has held several independent photography and haiga exhibitions, has received prizes in Croatia and abroad, and published poetry, short stories and haiku. So far Silvija has published three books of poetry, Touched by the dream, book with haiku/haigas (Oslobodjena kap/A released drop/La goccia Assolta in English, Italian and Croatian) and a book, Intricate in the nets.

Her haigas may be seen on; they are highly prized, she was given a title, Master of Haiga. At this date, she has assembled five of her own photo-exhibitions.


Jack Byrne from the republic of Ireland, I have been writing poetry of all genre for almost eight years on and off. I'm a member of the Haiku Society of Ireland. I have been published in various ezines and print. I'm 63 years old and live in Wicklow, Ireland.


Lauren Byrnes was born in Mattoon, Illinois in 1985. She is a 2007 graduate of Northern Illinois University, earning her degree in Business Administration with special studies in Finance and Spanish. She began writing poetry while in high school and has never stopped, as most good poets don't because they can't. For her, writing began and continues to be an outlet for her emotions. Nothing could prevent her from saying how she felt when it was between just her and the paper. Her poems are from the heart and though some are filled with pain she strives to be inspirational for others with her words. At the age of twenty-four she has experienced many obstacles that people of all ages could relate to. She allows her relationship with her Higher Power to guide her to share her experiences, strength and hope with others, in the hope of exuding hope and compassion. She currently manages a coffee shop in her hometown of Mattoon, IL and continues to feel inspired to write daily.


Pris Campbell: Pris Campbell’s full-length book of poetry with accompanying log notes, Sea Trails, was published in the fall of 2009 by Lummox Press. Abrasions, her first book by Rank Stranger Press now has only a limited number of copies left. Interchangeable Goddesses, with Tammy Trendle, was published by Rose of Sharon, a press run by S.A. Griffin, editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, and David Smith. Hesitant Commitments, was released 2008 by Lummox Press in its prestigious Little Red Book series. The Nature of Attraction, her latest book with Scott Owens, was released August 2010 by Main Street Rag.

Pris Campbell's poetry appears in journals such as Chiron Review, Main
Street Rag, The Cliffs: Soundings, Wild Goose Review, MiPo Productions, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and Boxcar Poetry Review
. In 2008 and 2009, she was featured poet in Empowerment4Women, In The Fray and From East to West. Her haiga and haiku have appeared in Simply Haiku, Haigaonline. Moonset, Sketchbook, Ink, Sweat, and Tears and several other journals. Her poem in the spring 2007 issue of Boxcar won the Peer Award for the issue and was nominated by that journal for a 'Best of the Internet' Anthology. She was again nominated for that honor by two journals in 2009. Pris also was nominated three times for a Pushcart Prize (2008/2009). A former Clinical Psychologist and former sailor, sidelined by ME-CFS since 1990, she makes her home in the greater West Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband, a runaway dog, and a cat who sits on her poetry drafts.


Matthew Caretti has lived in Korea, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa, and has used those places to launch journeys to nearly fifty other countries. His practice of Zen Buddhism, a product of karma as well as the years in Asia, joins travel, cycling, his home in the woods and human folly (mostly his own) as a heavy influence on his work. He now teaches English and directs the Writing Center at Mercersburg Academy, a college preparatory school in south central Pennsylvania. He has published works in Poetry Canada, Contemporary Haibun Online, Contemporary Haibun Volumes 11 & 12, and Haibun Today.


Patricia Carragon is a New York City poet and writer. Her publications include, Rogue Scholars, Poets Wear Prada, Best Poem, Big City Lit, CLWN WR, Chantarelle’s Notebook, Clockwise Cat, Ditch Poetry Magazine, Mobius the Poetry Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, and more. She is the author of Journey to the Center of My Mind (Rogue Scholars Press). She is a member of Brevitas, a group dedicated to short poems. Patricia hosts and curates the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets and is the editor of the annual anthology.


Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI was born in Turkey, in Bor (22.08.1949), a sub-prefecture famous for its greenery. He completed his elementary and high school in this small town. Then he simultaneously entered the national competition for admission to the university and the School of Industrial Arts of the Academy of Applied Fine Arts in the State from which he emerged in 1975 with a degree of interior architect and industrial designer. His highly original works have been quick to draw the attention of connoisseurs. Then he was admitted to the exhibitions and his works were published in journals. On leaving school, he began working in the Department of R & D of Foundries belonging to the famous Koç Holding, a Turkish industrial group, where he excelled in design work. His designs for buttons furnaces have been realized in industrial production.

During his military service, he performed with the rank of second lieutenant; in collaboration with friends, he contributed to the preservation of various historical works (statues, reliefs, etc ...), then exposed to the Marin Museum of Besiktas.
Poems and stories, written from the age of 14, have been published in various magazines and newspapers, both national qu'anatoliens. The press, magazines and anthologies have reserved a warm welcome to his creations. Interest Yasar OGUZCAN Umeå, renowned Turkish poet, testified against him allowed him access to important platforms. A Esir Kulup Beyoglu in Istanbul, bringing together experienced great poets of the country, he recited his poetry for years in the musical atmosphere of poetry readings.

He created an archive of letters from thousands of poetry lovers. The translation of his poems in English, French and German are in progress. Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI published his collection of poetry The Judgment of the Evenings in 1975 and a biography in 1989 in Turkish. In the months to come "You're not guilty, Friend" (poems), "The Turkic world abroad '(research)," I was ripped off my son with my hands "(novel) and" The Turkey in Europe "(research) will be presented to the discretion of bibliophiles.

The beautiful poems translated into French by Yakup YURT, brave translator, interpreter, art lover and writer living in Brussels, raised a lot of interest in the French press and with appropriate bodies. Currently, with the support of Yakup YURT, known for his modesty and competence, Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI continues living in France.

He married Neziha in 1995. Following several courses, he has worked since 1991 at the AFPA (Association for Adult Vocational Training).


¤ France "Les Amis de Thalie Design" prize drawing (1999)
¤ France "Les Amis de Thalie Design" prize drawing (1999)
¤ "Series of Reports Screened Poetry Contest 1999 Les Amis de Thalie" poetry, "Remember"
¤ France By "The Poets of Friendship" and "Medal of Contemporary French Poetry" Poetry "to shape the next" Poet of the Month in November 2000) (08/12/2000)
¤ France Dating Contest l’Île des Poètes - Bosco Tatsuya Hirata Drawing 1 st prize (2000).
¤ France Terpsichore Association Poetry: "a world chock full" Terpsichore poetry contest. (Diploma)
¤ France "The forest of a thousand poets Vesdun Grand Prix Athanor Poetry" 1st prize. (27/05/2001).
With his name was planted a tree (2001).
¤ France contest l’Île des Poètes - Dating Photography Prize 2001 "(27.11.2001).
¤ Turkey - TRT INT Text rates (National Television of Turkey) (21.12. 2001)
¤ France Georges Riguet Poetry Prize Poetry: "THE CUL-DE-SAC OF THE ROSE" (15.12.2001).
¤ Poetry contest NPS Holland (Radio) - Award for Poetry.
¤ France contest l’Île des Poètes - Meeting "2002 phographie prices (02/02/2003)
¤ Romanya Aiud ONLINE - South Alba drawings August 2003 - 1st prize
¤ America (USA) University of South Florida The International Foreign Language Honor Society IHO SIGMA IOTA "CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE"
¤ Turkey - TRT INT Prix Text (Radio National Turkey) (29.10.2003)
¤ France contest l’Île des Poètes- Dating Photography Prize 2003 "(27/02/2004).
¤ France Contest l’Île des Poètes - "Price of BOSCO TATSUYA HIRATA 2004 "(Drawing and mixed media) (15.03.2005).


Valeria Simonova-Cecon lives in Cividale del Friuli, a small and very picturesque town in Northeast Italy founded by Julius Caesar. She lives there with her haijin husband Andrea Cecon and their mongrel dog Renga. She enjoys writing haiku and renku, walking the pre-alpine hills and studying languages.


Amitava Chakrabarty is a class I Marine Officer of Kolkata Port Trust by profession and a writer, journalist and poet by passion. As a freelance journalist, he has contributed several reports in Hindustan Times. The Statesman has published his letters/ articles/ stories and poems in its respective columns. His poems were published in Times of India and Asian Age. He is regularly published in numerous journals, e-magazines and anthologies in India and abroad. He is an Honorary Life member of Metverse Muse and a member of World Poets' Society, Greece. His first anthology of poems, entitled Solitude, has received favourable review in the domain of poetry. Chakrabarty is one of the winners of the 1st publishing contest of

Amitave Chakrabarty's second book of poems, So I Used Gray and Other Poems was published in December 2010.


Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy hails from Hyderabad City, India; he is a Poet-Review Writer. He has been composing poetry for the past 25-years and several of his poems have been published in literary magazines, journals, newspapers, anthologies, e-zines etc. across the world in over 40 countries. He is presently working in a Government-Partnered bank, "The A.P State Co-op Bank Ltd" at Hyderabad city. His poetry collections titled (1) Charismata of Poesie, (2) The Chariot of Musings, (3) Serene Thoughts, (4) Twinkles, are in circulation. Conferred with D. Litt (Doctor of Literature), he is a Universal Peace Ambassador, Vice-Chairman of Peacefrom Harmony, Love Ambassador etc. to quote a few.


Sonam Chhoki was born and brought up in the eastern Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. He has been writing poetry for the last five years. Three of his free verse poems have been included in the Love and Epiphany anthologies of Magnapoets in spring and summer 2011. His haiku, tanka and haibun have been published in Acorn, Atlas Poetica, Asahi, CHO, Eucalypt, Frogpond, Haibun Today, Heron's Nest, Kikakuza Haibun contest 2011, Mainichi, Modern Haiku, Ribbons and Simply Haiku and forth coming in Presence 45 and Prune Juice.

Photo Requested: 6-13-2011

2nd Photo Request 9-21-2011


John Tiong Chunghoo: "I started writing poetry during my secondary school
years after having been introduced to greats like Blake, Clare, William Wordsworth, and Shakespeare among others. During the early 2000s, I fell in love with Matsuo Basho on the net after signing up with a site to have a poem delivered to me every day;  his haiku is really great. It always succeeds to set me into another realm. I have written thousands of poems posted on the world wide web. Readers need only to google my name john tiong chunghoo to get to them. Now I am working as a travel journalist with the New Straits Times, one of the oldest English dailies in Asia."


Leonard J. Cirino (1943) is the author of twenty chapbooks and fourteen full-length collections of poetry since 1987 from numerous small presses. He lives in Springfield, Oregon, where he is retired, does home care for his 96-year-old-mother, and works full-time as a poet. His 100 page collection, Omphalos: Poems 2007, was published in spring, 2010 from Pygmy Forest Press. A 64 page selection, Tenebrion: Poems 2008, is from Cedar Hill Publications, in 2010. His 100 page collection, The Instrument of Others, is due from Lummox Press in 2011. His full-length collection, Chinese Masters, is from March Street Press, 2009. Cirino was the featured poet at the Outsiders’ Art Festival, Lincoln, NE, in 2010. He can be reached at



Marion Clarke is a writer and artist from Warrenpoint in County Down, Northern Ireland and is a member of the Irish Haiku Society. She has been studying and writing haiku for several years and has had her work published in Notes from the Gean, Shamrock, A Hundred Gourds and Every Day Poets and her haiku will appear in the next issue of Heron's Nest.


Karen Clausel, D. Min. enjoys writing poetry after 30 years as a clergywoman writing sermons and psychotherapist assisting clients re-write their life scripts. Her poetry has appeared in Tiger's Eye, Rattlesnake Review, HeartLodge, Medulla Review, and several anthologies, including The Quizzical Chair. Her chapbook is coming out this winter, published by Tigers Eye Press. Formerly the Contest Chair for the Oregon State Poetry Association, Karen lives in Eugene, OR.


Serban Codrin: born 10 of May 1945 in Bucharest, Romania. He published several books of classical poetry and also tanka and haiku books: Dincolo de tacere/Aux confind du silence/Beyond Quietness – editura Haiku, Bucharest 1994; Intre patru anotimpuri/Entre quatre saison/Between for seasons – editura Haiku, Bucharest 1994; O sarbatoare a felinarelor stinse / A fest of the Extinguished Street Lamps, ed. TEMPUS DACOROMANIA COMTERRA, Bucharest 2005, Missa requiem – 1997. He lives in Slobozia city, Romania and is a librarian.


Leslie Cohen is a native New Yorker. After receiving her B.A. and M.A. degrees in cultural anthropology, she taught at the University of Alaska for three years. Then she moved to Los Angeles where she met her husband. They spent an extended honeymoon traveling through Europe and ended up living on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. Leslie teaches college English courses and has published many poems, short stories and articles. Her first book, Facets of the Poet was published in 2001. Her biography of a Holocaust survivor, called Trapped Inside the Story (which includes many poems that were translated from Polish and Ukrainian and re-worked by the author) was published by Level 4 Press, in 2007.


Susan Constable has numerous forms of poetry published in both print magazines and on-line journals. Since 2006, however, haiku has become her form of choice and early in 2007 she ventured into haiga. She lives with her husband on Canada’s west coast, where the natural world provides much of her subject matter, inspiration, and pleasure.


Bill Cooper, US

Biography and photo requested



Armando H. Corbelle (Catbird 55)was born in Cuba and except for early childhood has lived in various cities, towns, and rural places in the USA since. He came to haiku earlyas a 5th grader - abandoned it for decades until embracing its brevity, immediacy a few years ago. Visit his haiku blogs:  and


Martin Gottlieb Cohen was born in the South Bronx somewhere on Simpson Street, went to a Yeshiva on East Broadway and Canal Street, and then lived in the South of Brooklyn, the South of Long Island, The Southern Tier of Upstate New York, The South of Manhattan, and finally South Jersey in Egg Harbor.



Aubrie Cox is a lifelong resident of Blue Mound, Illinois. She is currently studying English literature and writing at Millikin University, where she first began studying haiku in 2008. Since then, her poems have appeared in publications such Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, tinywords, bottlerockets, and Notes From the Gean. In her spare time, Aubrie also enjoys bookbinding and photography.


Gillena Cox: I live in St James, on the island of Trinidad; of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I was born in 1950. Married in 1971 to Anthony Cox, Since 1978, though still married, living apart from Anthony. I am mother of a daughter named Yanda, and a son named Khama. I am a retiree, I last worked as a cataloguer. I write poetry for the sheer joy of writing; some of my poems are illustrated. I have work published in anthologies, and at numerous e journals. My first solo book of haiku poems is at the publishers and should be released before the end of this year. My poetry website is "PatchWork".


Máire Morrissey-Cummins: Co. Wicklow Ireland. I am Irish, I am writing haiku for a year or so and really enjoy it. I have many haiku and am a member of the Irish Haiku Society and Haiku Ireland and am published in Presence Magazine, Shamrock Haiku Magazine, Every Day Poets and many other online e-zines.


Paul Curtiss: Howdy folks. I’m a writer who delivers pizzas for a living. I was born in 1971 to missionary parents in the hills of South Dakota. My parents split up sometime before I was three. At the age of five, my brothers (a twin and an older one), my mother and I moved to Oskaloosa, Iowa. When I was twelve, we all moved to the hills of Kentucky. You see, my mother wanted to teach at a holiness place called Bethany Christian Mission Center. After my twin and I turned sixteen, my mom decided it’d be nice to move back to Oskaloosa. Well, I discovered literature and writing while attending high school in that fine corn encompassed town. After graduating in 1990, I wandered between several colleges. I finally landed at University of Northern Iowawhere I received an English degree in 1997. My play Mere Existence was performed in 1993 at Indian Hills Community College. I’ve also been published in Inner Weather, conducted a writing workshop at Four Oaks in Independence, Iowa, and published a small press art and literature newsletter, Sparechange for five years. Currently I live with my wife, Melissa, in West Des Moines.


Agnieszka Ćwieląg (age 30) lives in Cracow (Poland) and works in a publishing house. She finished literature and creative writing at the Jagiellonian University. Agnieszka writes poetry and has published 11 books.

In 2004 Aneta Kania and Agnieszka Ćwieląg published their first common book To Believe in Spring (poetry and photos). Haiga of Going By will have an exposition in an art gallery in Poland next year. Other expositions are planned.



Magdalena Dale was born in 1953 in Bucharest, Romania. She is a member of the Romanian Haiku Society and has been published in several national and international reviews. Her poetry is published in the bilingual anthologies: Flori de tei /Lime-tree flowers, Greieri si crizanteme /Crickets and chrysanthemums, Scoici de mare/Sea shells and she is anthologized in Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart published in Perryville, Maryland (S.U.A.) by M. Kei. Her tanka and other poems have appeared in more literary sites online. She published a bilingual tanka book Perle de roua / Dew pearls. Together with Mr. Vasile Moldovan they have written a bilingual renga book Mireasma de tei / Fragrance of lime. She is one of the winner poets of the Tanka Splendor Contest 2007.


Norman Darlington lives on a hill in rural Ireland, raising vegetables, chickens and children. Since first reading Hiroaki Satō’s 100 Frogs more than 30 years ago, he has been convinced of the overarching good which haikai collaborations can bring. Co-editor and co- publisher of Journal of Renga & Renku

John Daleiden lived in Oskaloosa, Iowa from 1978-2007, a rural community south-east of Des Moines, Iowa where he taught high school language arts for 28 years. He has retired after teaching 43 years as a high school Language Arts teacher. After retirement he returned to writing poetry. In July 2007 John and his wife Deborhanne moved to Avondale, Arizona, a west suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.  His work has appeared in Amaze # 9, World Haiku Review: The Poetrybridge, Lynx, SP Quill Magazine, May Dazed, The Scorched Earth, Full Moon, Temps Libres - Free Times, Autumn Leaves, Sketchbook, Ribbons, Fire Pearls, and other e-zines. John has served as webmaster and an editor for Sketchbook since the first issue in October 2006.


Jon Davey was born in Redruth, Cornwall in 1969. He earned his degree in English and European Thought and Literature from Cambridge College of Arts. He has worked as a Primary School teacher since 1991. He has had a lifelong interest in poetry and nature. He is now residing in a converted barn in the small village of Brea, Cornwall with his partner Pippa and dog Tricky. Fatherhood imminent!


Robert Davey: I live in Norfolk in the UK with my family and dogs. After a long interest in poetry I have become fascinated with haiku and senryu over the last year. I do a lot of driving and the counties of East Anglia are an endless source of inspiration for me. I have had haiku accepted for publication in Blithe Spirit and Presence. My website addresss:


Tracy Davidson lives in Warwickshire, England and enjoys writing poetry (particularly haiku) and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in various publications and anthologies including: Modern Haiku, Simply Haiku, Mslexia, A Hundred Gourds, Lyrical Passion, Ribbons and Notes from the Gean. Apart from writing, Tracy likes reading murder mysteries and thrillers, listening to music (mostly Queen, entering competitions and travelling.


Mary Davila started writing poetry at the age of 50. In 2006, she was introduced to haiga, and it has become her main focus. Mary and her husband enjoy being members of a Creative Expression writers group.

Mary is the moderator for the "haiga showcase" forum on Jane Reichhold's online AHApoetry forum. Her haiga have been published online at Simply Haiku, Haigaonline, Sketchbook, Modern Haiga, Lynx and World Haiku Association. She has also been published in print in the Moonset Literary Newspaper and also in the print edition of Modern Haiga 2008.

In addition to poetry and haiga, Mary enjoys photography, enhancing her photos and taking online courses.

In 2006, after a career of over thirty years, Mary retired from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. She lives in Western New York with her husband, Frank. They enjoy taking frequent trips to California to visit their son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons.

Mary’s website is


Tatjana Debeljački, born on 23.04.1967 in Užice. She writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. Tatjana is a member of Association of Writers of Serbia UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia HDS Montenegro-HUSCG – Montenegro and HDPR, Croatia. A member of Writers’ Association Poeta, Belgrade since 2008, HKD Croatia since 2009 and a member of Poetry Society "Antun Ivanošić" Osijek since 2011. Diogen pro culture magizne, Deputy editor in chief (cooperation with magazines & interviews). Editor of the magazine Poeta, published by Writers’ Association "Poeta".  Union of Yugoslav Writers in Homeland and Immigration – Belgrade, Literary Club Yesenin – Belgrade.

Up to now she has published three collections of poetry: A House Made of Glass, published by ART – Užice, 1996; Yours, published by Narodna Knjiga Belgrade in 2003; a collection of haiku poetry Vulcano by Haiku Lotos from Valjevo in 2004; and a CD-BOOK, A House Made of Glass by ART in 2005, and  bilingual SR-EN with music, AH-EH-IH-OH-UH, published by Poeta, Belgrade in 2008.

Tatjana's poetry and haiku have been translated into several languages.
Poetic Interests poetry
Other interests Editor
Web search:


Andrzej Dembończyk lives in Silesia, Poland. He is an  employee of the local government. He began writing haiku and haiga in 2008.                                     


Carolyn Devonshire: Born in New Jersey, Carolyn is a graduate of Monmouth University. A former teacher, Carolyn was a journalist for many years and worked in media relations for two Florida Cabinet officers. Carolyn’s writings reflect her deep concern for America ’s future and the Earth’s environment. She has had two books published: Visions of Devonshire, a collection of poetry, and Colonizing Atlantis, the New Earth, a science-fiction novel.


Michael Dickel is a poet and photographer with degrees in psychology, creative writing and English Literature from the University of Minnesota, teaches at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dickel's prize-winning work has appeared in literary journals, art books, and anthologies for over 20 years. His debut book, The World Behind it, Chaos magnificently explores chaos and mystery. View Michael Dickel's website.


Tanya Dikova:
born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is an art-designer - member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and has taken part in many design exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad, with many national and two international prizes for design of toys. From 1997 she lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. In Israel she works as a designer of television and theatrical puppets. Member of UNIMA – Israel from 2000. She is also a lecturer in the Academy of Drama and Puppet Theatre in Tel Aviv. Tanya loves Nature, poetry, music (classical, New Age, jazz…etc), theatre, fine arts, photography. In 2005 she started to write haiku and create haiga. Her poems has been published in tinywords, Asahi, LiterNet-ezine. Her haiga has been regularly accepted for WHA Haiga Contest from 2006.

She has received some awards:
2006- 11th “Kusamakura” International Haiku Competition – Third Prize
2007- 18th Ito En “Oh-I, Ocha New Haiku Contest – Honorable Mention
2007 - Haiku Contest - Croatia.


Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic was born in 1958 in Smederevo, Yugoslavia (now Serbia :-) . She is an electrical engineer, a computer specialist, and is now teacher of computers and informatics.

She writes classical poetry and haiku and has five poetry books published. Her poetry is published in many magazines, collections and anthologies, in Serbia & Montenegro and abroad. Her work appears on more then 40 Internet web sites (The Heron's Nest, Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Haikuist Network, World Haiku Review, Poetry In The Light, Aozora haiku, Temps Libres/Free Times, Shiki Haiku Salon, Digital Haiga Gallery (See Haiku Here), World Tempos Journal, Ginyu, Electronic Poetry Network - Poem of the Day, Tinywords, ... )

She is also an art photographer, and has taken part in more then 100 group and 6 independent photo exhibitions. Her photo-works have earned a great number of awards.

She won many international haiku awards on Kusamakura Kumamoto Competition, Itoen, Mainichi Daily News Annual Selection, The Mainichi Haiku Contest, JSWE Competition, HIA Competition, Snapshot ...


Nelly Dobrinova, BG: I was born on 19.12.1964 in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

Occupation - IT (system administrator).

My haiku were published in Asahi Haikuist Network by David MacMurray.

I have published two books with poems writen in Bulgarian.


My name is Mark Dohle, I am from a large family of 11 brothers and sisters, of which I am the third oldest. I was born on 3 DEC 48 in Steeleville Mo. When ten my family moved to Panama Canal Zone, I lived there from 58-67, when I graduated from High School. I joined the Navy for four years. I have only been writing for 10 years, which actually came as a surprise to me, since before that time I actuaally hated to write. Now it is a source of healing for me. I am Catholic and my faith means a great deal to me. Though I often struggle to live up to the love I profess. At times this is shown in my poetry and other essays.


William Doreski lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire. His most recent collection of poetry is Waiting for the Angel (2009). He has published three critical studies, including Robert Lowell's Shifting Colors. His essays, poetry, fiction, and reviews have appeared in many journals, including Massachusetts Review, Notre Dame Review, The Alembic, New England Quarterly, Harvard Review, Modern Philology, Antioch Review, and Natural Bridge.


Audrey Downey was born in China; I was trained and have worked as a Chemist. I became a wife and mother late in life; everything else became secondary. I freelanced as a graphic designer, interpreter, and school volunteer. I play tennis, badminton, and love to travel. I like to read, draw, sculpt, take photos, knit and do needlepoint, go to concert (especially free concerts at Yale School of Music). Too many interests too little time. Since 2003 I learned and loved haiku and haiga, a few of my works have been published.


Doug Draime has been a presence in the 'underground' and small press since the late 1960's. He was part of the notorious Los Angeles poetry scene of the latter 20th century. His wide range of writing, including poems, short stories and plays, continues to appear in print and online publications worldwide. His books include: Spiders And Madmen, (Scintillating Publications), Next Exit:Three  w/Misti Rainwater-Lites (Kendra Steiner Editions); from Tainted Coffee Press, Dancing On The Skids and Last May (Kendra Steiner Editions). Most recent books in print are: For A Dream Ended  (Kendra Steiner Editions), Los Angeles Terminal: Poems 1971-1980  (Covert Press), and Rock 'n Roll Jizz  (Propaganda Press). Draime was awarded PEN grants in 1987 and 1991. He was nominated for five Pushcart Prizes in the last three years. He currently lives and writes in Ashland, Oregon.


Jerry Dreesen has been painting since his retirement in 2002. He has published numerous watercolor paintings on-line as well as pen and ink drawings and sketches. His haiga, the combination of art and haiku into one art form has also been widely published. Jerry's watercolor haiga has been featured in Simply Haiku, Moments, Reeds, Mindfire Revisited and Haiga-On-Line as well as print journals such as the Gator Springs Gazette and Artella. He is past Haiga editor of Simply Haiku. Jerry is a member of the Hamilton County Artist Association and the Hoosier Salon in Indianapolis. He has exhibited works in various local art shows and exhibitions during the last 2 years.

He currently exhibits selected art work in the Birdie Gallery of the Hamilton County Art Center in Noblesville and the Hoosier Salon in Indianapolis as well as other local venues.



Berenice Dunford was born in England and moved to Wales nearly a quarter of a century ago. She writes poetry and prose and has had her work published in Blackmail Press, featured in Kensington and Norwood Writers' Group 2003 Retrospective and 2005 Voice Print 1. She has also been published in an anthology, representing her town in a national competition. Berenice runs the Bag End Poetry & Message Board, a poetry critique forum. Her blog and website are called 'grasshopper singing' and 'the poet at rest' respectively. She wrote her first poem at the age of ten, making the accidental but pleasing discovery that her thoughts put down in a diary looked like a 'real' poem. She carries her camera with her and enjoys using it. Berenice currently lives on a tiny Welsh peninsula, surrounded by the mountains and the sea.


Curtis Dunlap lives near the confluence of the Mayo and Dan rivers in Mayodan, North Carolina. He has been published in several anthologies and journals including Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Magnapoets, Modern Haiku, A New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, Simply Haiku, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, red lights, Ribbons, and Valley Voices. He was awarded the Museum of Haiku Literature Award in 2008 and 3rd Prize in the 11th International Kusamakura Haiku Competition in 2006. His web site is located at Durmišević was born in 1956. in Vratar, Žepa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo in 1982, obtained an M.A. in 2001 and his Doctor’s degree at the same faculty in 2006. He is a senior lecturer of the topics of Religion and health, Hygiene and health ecology at the Health Faculty of the University of Zenica, and Health education at the Islam pedagogical faculty, the University of Zenica

He has been the head of the department of the Office for Hygiene and Health Ecology of the County Institute for Public Health in Zenica since 1997. He has published 65 scientifically professional works and 190 popular essays on health. He takes part in domestic and international scientific research projects. Specially he has been engaged in health education and the promotion of health and healthy lifestyles.


Stacey Dye has had a fondness for words forever. She is moved by music, inspirational quotes and even rocks engraved with motivational words she carries in her pockets.

Having written everything from poetry to radio and television ad copy, it wasn’t until the past few years that she truly began to pursue the art of poetry. Her primary focus being the human condition.

She has been featured in the Camroc Press Review, Mused, Café Del Soul, Dew on the Kudzu, Here and Now, Sketchbook, and Ribbons among others.


Kathy Earsman lives in Maleny, a small rural town in Queensland, Australia, but was born in New Zealand. Registered Nurse. Works at a major hospital. Mainly a cyber-poet but has been published here and there over the years. Widow of the poet Peter Earsman; three sons, five grandchildren.


Garry Eaton is semi-retired in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada, where he lives with his long-time partner, Maureen Matthews, the finest reference librarian on the West Coast. After graduating in English Literature from the Univ. of Alberta, he pursued a graduate degree, but two semesters of teaching freshman English cured him of the illusion that he was cut out to teach, and since then it's been whatever came along. He has lived and worked at many occupations in several cities, including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Calgary and Vancouver. His interest in haiku/haibun is of recent origin, but the satisfaction it provides is a growing part of his life. He is also at work on a biography of Cyrus Stephen Eaton, a famous figure in American business, who is a distant relative of his.


Denis Emorine is the author of short stories, essays, poetry, and plays. He was born in 1956 in Paris and studied literature at the Sorbonne (University of Paris). He has an affective relationship to English because his mother was an English teacher. His father was of Russian ancestry. His works are translated into several languages. His theatrical output has been staged in France, Canada ( Quebec) and Russia. Many of his books (stories, drama, poetry) have been published in the USA.

Writing, for Emorine, is a way of harnessing time in its incessant flight. Themes that re-occur throughout his writing include the Doppelgänger, lost or shattered identity, and mythical Venice (a place that truly fascinates him). He also has a great interest for Eastern Europe. Denis Emorine collaborates with various other reviews and literary websites in the U.S., Europe and Japan both in French and in English..

In 2004, he won first prize for his poetry at the Féile Filiochta International competition.
His poetry has been published in Pphoo (India), Blue Beat Jacket (Japan), Magnapoets (Canada), Snow Monkey, Cokefishing, Be Which Magazine, Poesia and Journal of ExperimentalFiction (USA).

His texts also appear on numerous e-zines such as: Anemone Sidecar, Cipher Journal, Mad Hatters' Review, Milk, The Salt River Review, Istanbul Literary Review, Like Birds Lit, Wilderness House Literary Review, Sketchbook, Literary World.

Emorine’s webpage is


Gerald England is a British poet, living at Gee Cross, Hyde on the edge of the Pennines. He has been active on the Small Press Scene for almost 40 years, first editing Headland and then New Hope International. His poetry has been published in many countries and been translated into Croatian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese & Romanian. He is an honorary member of the International Writers & Artists Association, and serves on the Council of the Yorkshire Dialect Society. Of Limbo Time, the latest of eleven collections, Poetry Quarterly Review wrote "his work is both personal and accessible and presents an original view of life." In 2006 he received the "Ted Slade Award For Service To Poetry". He is also an accomplished photographer, maintaining Hyde Daily Photo as well as the photoblog.  The website includes a guide to photoblogs around the world, some 600 small press poetry reviews, the archives of several ezines, many travel photographs, details of books and magazines for sale and many other useful links. His personal blog.

Gerald England: New Hope International; Haiku Talk, reviews, poetry, photography and more.


Robert Epstein is a licensed psychologist, freelance writer and published haiku poet who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. His haiku have appeared in Acorn,bottle rockets, Frogpond, Mariposa, Modern Haiku, moonset and other publications. He has edited two anthologies: The Breath of Surrender: A Collection of Recovery-Oriented Haiku and Dreams Wander On: Contemporary Poems of Death Awareness. Robert created a blog as a forum for poetry written with awareness of one's own mortality:    He is currently at work on another anthology, The Temple Bell Stops: Contemporary Poems of Grief, Loss and Change.


Sally Evans: Sally Evans lives in Callander, Scotland, where she and her husband run a bookshop. Here, Sally is sitting in the bookshop garden, having lunch with some Canadian signwriters who painted the glass on the front of the shop. Her bookbinder husband, Ian King, is standing at the back, keeping an eye on the shop door. Sally and Ian run diehard publishers and Sally edits Poetry Scotland, a broadsheet with a lively website (webmaster Colin Will). Sally's own website, desktopsallye, gives information about her poetry books, her writing and other aspects of her life.


Claire Everett lives in County Durham, England with her husband, her five children and two beautiful cats. She has been writing poetry since she was a small child, but has only recently started to submit work to publishers. Her poems have appeared in Bolts of Silk, Lyrical Passion Poetry e-zine, Haiku News and she has other work forthcoming in journals such as Simply Haiku.


Jeff Faust, US is a self taught, self educated artist. His thought process from the beginning has been to see what his eyes, mind and hands can produce without the involvement or direction of others and he has stayed on this road with his work from his pre-teens. His work is a subtle surrealism and often includes the simple yet complex elements of nature; leaves, twigs, feathers.....

Web site: Jeff Faust Art


Ignatius Fay grew up in Levack, Ontario, Canada and now resides in nearby Sudbury. His love of words, language and learning extends back to those early years. He holds a PhD in Invertebrate Paleontology, but became unable to work due to severe lung/heart disease in 1986. He was introduced to the Japanese poetic form, Haiku, by an accomplished practitioner, and has been writing Haiku and Senryu since 1990.

Some of his work has appeared in small, local publications and collections, the Mensa Canada Newsletter, Heron's Nest and The Haiku Canada Anthology. In 2008 he self-published a collection, Haiga Moments: Pens and Lens, that included some of his more contemporary Haiku chosen and illustrated by a talented new photographer, Ray Belcourt.

His motivation is to keep writing - striving to capture the moment. Even though he fears "a lot is crap, he has learned not to throw anything away".


Rolland Fletcher: Age 67. Married 39 years. Retired. Started to write last year. Enjoys Haiku. Daughter leaves in Kyoto Japan and last time we visited her, we went to Basho's grave site. Thanks you for this poetry site!!


I 'm Al Fogela 65 year old retired gentleman--residing in Miami Beach, Fl. I'm new to haiku and senryu and began writing them in August 2010 and have never looked back. I have poems scheduled to appear in a future issue of Notes from the Geanand recently was awarded a "runner up" position in the annual Haiku Calendar Competition 2010 sponsored by Snapshot Press.


Seánan Forbes: A native New Yorker, Seánan Forbes moved to London in 1996, rendering herself terminally dislocated. She is always homesick for wherever she is not: Marrakech, the Tsodilo Hills, Kansas City, Graz, the deck of the real Black Pearl -- any place where she has lived well or where people she loves abide. Seánan is a writer, journalist, photographer, storyteller and actor. Her work has run in a variety of publications, including The Mid-America Poetry Review, Kalliope, and String to Bow, a chapbook published by Leaf Press. Her websites are  (words) and (pictures).


Lorin Ford writes haiku and longer poems. She lives in Brunswick, Victoria (Australia). Much of Lorin's early childhood was spent on the foreshore and beach of the Melbourne bay-side suburb, Seaford. From age nine she lived with her father, who ran the pub in a small East Gippsland timber town. She left school early, at fourteen, preferring a ‘glamorous’ career in hairdressing to her year 9 correspondence lessons. Later, she received an Honours degree in English Literature and subsequently taught high school English and ESL in Melbourne's north-west. Lorin wrote a few poems in her teenage years and returned to writing again this century. Over 300 of her haiku have been published in Australian and overseas journals.



 Hugh Fox: Born in Chicago, 1932, polio at age 5, cured with new pre-Saulk experimental medicine, childhood immersed in opera, violin, piano, musical composition, art by his ex-violinist-turned-M.D. father, and frustrated actress mother, then forced into 3 years of pre-med and a year of Medicine, dropped out of medical school and got a B.S. (Hum.) and M.A.(English) from Loyola Chicago, first trip to Paris, then a American Literature from the U. of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Married Peruvian poet Lucia Ungaro de Zevallos. Prof. of American Literature, Loyola University in Los Angeles (now Loyola Marymount University) , 1958-1968,Professor in the Department of American Thought and Language, Michigan State University (1968-1999). Now retired, Professor Emeritus. Fulbright Professor of American Studies/Literature, U. of Hermosillo, Mexico, 1961, Universidad Catolica and Institutoi Pedagogica, Caracas, 1964-1966, U. of University of Florianópolis, Brazil, 1978-1980. Married Maria Bernadete Costa M.D. 1 yr. studying Lt. Am. culture at Mendoza Foundation (Caracas) with Mariano Picon-Salas. Organization of American States Grant to study Latin American Studies/Argentinian Literature, U. of Buenos Aires, 1971. John Carter Brown Library Fellowship, Brown U., 1968 (Studies in sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish economics and avant-garde literature). OAS grant as archaeologist, Atacama Desert, Chile, 1986. In Spain and Portugal, 1975-1976. Founder and Board of Directors member of COSMEP, the International Organization of Independent Publishers, from 1968 until its death in 1996. Editor of Ghost Dance: The International Quarterly of Experimental Poetry, 1968-1995. Latin American editor of Western World Review & North American Review, during 60's. Former contributing reviewer on Smith/ Pulpsmith, Choice etc. currently contributing reviewer to SPR and SMR.105 books published, the most recent Defiance (Higganum Hill Press, 2007) (poetry), Finalmente/Finally (Solo Press, 2007) (poetry), Opening the Door to French Film (World Audience, 2007),

Rediscovering America (World Audience, 2008) (archaeology), Alex (poetry chapbook, Rubicon Press), Peace/LaPaix (Higganum Hill,2008, another poetry chapbook), The Collected Poetry (World Audience, 2008).



…… From a background of nature lover, musician and creative artist is Jenny Fraser of Riverweaver, New Zealand. She has been writing poetry since Paris Days, in the 1970’s ……


Now retired, Laryalee Fraser has switched from reporting news to writing haiku, and the old darkroom has changed to Photoshop. Her work has been published in various online ezines and print publications. Lary enjoys small-town life in British Columbia, Canada, and along with writing, she keeps busy with gardening and visiting her grandchildren. Her website is "a leaf rustles".


Ray Freed’s poems have appeared in journals and periodicals in the US , Canada , and Britain . He has published several chapbooks and books of poetry, most recently All Horses Are Flowers, and given numerous public and private readings of his work. He served as Poet-In-Residence at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1990 and currently lives on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.


Terri L. French is a writer and poet living in Huntsville, Alabama. Her work has appeared in The Valley Planet, Boston Seniority, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Canadian Organic Growers, and The Ruffed Grouse, and The Heron's Nest.


Jay Friedenberg, US,  has been composing haiku for the past two years. He is a member of the Haiku Society of America and the Spring Street Haiku group that meets monthly in New York City. He attended the Haiku North America Conference in Seattle in 2011. Jay has had his haiku and senryu published in the HSA 2010 and 2011 Members Anthology and in the HNA 2011 Members Anthology. He has also had his work accepted in numerous U.S. and international journals including the Shamrock Haiku Journal, Paper Wasp, Bottlerockets, Acorn, the Magna Poets Haiku Journal and the Mu International Haiku Journal.


Born in 1945 in Libourne (France), Georges Friedenkraft is presently Research Director at the CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research) and gives lectures in several universities. Married to Malaysian artist and journalist Wan Hua Goh-Chapouthier, he is father of four children. He has contributed to poetry anthologies and reviews from many parts of the world. His main works include : La saison avec Miralna (1972), Un deux trois, nous n’irons au bois (1977), Poemes fantaisistes (1996), Images d’Asie et de femmes (2001), Esquisse d’une femme de seve (Haikus, 2005)


Jadwiga Gala-Miemus vel IGA GALA-MIEMUS born in 1958 in Poland. Graduated from University of Wroc³aw - Faculty of Natural Science. Holds a master's degree in Biology, however she owns a private firm and works there.

Publications: anthologies "Cieñ serca" (1995), "Almanach Wa³brzyski"(1997) and magazines "Integracje" (1991, no.27), "Niezale¿ne s³owo" (1990, no.16), Sketchbook.

Currently publishing poems, aphorisms and haiku on her webpage (soon to be translated into English).


Bill Gainer is known for the openness of his confessional poetry and is recognized as one of the founding contributors to the modern movement of "After Hours Poetry". Gainer says, "My poetry is written with an economy of words. I believe that the strongest way for poetry to achieve its goal, to express an emotion or feeling, is through the minimal poem." Gainer has contributed to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist and poet. He is a co-founder and current board member of the Nevada County Poetry Series. Gainer has read and worked with a wide range of poets and writers, including readings on KUSF radio with Punk-Rocker Patti Smith and a recent performance with California's Poet Laureate, Al Young. Gainer is nationally published and continues to be a sought after reader. He can be previewed at


Garry Gay was born in Glendale, California, 1951. He received his B.P.A. degree in photography in 1974. He has been a photographer by professionnbfor the past 33 years. He started writing haiku in 1975. Greatly influenced by Basho's Narrow Road To The Deep North he has steadily written haiku over the past 30 years. He is one of the co-founders of the Haiku Poets of Northern California. He became their first president from 1989-90 and in 2001-2008 again served as president. As president in 1989 he founded the Two Autumns haiku reading series. In 1991 he was elected as president of the Haiku Society of America. In 1991 he co-founded Haiku North America. In 1996 he also co-founded the American Haiku Archives in Sacramento, California. He is the creator of the poetic form called Rengay. He is the author of The Billboard Cowboy, The Silent Garden, Wings of Moonlight, River Stones and Along The Way.


Victor Gendrano:  Since high school, Gendrano has been writing bilingually in English and Tagalog, a major Philippine language. From 1987 to 1999, in California he published and edited Heritage magazine, an English-language quarterly dealing with Filipino culture, arts and letters. In November 2005, he published his first book, Rustle of Bamboo Leaves: Selected haiku and other poems. Aside from haiku, he also writes senryu, tanka, haiga, haibun, Korean sijo, American cinquain, and free verse. His works have been published in numerous online and print magazines here and abroad as well as in anthologies. He is a member of the Haiku Society of America, World Haiku Club, Tanka Society of America, and the Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society. Gendrano is a retired librarian with degrees from Syracuse University, New York, and the University of the Philppines.

Here is my Haiku and Senryu Harvest website (since December 2001)

My new blogsite, since June 2008


Paul Gent is an artist (painter and muralist) from Loughbrough, UK. I work in schools and in the community in the UK and abroad, (Balkans, India and Palestine) generally on the theme of social issues and peace and reconcilliation.  My Website:  


Heike Gewi is a german poet born 1964, who lives in Aden ( Republic of Yemen ) for a long time. She began writing haiku in March 2007 and never stopped since then. Her poetry and short stories are published in magazines, anthologies and online editions. Her work also appeared in: Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, WHC-German.


Being retired Bernard Gieske has more interests to purse than time: languages, arts, music, photography, nature, reading - all of which are sources inspiring his poetry, a late blooming passion. He lives with family in Bowling Green, KY.


Jennifer S. Gordon, aka Jenny Gordon, Cheeky Missy, and Sweetpea, born in November 1974, began dabbling in poetry in 7th grade/1988 and has played in that realm sporadically over the years, until taking up David M. Main's 1881 sonnet anthology A Treasury of English Sonnets to casually study in January 2010 over her coffee; this text eventually got her online to read more sonnets from her favourite authors, where she discovered the online poetry communities. Publishing her work to the world began in August 2010 on PH; she's expanded her membership and plays in the online poetry communities into 5/4 other sites, PF being her "home." Believing rhyming was an undeniable sign of poetry, she's been something of a rhymester all her days. Trying her hand at sonneteering originally in 1994 at age 19, and feeling disheartened with her first, she gave it up for other more common metered forms of poetry until late August 2010; after studying sonnets for 8 months she again felt tempted to try and has been sonneteering ever since, until it has become of late her penchant or mayhap obsession(?!), thanks to helpful criticism and continued study of the classic traditional sonnet in the David M. Main anthology; she is hopefully improving all the time. Jenny dreams of being published on paper but chiefly wants to publish her sonnets.

She is a member largely inactive, at; Poems and; 21st Century; and Her poetic "home" and playground is

Jenny Gordon lives in Elgin, Illinois.


Katherine L. Gordon, literary critic, resident columnist for Ancient Heart Magazine.  


Judith Gorgone: Artist/Writer Judith Gorgone gets much of her inspiration from much loved travel!  Her surface designs appear on an array of products worldwide. Innovative ideas and forward thinking has brought her to explore other media. Her popular characters and website has been helping educators teach and kids learn to save the planet in a fun way since 1998. It is now rated among the top kids websites worldwide. After PLANETPALS international debut in London and Tokyo, Planetpals characters are soon to appear in a store near you! Her newest inspiration (online since 2001) similarly encourages children of all ages to be pro active about world peace and tolerance through activities, fun concepts and history. Like

Planetpals, It's the only site of it's kind. Then again, that's what we have come to expect from her!


Andrea Gradidge: "British and now Canadian. I aspire to compose haiku and feel honoured to be included in the company of fellow enthusiasts. I moderate the Scifaiku group and I'm a regular
participant in the shiki monthly kukai."


The writing bug bit Phyllis Jean Green at age 8. A small essay prize at 12 sealed the deal. She was not able to write regularly until her children were grown and she finished her education. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction began meeting acceptance in 1986. Her experiences as a speech and language pathologist working with brain-injured adults and people with developmental disorders eventually added grist to her mill. In 1999, Diverse City Press published a special education-related biography biography she wrote on behalf of Patricia M. Apple. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications, on and off the Web.. Her awards include first prize, Dan Sullivan Memorial Contest; first prize, Poetic Liberty, and multiple Sensations Magazine awards. Other credits include Timbuktu, Sulphur River, Visions, Snow Monkey, The Pedestal Magazine, Cold Mountain Press anthologies, and a Thunder-Rain Press anthology. She only recently began writing haiku. Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium [India] have published a number. Pudding House published her chapbook, Above and Below. A former L'Intrigue editor and contributor, she writes for Angels That Care, an organization dedicated to reducing domestic violence and helping victims and their families. Her affiliations include the NC Poetry Society. The Illinois native's interest include art in virtually any form, history, psychology, movies, crostics, flora and fauna, and Nicky the Dog. She and her husband live near alma mater UNC-Chapel Hill. They have three great grandchildren and one on the way.


Joyce S. Greene works as an accountant and writes tanka when she can. Since beginning to write poetry seriously in 2009, a number of her poems have been published in various Japanese short form journals. One of her tanka was featured on the back cover of Ribbons, and one received the Ribbons Tanka Café Member’s Choice Award. In addition, her tanka were published in the anthology, Catzilla!, and both the 2010 and 2011 editions of Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka.


Andreas Gripp is a London, Ontario poet and writer. He lives with his cats, "Clea" and  "Sheba". He is the author of six books of poetry as well as six chapbooks. His website can be found at


My name is Joshua D. Goss. I was born in central Illinois, in 1990. I live every day to grow closer to Christ. I am currently going to school at Eastern Illinois University, and hope to teach English someday soon. I have written a little throughout my life, but have never taken it quite as seriously as I have been recently. Earlier this year I was looking through a deceased poet’s old books and works. I found a composition notebook, and though I had hoped to find unpublished or unfinished work, I was surprised to see it empty. I have been working to fill up that empty notebook, and writing has become nearly therapeutic for me. It is my key to the world. I have so much I want to say to everyone, and not a sufficient platform to shout from. If one person reads my work, and gains something from it, I have accomplished everything I could have hoped for out of writing.


Dina Grutzendler started writing poetry at the age of 16. Her main poetry work is GENITORPANCONSCIENCE. She is a Microbiologist, laboratory clinician, and a Translator (French-English-Spanish. Dina Gruntzendler lives in Bogota, Columbia South America.

Photo Requested  07-30-2011


Mavis Gulliver is based on the Isle of Islay in Scotland's Hebrides. Her poetry centres around landscape, islands and the varied aspects of the natural world.

Her poems have appeared in numerous poetry magazines including Iota, Envoi and Poetry Scotland; as well as in Grey Hen anthologies; and the 2011 Polygon anthology These Islands, We Sing.


Gabor G Gyukics (b.1958): I am a Hungarian-American poet and literary translator presently residing in Vienna, Austria. I have translated an anthology of Hungarian contemporary poetry to the English language (Swimming in the Ground, St Louis: Neshui Press, 2002), and the selected poetry of Attila József, A Transparent Lion (Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2006). My co-translator to English is Michael Castro in St. Louis. I also published a bilingual edition of my own poetry, Last Smile, in 1999, with a preface by Hal Sirowitz (Merrick: Cross Cultural Communications).

To date, I have translated two contemporary American poetry anthologies, the selected poems of Ira Cohen and the poetic works of Paul Auster into Hungarian. At present, I am working on selecting and translating Native American poetry for a forthcoming anthology in Hungarian.

I have been writing poetry in English and Hungarian since 1988. It is the year when I emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands where I have spent two years after leaving Hungary in 1986.


Don Hall, Ph.D. is a Canadian software developer, photographer, and retired theoretical physicist. He enjoys collaborating on haiga and science fiction with his wife Judi and invites you to visit their web sites:


Judi Suni Hall, PhD. loves haiga, and co-authors and publishes science fiction with her husband Don. She is an award winning Canadian surface designer, and a generative artist. Her career was as a theoretical physicist, but she is retired due to illness. She invites you to share their websites:


Kim Hambric: I am a self-taught artist living in State College, Pennsylvania. Quilting has been part of my life for the past 12 years. My love of color and texture has prompted me to work with several types of media: paint, paper and fabric. While I love experimenting and learning from other media, I always return to fabric. My newest work combines commercial and hand-dyed and painted fabric that I imprint using hand-carved stamps. I also embellish many pieces with beading and embroidery. I view each piece I create as a story or poem, rather than a picture.  Kim Hambric—  See Kim's Fiber Art at her web page.  Kim's art is for on sale at her ebay store.  


Jan Oskar Hansen is a poet, story teller and seafarer, born in Stavanger, Norway. He joined the merchant navy at 15 and spent most of his life at sea until settling in the early 90's in Portugal. His poetry has been widely published in hard copy and online, worldwide. Reviewers have generally commented that a love and honoring of living things stands out in Hansen's work, and deep humility; that it reveals with unflinching honesty man's shortcomings in his efforts to love, telling what there is to tell in a first person, deeply resident universal voice.

The poet is widely read and fluent in several languages, knowledge often acquired at night during his many years at sea. He chose to write primarily in English following enthusiastic reception of his work from English-speaking editors and readers.

His books Include Murmur From The East (Lapwing Publications, Belfast 2008), End Of The Voyage (Water Forest Press, US 2007), La Strada (Lapwing Publications, Belfast 2006), Lunch in Denmark (Lightningsource, UK 2005) and Letters from Portugal (BeWrite Books, UK 2003). Both Letters from Portugal and Lunch in Denmark are available at

His poems have been published in over 20 literary magazines worldwide, including: Hudson Review, USA; Skyline, USA; Skald, Wale; La rue Bella, England; The Bards, England; War is a dangerous place, England; The Black Mountain Review, Ireland; ARS Poetica India, India; Metvere Muse, India; Poets International, India; Braquemard, England; Fvirefly Magazine, USA; Pphoo, India; Taj Mahal Review, India; Remark Magazine, USA; Journal Of Anglo-Scandianvian Poetry, England


Dan Hardison is a native of Columbia, Tennessee, I now live in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have worked as an automation programmer and served as editor for the non-profit arts organization The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA). I am a writer, photographer, and an artist working primarily in pencil, pastels, and woodblock printmaking. My most recent work has been creating handmade artists books.

My writing has appeared at World Haiku Association, moonset, Modern Haiga, Simply Haiku, Word Salad,, and in newspapers. I am the editor of the book Life's Journey, Collected Essays and Poems by George W. Jones.

web site:


Michele Harvey is a professional landscape painter, living and working in New York since 1977. She divides her time between a Brooklyn stable and a rural, central New York farmstead. Her paintings are in collections around the world and she has shown in galleries across the country since 1988. She shares her studio and workspace with a husband of thirty years and two oriental cats. View Michele's work at her website.


Tim Hawkins once stepped out of a bar in Skagway, Alaska, where two bellicose loggers squared off with chainsaws, and decided to walk to Mexico, where he saw a dead horse burning on the side of the road. He has lived and traveled widely throughout North America, Southeast Asia and Latin America, where he has worked as a journalist, technical writer, communications manager, and teacher in international schools. These days, he mostly stays put in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His writing has appeared in numerous print and online journals, most recently in Iron Horse Literary Review, Lucid Rhythms, The Pedestal Magazine, Shot Glass Journal and Verse Wisconsin, and is forthcoming in Blueline, The Literary Bohemian, The Midwest Quarterly, and 13 Miles from Cleveland.


Marilyn Hazelton is a poet and essayist. As a teaching artist rostered by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts since 2000, she thinks about why writing poetry is an act of self-liberation, how creative acts inform the soul and how to raise those issues within a broader community. She has facilitated classes with elementary-through-college students, mentally ill men and women, adjudicated youth, women in prison, and senior citizens. Marilyn is editor and publisher of red lights, an international tanka journal. Her haiku, haibun and tanka have been published in Modern Haiku, bottlerockets, Gusts, the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar 2008 , and red lights.


Peggy Heinrich’s poetry has been published in two collections: A Minefield of Etceteras and Sharing the Woods. Her poems have appeared in Texas Review, San Fernando Poetry Review, Future Cycles and many other small press magazines. A native New Yorker, she recently resettled in Santa Cruz, California after many cold winters in Connecticut.


Don Hall, Ph.D. is a Canadian software developer, photographer, and retired theoretical physicist. He enjoys collaborating on haiga with his wife Judi and invites you to visit their web site:


Mary Hillier:  Artist and writer, I live in cajun country - Lafayette, Louisiana to be exact!  Four dogs follow me from room to room as I paint and process an artwork. I handle my own sales, except for the pieces that are now being shown at Magnolia Creek & Company in Encinitas, California..

About 2003 I painted the first of what would become the Greyhound Dawg series to celebrate retired racing greyhounds. Collectors all over the world have their favorites - some like the dawgs to stand regally, or playfully, and some love them to be covered with roses. I try to oblige, though I never plan ahead. I work simply facing a blank canvas and letting the image become what it wants to be...   Each greyhound portrait becomes real to me as if he is a real animal...during the painting a name comes and sticks. The greyhound on the Sketchbook cover for July 2008 is titled Beauty, a Greyhound Dawg.

Magnolia Canopy is on the February 28, 2009 Sketchbook cover.

My website is


Mary Hind was born in the UK and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. She writes mainly haiku, and short poetry. For many years her work has appeared in Australian and overseas journals and also on public transport and via Twitter. Mary is a member of the British Haiku Society and has been a winner of their haibun competition. She is also a member of HaikuOz.


Melinda B Hipple, a native of Missouri, USA, writes in several different genre including poetry, short stories and novels.  She was a feature writer and monthly columnist for the outdoor sporting newspaper “Up the Creek News.”  Her interest in haiku/haiga has blossomed in the last two years, playing into her love of art/photography.  She has won a number of poetry competitions, and more recently self-published a chapbook of haiku.


Doug Holder's work will or has appeared in The Long Island Quarterly, the new renaissance, The Boston Globe Magazine, Home Planet News, Poesy and others. He is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press, and his latest poetry collection is The Man in the Booth in the Midtown Tunnel ( Cervena Barva Press); he has a new collection of interviews: "From the Paris of New England: Interviews with Poets and Writers" ( Ibbetson Street)Doug Holder.


Cara Holman lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and the youngest of their three children. Her haiku and other short form poetry have been featured in the Four and Twenty online journal. Recently she has discovered the wonderful world of Kukai, which led her to Sketchbook. She also writes creative nonfiction. Her poetry and other writing may be found on Prose Posies, her personal blog:


John Holt, known also by his haigo "tori inu" an American military officer and haiku poet was born in 1971 and raised in Ohio and Florida. He has lived in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, California, and Hawaii and now resides in Japan. He has earned degrees from Park University and Webster University and is also a former assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University. He is a member of the Haiku Society of America and his work has appeared in numerous leading haiku journals and magazines and was recognized most recently at the 2009 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.


Linda Hofke has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Kutztown University. She grew up in Pottstown, PA, but currently lives in Michelau, Germany, where she teaches EFL. She enjoys reading, writing poetry and short stories, long walks in the woods, and relaxing at the local Biergarten. She blogs at


Elizabeth Howard lives in a country home on the Cumberland Plateau near Crossville, Tennessee. Her work has been published in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, South by Southeast, Mariposa, The Nor’easter, Ribbons, American Tanka, Lynx, and other journals.


Robert C. Howard is a composer and conducts the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale and also serves as the Director of Choirs at Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri. He is enjoying semi-retirement after more than three decades of teaching and resides in Belleville with his wife, Robin (pictured) and their wonder cat, Zoe.

Robert also serves as a lector and chalice bearer at St. George's Episcopal Church in Belleville Illinois.

Robert C. Howard, conductor
Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale
Director of Choirs - Jefferson College
Office Phone: 636-797-3000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 636-797-3000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting X360
Jefferson College E-mail:           Web Site


My name is Vladislav Hristov and I've been writing haiku in Bulgarian for some years. This year ten of my haiku won first place in the Third Bulgarian National Haiku Contest. These haiku were all written in Bulgarian and translated by Maya Lyubenova, Bulgaria


A. J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has previously published six full-length collections of poetry. She has also published her work in national and international literary journals such as Avon Literary Intelligencer, Writer's Gazette, and The Penwood Review. Find more about A.J. Huffman, including additional information and links to her work at and!/poetess222


Marleen Hulst (1967) lives in the north of Holland and works in financial accounting. She started writing haiku in 2007, and also enjoys writing haibun, haiga and, more recently, rengay. Her work has appeared in Vuursteen (‘Flint’ – the magazine of the Dutch Haiku Circle), the Kantelkalender (the annual haiku- and tanka calendar of the Flemish Haiku Centre), Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, and Blithe Spirit. Her blog is   Other hobby’s are travelling and photography.


Maya Idriss, Lebanon: I am a poet of senses and nonsense. Check out my blog Abundantly Heart My Laughter. Lebanese origin, enjoying an outer space soul. Passionate and foolish writer.


Tzetzka Ilieva is a Bulgarian, living in Georgia, USA. Some of her short poems can be found on The Four Seasons of Haiku blog,  where she posts as Vida.


Alegria Imperial is new to poetryif ten years of learning the craft can be called new. As a degree holder in literature and journalism, which she followed with graduate studies in philosophy at the 400-year old catholic university of Santo Tomas in Manila, she was a public relations and marketing officer in the arts, education, and government and later a journalist, multi-media script writer, concept designer and text writer of museum exhibits in Manila. She dared to learn novel writing in New York in 1998, which led her as well to writing poetry and an apprenticeship with a small developer in Baltimore, MA in writing short short stories for children as passages in reading resource books. She stumbled on haiku in 2003. She migrated to Vancouver, Canada from Manila, Philippines in December 2006.

Poetry awards she has won: honorable mention, 2007 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational, honorable mention, 2007 Passager Poetry Contest in Baltimore, MA., USA. Her published books: Points in Time, a collection of interviews published in national dailies, University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, Manila, Philippines, 2006 (one of 400 titles to celebrate the university’s quadro-centennial), and Mythogyny, an anthology of true-to-life voices from interviews of 78 women elders in British Columbia (co-editor), Women Elders in Action with funding from Status of Women Canada, Horseshoe Publishing, 2009, Vancouver, Canada.

Links to her blogs: on haiku and other lyric poems: lyrical prose (reflections, musings):
personal and other essays some verses on the Philippines:


Terry Ingram: Retired advertising writer-producer-director. Writing Haiku, Senryu, Haibun and Tanka since 2002.


Paul Ingrassia reads and writes short poetry and prose from Westchester County, New York, where his loving wife and children exhibit superhuman amounts of patience with him when he spends hours on end with his nose buried in a computer or book. He is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet with a passion for the works of Adelaide Crapsey and her poetic form, the American Cinquain. He also enjoys exploring prose poetry and the efforts of classic as well as modern poet’s within the genre/form. Paul’s writing has appeared online and in print in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, and most recently he has been involved in editing and writing pencil and paper role playing games. To learn more about Paul and his work, visit:  or


John Irvine was born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1940. John and his writer/poet wife live in Colville on New Zealand’s picturesque Coromandel Peninsula, surrounded by hills and ocean. Here he occasionally lets his dark side out to play. He is the online administrator for a Canadian-based international teen writer’s forum. He has his own web site:

John’s first collection of poetry, Man of Stone, was released recently to enthusiastic reviews in New Zealand during 2005 by Zenith Publishing Group, and is available internationally from the publisher’s website

He had a second volume of illustrated poetry, Rat atouille for the rindless (illustrated by Dave Freeman) published in 2007 by Preshrunk Press.

John  is editor and contributor for the recently launched illustrated collection of speculative poetry, Anomalous Appetites, which can be seen and purschased by visiting his website.

He has had poetry published in many international magazines and anthologies, including Magazines in NZ. He has had horror stories and poems published in Wicked Karnival, Black Ink Horror and the Horror Library. Also, he has had haiku published in Stylus magazine, Kokako, NZ Poetry Society anthologies and Scifaiku, as well as short stories and poems in Australian Reader magazine, Static Movement, Sam Smith's Select Six, Illuminations and Non-euclidean Café amongst others.


Maureen Irvine: Mo Irvine lives in rural New Zealand with no pets, three computers and one husband. She has had articles, short stories and poetry published in six countries, and twice has had haiku published in the New Zealand Poetry Society's anthologies.


M.J. Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Her most recent chapbook is As the Crows Flies (Foothills Publishing 2008) and second full length collection, Within Reach, forthcoming from Cherry Grove Collections (2010). She is Writer-in-Residence and Director of the Arts Minor Program at St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY.


Nada Jačmenica,  is a medical doctor who lives in Sv. Kriz Zacretje, Croatia. She has written haiku for several years as well as other forms of poetry and prose. In the field of visual arts, she arranges petal patchworks and has exhibited her work. She is engaged in a number of humanitarian projects.


atiZeljka Vucinic-Jambresic: Croatia. Zeljka was born in 1959 in Zagreb, graduated from Faculty of Economy in Zagreb. She writes haiku since secondary school, started publishing in 2004 and has received a number of awards in Croatia and Japan. In 2008 she published a haiku collection From the Sun to the Moon in Croatian, in English and Japanese. Zeljka is the president of Haiku Association "Three Rivers“ Ivanic Grad, Croatia.


Gypsy James: Born in 1949-same year as Tom Waits altho I am in in n'way implyin' I be on same level as he as an artist, altho I try...born o' a Welsh Gypsy mother 'n' a Black Irish father 'n' if y'ain' Hip t' what a Black Irishman be well, begorrah!...started readin' at 4 as well as drawin', 'n' by time I was 9 was bendin' an ear t' BeBop 'n' startin' t' Dig Beat lit...had a very weird 'n' nomadic childhood...Dug "On the Road" "Howl" etc by age 14 'n' hit the Road hitchhikin' 'n' havin' adventures o' m'own fueled by drugs sex booze 'n', like, that...been writin' poetry, prose, creatin' visual art since about 12(?)...always considered m' "self" an authentic Hipster ie. never Dug hippies, y'DIG?...experienced extremely traumatic 'n' devastatin' shit durin' 'nam era...have written at least 7 prose "novels", countless poetry texts, got more collages 'n' paintin's than m'ol' house c'n hold!...will probably have on m'boneorchard stone (if I even get one!) "NOTHIN' BE TRUE, EVERYTHIN' BE PERMITTED"...  


My name is Edward Jamieson, Jr. I live in Southern California with wife and kids. I've been in several mags and I've been also known as editor of Lummox Journal. He has a Little Red Book in Raindog's book series, from Lummox Press called Digging My Grave and Enjoying the Work. All inquiries can be sent to


Damir Damir Janjalija:

Damir Damir is a sailor,
in love with rock'n'roll
and haiku

Damir Damir is from Montenegro


Harvey Jenkins was born in Alberta but spent most of his growing up years on a small, mixed farm in the southwest corner of Manitoba. Harvey and his wife, Sharron, moved to Vancouver Island in 1989. He has a BA from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria. Harvey always saw himself as a poet and continues to write and publish his poems. However, in 2007, he tried his hand writing haiku and received an Honourable Mention at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. He has had other haiku published in a Gabriola Island’s issue of ‘The Imperfectionists Monthly’ and one haiku will be appearing in the Haiku Canada Anthology set to come out in 2009.


Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, Illinois. He is the author of The Lost American: from Exile to Freedom, He has also published two chapbooks of poetry and is presently looking for a publisher for two more. He has been published in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Turkey, Fiji, Nigeria, Algeria, Africa, India, United Kingdom, Republic of Sierra Leone, Nepal, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Finland, and Poland internet radio. Michael Lee Johnson has been published in more than 240 different publications worldwide. Audio MP3 of poems are available on request.

He is also publisher and editor of four poetry flash fiction sites
all presently open for submission:
Author website:

Special Note: Michael Lee Johnson, United States, and Phillip Ellis, an Australian poet, are looking for a chapbook publisher for a joint venture merging free verse with more traditional verse. Mr. Johnson has two chapbooks ready for publishing review. Manuscripts are available on request.

Michael Lee Johnson, 1531 W Irving Park Rd, 212C, Itasca, Illinois USA 60143-1542

Advantage Marketing, PO Box 486, Itasca, Illinois USA 60143-0486
Ph/Fax (630) 467-1332/30


Alexander Joy, better known as Lex, is a student of English and Philosophy from the University of New Hampshire. He plans to pursue graduate study in the near future.



B.T. Joy is a Glaswegian poet who received his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Film Studies in 2009. He has written two volumes of haiku: In The Arms Of The Wind and The Reeds That Tilt The Sky, as well as having poetry published in Obsessed With Pipework, Presence, Canon's Mouth, Paper Wasp, Bottle Rockets, Mu and Frogpond. He has been an administrator, a ranch hand, a writing mentor, a farmer and a salesman; living and working in Glasgow, London and the USA.


Vidur Jyoti:  a Surgeon by profession - exposed to the nuances of language by my mother - I took to poetry rather unknowingly when I composed a free verse tribute to a caged parrot. Thus I trace the beginning of this journey to the shrine of Muse rather early in my school days. My foray into the field of disease and healing found me looking at life rather more intently. I was learning to attempt to unravel its messages and the result was some prose and verse written in my mother tongue Hindi and in English. Some of my work found its place in an e-zine When introduced to Haiku I found a sudden surge in my earlier attempts at communicating with life as it is. I have also contributed to some of the major Haiku groups online. Some of my Tanka compositions have been published in Modern English Tanka. When I am not involved with phenomenon of life professionally I try to delve deeper into it through Indian philosophy and my cameras. I live in Gurgaon, an upcoming IT hub, close to New Delhi.  


Manu Kant. I am from India & live in Chandigarh, the capital of twin states of Punjab & Haryana. I am a Haiku-er & the member of Yahoo! Haiku group 'outlawpoets'. I started writing Haiku early last year in 2007. I first read the book of Haiku poetry some 20 years ago but managed to write my first Haiku only in 2007.

I was born on March 18th, 1964. I am married & have a lovely daughter Irina who is all of 4 years as of December 2007. I have lived in Russia & America also.

I am a graduate of journalism department of Moscow State University & very soon I will be launching my own news analysis website



Benita Kape lives in the city of Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand. In 2003 I took part in the Kasen Renku "On The Road To Basra" led by William Higginson. Received an Honourable Mention in Mainichi Daily News. Work has also appeared in LYNX and Simply Haiku. And in New Zealand online - New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre Fugacity05 and nzepcOban06.



Betty Kaplan. Retired from the Fashion Industry. Used to arrange clothes. Now arranging words. Started to write haiku in the early '90s. Haiku changed my life. Published in Frogpond, Lynx, Woodpecker, South by Southeast, World Haiku Review, Sketchbook, American Tanka , Simply Haiku and CHO.


Aneta Kania (age 38) lives in Cracow (Poland). After her studies in Rome (Early Christian and Ancient Literature and Social Communication Sciences) she has worked briefly as a journalist, photographer and translator. She fell seriously ill in 1996. These pictures of leaves were taken in 2004 during severe illness. It was dazzling: in their nearly not-being, they WERE and called for being, called her to resist and fight.

In 2004 Aneta and Agnieszka Ćwieląg published their first common book To Believe in Spring (poetry and photos). Haiga of going by will have an exposition in an art gallery in Poland next year. Other expositions are planned.


Eftichia Kapardeli was born in Athens and lives in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, haiku, essays, and novels. She participates in chorus as a soprano. She graduated from the journalism department at the A.K.E.M. (Athenian Center Vocational Education). She participates in many education seminars. She knows H/Y 7 programs, English and Italian, and classic Kithara. She was a guide for the Hellenic Girl Scouts. She is an active volunteer fire-woman and participates as an auditing student in the Department of Philology at the University of Patras. She has awards in Panhellenics competitive essays, topics, stories, novels, fables, and haiku. She takes earned recognition for her novel Secret March from D.E.E.L. and “Sikeliana 2006” from UNESCO. Her work is published in various magazines. Her first poetry collections are “Confindings of Secrets” and “Light.” She has one paper, “The Creek Civilication” in the University of Cyprus. She is a member in the World Poets Society (W.P.S.) at  and the International Writer’s Association (IWA).

Contact her at the following address: e-mail:!/profile.php?id=1377152190



Breindel Lieba Kasher is a poet, writing her whole life, published in many different books and magazines.

Born in New York City, she was a child of the sixties, during a time of art and anarchy.

She moved to Israel, half a life ago, and raised four children in the country.

Breindel traveled throughout Eastern Europe, filming and documenting the last remnants of Jewish life. From her travels, sge made a documentary film in Yiddish with English subtitles entitled, "Der Letzter Lubliner,"  (The Last Jew From Lublin.) The film is shown all over the world, and taken up by Boston's Facing History,  teaching the legacy of the holocaust inAmerican schools.

Breindel wrote three books: Oral Torah from the Warsaw Ghetto, Who Robbed The Moon, and Wandering Stars.


Doris Kasson (b. 1925 Petersburg, Nebraska, res. Belleair Bluffs, Florida) started writing haiku and tanka in the early 1990s. She has won numerous awards. With the arrival of digital photography, her interests have expanded to include photo-tanka (taiga) as an art form.



Lydia Kautz is a student at Emporia State, Kansas. She has previously published poems in The Aurorean.


M. Kei lives on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, USA. He crews aboard a skipjack, a traditional wooden sailboat used to fish for oysters. He also serves as a member of the board of directors for a local maritime museum. His poetry has been accepted for publication by Eucalypt (AUS), Kokako (NZ), Gusts (CAN), American Tanka, Modern English Tanka, Wisteria, Bottle Rockets, Red Lights, Ribbons, Moonset, Nisqually Delta Review, Haiku Harvest, Lynx, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Simply Haiku, Mayfly, Cecil Soil, Cecil Child, Sketchbook and others. His work also appears in the anthologies Sixty Sunflowers, To Find the Moon, and Haiku Miscellany (CRO). He moderates the Kyoka Mad Poems e-list and edits the Chesapeake Bay Saijiki. He is also the Editor of Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart, on the theme of love and passion, now available from   M. Kei can be contacted through his blog at



Frank Kelly is a poet and playwright who lives in New York on Long Island. His poems have been published in The Best of STAIN, Volume 1, and online in Danse Macabre, XXVI, and The Bicycle Review, Issue #2. He has collaborated on two musicals, Pageant: The Beauty Contest Musical (which ran off-Broadway in 1991-92) and The Texas Chainsaw Musical.


Bill Kenney, a retired college professor lives in Queens, New York, with his wife Pat, who took the accompanying photo. For reasons he has never understood, since at the time he knew next to nothing about it, he decided a few weeks before his seventy-second birthday that he ought to write haiku. He's been at it ever since. His work has appeared in online and print journals and anthologies, including appearances in both the 2006 and 2007 editions of the Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku. He is one of the poets featured in A New Resonance 5: Emerging Voices in English Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2007).


Since 2005 Mike Keville has been writing poetry and has come to haiga as that includes his other love photography and mucking about with the odd graphic, he’s an expert on nothing, (doing and knowing), he lives with his wife of 28 years in Richmond, England. Mike’s goal in life is to learn something new everyday.


Agop Kevorkian was born in Armenia and currently studies in Bulgaria. His fields of interest are: Music and Painting, since 2010 Haiku.


Hello!! There !! This is Munia Khan. I am currently residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was born on the 15th of March,1981. Being a
Pisces if I have to define myself in a poetic way, I'd say - "In the distorted reality in this watery world silver fish  swims into
the pools of light and hide into the deep blue depths."

Even though I am lawyer, the literary world is the place where I always love to drift away with all my senses. John Keats, Thomas
Gray, Y.B. Yeats, John Donne, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath are my most favourite poets. And Irving Stone, Tolstoy,Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain are my most favourite writers. Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite artist ever. I also love music very much. Trance and music from the 80s and 90s are my most favorites. That's all about me in a nut shell. If you'd like to know some more of myself I'd request you to go through my works as those are the reflections of my own life experiences...Here's the websites where my poetry has been published:



Larry Kimmel is primarily known as a tanka-poet and writer of haibun, though over the years he has been quietly writing longer poems in free verse form. He has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor and is a frequent contributor to Lynx; Ribbons; red lights; gusts; Eucalypt; bottle rockets; and other haiku and tanka magazines, both domestically and internationally. His latest books of poetry are this hunger, tissue-thin and Blue Night & the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses (Modern English Tanka Press).


John Kinory is the founder and editor of Ardea, the multilingual online journal of short-form poetry ( His haiku, tanka and general poetry have appeared in many journals and anthologies worldwide. Currently working as a translator, he used to be a photographer and taught photography and physics. After living most of his life in large cities in several countries, John is now based in a quiet village in Oxfordshire, England.

Photo Requested 01-01-12


Jens-Christian Kjær (Ashi) born in 1951, lives in Denmark. Haiku writing is a fairly new activity (2006) but I have been writing since 1975. I have a small publisher firm “The Ravenbanner” which can be found at  but my main activity as a writer is on my weblog I’m a member of “The Four Seasons of Haiku” which can be found at    I also participate at WHA Haiga Contest, Creative Poems and (the last is in Danish only).

When not writing haiku and other poems I maintain a website, where I take photos of my hometown;


Karina Klesko: I have been a writer all my life. I began by writing Sunday school plans and children's books. For the past ten years I have been concentrating on eastern poetry. I was the Deputy-Editor-In-Chief of WHCReview, and Director of the WHCpoetrybridge. I am the publisher and editor of Sketchbook. I enjoy collaborative work. My work has been published in many magazines, journals in many countries. I established the OutlawPoets in 2004, a group for eastern and western poets to work together. Presently I am writing free verse to some extent and I am involved in three projects: the little black book of frac/tured poetry, a Love Anthology, and the Sketchbook. On the lighter side ...I am a shoe artist!

the American flag
     homesteading in cajun country
          a little blue heron


Krzysztof Kokot - pharmacist, living in Nowy Targ (POLAND). He is stamp collector with big passion for travel. In 2007 he published his first poetry volume.
Haiku is his newest hobby.


Deborah P Kolodji is the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association ( and a member of the Haiku Society of America ( She moderates the Southern California Haiku Study Group (, which meets monthly at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. She is one of the founders of the Southland Poets of the Fantastic (, a quarterly speculative poetry workshop in Southern California.

Kolodji is the editor and co-founder of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal ( and moderates the CinquainPoets e-mail discussion group. ( She has published over 850 poems in a variety of publications – Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Strange Horizons, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Simply Haiku, Poetic Diversity,


Angelika Bygott Kolompar is a winner of the prodigious Suruga Baika Literary Award in Japan. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, particularly in Europe and Japan. She has a B.A. in History. Angelika came from Europe to live on Vancouver Island, Canada, where she draws daily inspiration from the beauty that surrounds her. Her first book of haiku, Vancouver Island Poetry, was published in 2006. Her first joy is haiku, but she has started to write tanka also.  


Dubravko Korbus was born in 1964 in Ivanić Grad where he lives and works. Dubravko writes poetry and prose. His haiku, waka and haibun have been published in Croatia and abroad in haiku journals and anthologies in English, French, Slovenian and Romanian languages. He takes part in meetings of Croatian haiku poets and publishes in relevant joint collections. He is among founders of the Haiku Association Three Rivers, Ivanić Grad and an adjudicator on the Kloštar Ivanić haiku contest in Croatian. For his haiku he received prestigeous awards in Croatia and Japan. In 2007. he published a book of haiku, haibuns, poetry, essays and short stories under the title Today the Sun is Bigger Than Yesterday.


Tracy Koretsky is the author of: ROPELESS,,  a 15-time award-winning family drama that celebrates possibilities despite disabilities. Read an interview with her about ROPELESS at Wordgathering

She would like to invite you to a complimentary download of her
collection of free verse, EVEN BEFORE MY OWN NAME from  The widely-published poems in this
collection have earned prizes ranging from haiku to prose poem,
including two Pushcart nominations.

Tracy's Japanese genre work has appeared in Acorn, Haibun Today,
Haiga Online, Lynx, Moonset, SimplyHaiku
and tiny words.


Evica Kraljić was born on February 18, 1952. She lives in Croatia. She writes haiku, poetry; so far she published four books of poetry and a collection of warstories. Her novels have been published in the magazines and her poetry in joint collections, as well. Some of her poems have been put to music. She received a number of awards for the work.


Richard Krawiec's first chapbook, Breakdown, was recently published by Main Street Rag Publishing. He also published 2 novels, a story collection, and 4 plays. His work has appeard in Shenandoah, Witness, many mountains moving, Artful Dodge, Negative Capability, sou'wester, Blue Moon Review and elsewhere. Richard received fellowships from the NEA, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the NC Arts Council (twice). He directs VOICES, a non-profit that teaches writing to people in homeless shelters, literacy classes, prisons and elsewhere.

Check out Richard's website!


Doug Kutney is a commuter from New Jersey. His poems can be found in tea leaves, rabbit holes, waffle irons, hat boxes, crawlspaces wineskins, and the hollows of trees. Visit Doug Kutney's Den of Poetry at  for links to his published work.



Julie Laing feels she has always been a writer and editor. Her poetry has been published in Chapman University’s literary journal, Calliope; in her chapbook, Tracks; and online at the Thursday Poets’ Rally. Her music criticism and reporting appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. Julie enjoys reading her poetry at local venues and sharing her poems through her blog   She earns her living as a self-employed editor from her home in Creston, Montana.


Elizabeth Searle Lamb was born in Topeka, Kansas on January 22, 1917. She graduated from the University of Kansas with majors in Music and Harp. In December of 1941, she married her husband, Bruce Lamb, and lived with him in Trinidad, Spain for two years. Because Lamb was only in the United States for brief periods of time through out the next few years, she did not have a chance to pursue her music career. Therefore, she began to write and publish different types of materials, and this eventually led to poetry.

In 1961, Lamb and her husband moved to New York. This is where she was first introduced to the art of haiku. She began to study, read, and write about this form of poetry. She became a member of the Haiku Society of America (HSA) in 1968.

In 1971, ten years after she learned of haiku, she became the president of the HSA. Since this time, she has had her work published in many haiku magazines and newspapers. She has participated in many festivals and held various offices. Lamb has also been the editor for the HAS’s quarterly, which is entitled Frogpond.

Elizabeth Searle Lamb passed away February 16, 2005 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Books: In this blaze of sun (From Here Press, 1975); Picasso’s "Bust of Sylvette": haiku and photographs (Garlinghouse Printers, 1977); 39 blossoms (High/Coo Press, 1982); Casting into a cloud: southwest haiku (From Here Press, 1985);

Lines for my mother, dying (Wind Chimes Press, 1988); Ripples spreading out: poems for Bruce and others (Tiny Press Poems, 1997); Platek irysa (Miniatura, 1998); Across the windharp: collected & new haiku (La Alameda Press, 1999)


John Landry is the poet laureate of his birthplace New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is the founding editor of Patmos Press, collision magazine, and served as a contributing editor to New College Review and the 50th anniversary anthology of Beatitude, the historic San Francisco poetry journal. He hosts the poetry series Whaling City Review LIVE. His books, coming in 2010, include Sconticut: the reaches, Whaleopolis/Orpheus in Whaletown, and ROAD DOES NOT END. He has read his work at the Library of Congress at the invitation of Gwendolyn Brooks.


Maude Larke lives in Dijon, France, and has come back to writing after years in the university system, analyzing others’ texts and films. She has also returned to the classical music world as an ardent amateur, after fifteen years of piano and voice in her youth. She has several short stories and poems, two novels, and two screenplays to offer so far. Publications include Bird’s Eye reView, Naugatuck River Review, Oberon, Cyclamens and Swords, riverbabble and Thunderclap!



Catherine J.S. Lee lives, writes, teaches, and gardens on an island on the coast of Maine, USA, and enjoys capturing the ever-changing ocean in her haiku. A published short-story writer in online and print journals, she began her haiku journey in July, 2007. Her haiku have recently appeared in Acorn, Chrysanthemum, Magnapoets, The Heron’s Nest, White Lotus, and World Haiku Review, and she is one of six featured contributors in the Spring/Summer 2009 edition of DailyHaiku. She is a member of the Haiku Society of America, Haiku Canada, and HaikuOz.


Heiko Lehmann is a musician, singer, composer, producer, actor, translator and writer. He was born and grew up in East Germany and lives in Berlin. With Toronto-based writer Michael Wex he founded Golus Storytheatre (Toronto-Berlin) in 1994; he translated Wex’s plays and stories and wrote the music. He is also running a children’s theatre in Berlin for which he performs, plays and writes. For his band THE HAZI BROS. he has written most of the songs of their debut CD “Culture to the People!” (2008). The lyrics for this collection are all published on this CD which is available at all major internet music portals.


Therese Leone-Unger lives on a farm in a small, Midwestern town outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband. After obtaining her Bachelor's in English Literature at Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne, she did freelance work for local magazines and newspapers. Currently, she teaches English Writing at Ivy Tech Community College and is pursuing her Master's Degree in English Writing, as well. She is trained with the Fort Wayne Literacy Alliance, is enrolled in a program with The Institute of Children's Literature, and specializes in fiction and poetry writing. In her free time, she reads, gardens, writes, and enjoys time with her husband.


Alice Lenkiewicz is a practising artist and poet who lives in Liverpool. She was born in 1964, Devon and brought up in Plymouth. From an early age she was interested in writing and art. Her father,the artist, Robert Lenkiewicz introduced her to an eclectic world of painting, fairytales and books on the occult. These experiences have always initiated her own interests in the esoteric, magical realism and popular culture,  inspiring her to persue her individual style and voice in Art and Poetry. She later studied these subjects in more depth at Edge Hill University gaining a BA hons 1st in Art & Design and English as well as an MA in Writing Studies.

In 2005 her final thesis, a book of illustrations, poems and prose, ‘Maxine’ was published by Bluechrome Publishing. Her first debut collection of poems and illustrations, Men Hate Blondes is due to be published by Original Plus.

Alice's poems have been published in the journals, Stride,Pages, Smoke, Peggy's Blue Skylight, Fire, The People’s Poet, Marymark Press, The anthology, 'Listening to the Birth of Crystals', The Other Voices Project, Erbacce and The Journal.

Cd’s and sound projects include: Clubbing, Men Hate Blondes, Oval Blue, Blacestonia, Poems from Maxine and Points of Reference.

Information on Neon Highway can be found on the facebook group.

Further information on Alice and her work can be found on the links below:

Alice edits the poetry magazine Neon Highway. She set this up in 2002 and has organised various poetry readings with local and guest poets throughout the city of Liverpool. Guests have included Allen Fisher and Phil Davenport at the Walker Art Gallery, Steve Sneyd at the Planetarium, Bill Griffiths in the Hornby Room at Central Library, Geraldine Monk at 33-45 Club, Women's Poetry at the Bluecoat Arts Centre and a performance on the Credit Crunch at Tate Liverpool as well as many others.


Arthur Lewandowski: I was born in 1960. I live in Sieradz (centre of Poland). I learned how to write a haiku among my friends who publish with me at the polish site   I am interested in old motorbikes and old clocks. I'm keen of Pink Floyd's, Genesis' and Yes' music. My poems have been published on the internet at Asahi Haikuist Network, Tinywords, and Lynx


Russell Libby writes from Three Sisters Farm in central Maine, where he has been planting trees for 25 years now. Balance, A Late Pastoral was published by Blackberry Press in 2007. One of his poems was selected for American Life in Poetry in December, 2008.


Patricia Lidia is from Timisoara, Romania. She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, with a master degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has published work in Romanian and English, in several magazines and collective books and translated in English Romanian poets:

· Dialog cu sufletul (Dialogue with the Soul), theatre, English-Romanian edition
· Realitate prematură (Precocious Reality), poetry
· Nu închide ochii, Tatiana! (Do not close your eyes, Tatiana!), poetry
· Tăceri în doi: tăceri în noi!, (Silence in couple: inner silence!) poetry
· 14 coloring books for children


Just out from Lyn Lifshin: The Licorice Daughter: My Year With Ruffin, Texas Review Press. Also just out: Another Woman Who Looks Like Me from Black Sparrow at Godine, selected as the 2007 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence for previous finalists of the Paterson Poetry Prize. She has over 120 books & edited 4 anthologies. Her website: Her last two Black Sparrow books, Cold Comfort and Before It's Light, won Paterson Review Awards. New also: In Mirrors, An Unfinished Store, The Daughter I Don't Have, She Was Found Treading Water, August Wind, and An Unfinished Journey. Comming soon: Tsunami Poems,  and All The Poets (Mostly) Who Have Touched Me, Living And Dead, All True, Especially The Lies, Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness will be published by Texas Review Press in March 2008 and Desire will be published by World Parade Books in March 2008.


Roy Lindquist: Born 1950 in Oslo, Norway. Educated ballet dancer at The Norwegian Opera and was a performing artist for 10 years at different stages in Norway and Sweden. Acting was also a part of my education. After some years in the dancing world I became a Drama teacher in a preparatory school in YMCA in Norway.

Painting abstract pictures is one of the main hobbies and today Haiku writing. I live in the mountainous part of Norway, along the fjords at the west coast of Norway. Married and have two sons.

Japan has been a part of my life as an esthetically experience and love of the culture. Visited Japan in 1969 and 1972. In writing Haiku ( English ) I enjoy the Zen mind in its simplicity and the greatness of the total 4 dimensional state of mind; present, feeling, heart and mind. I have a Blog;  where I write often, if possible daily.


Greetings, My name is Thomas Lindsay, age 50 at penning. I'm a married father of five children living in the Bronx N.Y. I attend Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in the Bronx, I enjoy writing Poems, Short Stories, Children's Poetry and I also write Christian song lyrics, I'm ever so grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ for saving my life.


Darrell Lindsey's haiku and tanka have won awards in the United States, Japan, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Canada. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2007.  


Ramona Linke was born in 1960 and lives with her family in Beesenstedt ( Germany ). She has written lyrics for many years and haiku since 2003. Also she writes tan-renga, renku and rengay, takes photos and paintings (mainly sumi-e and aquarelle). Her haiku and haiga have been published in anthologies and in such magazines, for example: Chrysanthemum, Der Sperling, Mainichi Daily News, Asahi-Shimbun, WHC-German, Lynx, WHA-Haiga-Contest and elsewhere.

She is a member of the German Haiku Society and of the World Haiku Association.


Louise Linville (Cladyelle) was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's currently residing in S.W. Florida. She has contributed to and been featured in World Haiku Review and contributes to Mitty's (Museki Abe's) haiku photo gallery. Her Hobbies include photography, writing, traveling, and the beach. She plays piano, and attempts to play the dulcimers; she loves drawing, painting, etc.  


Chen-ou Liu is a freelance writer. He lives in Ajax, a suburb of Toronto, where he has been struggling with a life in transition and translation. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in: Ribbons, Modern English Tanka, Gusts, American Tanka, Magnapoets, Simply Haiku, Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu & Kyoka, Concise Delight Magazine of Short Poetry, Four & Twenty, Haiku News, The Heron’s Nest, and Haibun Today.


Mark Lonergan is an office worker, living in Dublin with his wife and two sets of twins; he used to live in Germany and contributed to the rebuilding of East Berlin in 1994. He enjoys Darts, Rugby league and listening to Morrisey.


My name is Martin Lothner and I stay in Cape Town. Cape Town is one of those wonderful diverse and cosmopolitan cities that can inspire any fine artist or poet to paint and sing its beauty. My poetry is inspired by the daily interactions between the different people in the city. I usually seat myself in a street café in the most bustling of areas known as Saint Georges Mall and it is incredible to watch how the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of people unfold in front of your very eyes. Free verse is then a natural choice considering the robustness of the setting and background I compose my pieces against. I am a published Poet in my native language that is Afrikaans but decided to write in English because of the opportunity for a broader audience to listen to my work. The enjoyment of poetry should be an end in itself but I have also tasked myself to use this medium to remind everybody that we must celebrate what is good in every human being and we must voice and protest those evils that decreases the quality of any person’s life.


Tonka Lovrić was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10th October, 1954. She graduated from the University of law in Split. She writes poems, aphorisms, fables and haiku poetry. Since 1998 she has been an active member of the Association of painters Emanuel Vidović in Split. She has had 28 of her solo exhibitions and about 80 group ones. She has won international literal awards in 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2010. She has published three collections of poetry, three books of aphorisms and two collections of haiku.

She is included in the Anthology of Croatian Haiku Poetry 2011: An Unmown Sky and in Japan a Romanian Anthology. For her haiku she has received several awards in Croatian and abroad (Slovenia, Japan, Ireland, Great Britain, USA).


Bob Lucky currently lives and works in Ethiopia, where he teaches at the International Community School. He's co-author of the chapbook My Favorite Thing, and his work has appeared in various journals, including Modern Haiku and The Prose-Poem Project.



Štefanija Ludvig: Born 1950. in Struga nearby Ludbreg; Croatia. Writing poetry deals with the years for her own soul. Her first collection, Čarolija sunca-The magic of the Sun was issued in 2008th. The second collection of poems in Croatian kajkavian language Vu srcu mi kaj spi - Kaj, sleeps in my heart was issued in 2011. Štefanija participates in poetry recitals in Croatia and has poems published in public collections. She has performed at poetry events, and live radio broadcasts. Now she lives and writes poetry in Dubravica, a small village near the capital Zagreb.


Vladimir Ludvig was born and lived most of his life in Zagreb, Croatia. After 40 years working as a Mechanical Engineer - Designer in the industry he is now retired and lives in the family country house in green Zagorje county. He wrote his first haiku  in 2010 in the Croatian language, and in 2011 for Sketchbook in English.  Poetry is his new hobby.


Maya Lyubenova lives in Bulgaria and teaches English to musicians. She’s been writing poetry for many years, not quite sure where the urge to write in English came from. Perhaps, because she tried to translate some of her Bulgarian poems and saw it was easier to write them directly in English. Her book Open the Door, a collection of free verse poems describing life under communism, was rewarded a Seal of Quality at

Haiku and haiga are her newest passions. She’s been studying and trying to write haiku for less than two years. She had four haiku and three haiga published in 2007 – at Electronic Poetry Network, Shamrock Haiku Journal and in the Haiga Contest at WHA.

Diagnosed breast cancer last year, she’s quite well at the moment. Hurrying to write down her inspiration and revise all her previous stuff, she knows there isn't much time to be wasted.


Lady M is also called Emmeke. She is from Flanders (Belgium), 53. She is very creative, likes drawing, calligraphy, writes poetry, short stories and haiku. The haiku writing she developed over the last 15 years; and she is a member of "Vuursteen", the Flemish/Dutch haiku organization.


Stosh Machek is from Chicago ...his father was a cinderblock & his mother was a ragged freudian impulse, & he had a grandmother who was a stewardess on the luftwaffe ...he writes poems & reads them aloud in public. Stosh and his partner Theresa Antonia put out a small magazine of poetry & stories called: '...a kiss amidst the lead'. Stosh Machek maintains his own web site, Anvilhead Cafe.


Carole MacRury, of Point Roberts, Washington, is an active member of the arts community on both sides of the US/Canadian border. After serving for three years as one of the judges for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival's Haiku Invitational, she leads haiku workshops for the VCBF Haiku Garden. Her haiku and tanka have been widely published in both national and international journals. In December, 2008, she released her first book, In the Company of Crows: Haiku and Tanka Between the Tides. An exhibition at the Blue Heron Gallery in 2007 was titled Wabi-Sabi Photography, and her photographs have appeared on the covers of the Tanka Society of America's journal, Ribbons, and Modern Haiku. She is the secretary/treasurer of the Tanka Society of America.


Rich Magahiz is a former Californian, former scientist, former entrepreneur, current technologist, current blogger, future mystic, future recollection. Trained as an experimental particle physicist, he works for a tech startup company and writes in his free time. His work has appeared in Scifaikuest, Dreams and Nightmares, Aoife's Kiss, Sketchbook, Abyss & Apex, and the 2011 Rhysling Anthology. His contact information is at

 His website is at


Franklin Magalhaes, born in 1946, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Journalist, graduated in 1976 from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - School of Communication. Photographer and writer, he worked in audiovisual training and publicity. Now he is editing and revising Revista UNIABEU H&T and E&S, two scientific magazines of ABEU – Associação Brasileira de Ensino Universitário, a University of Great Rio de Janeiro, and a newspaper of the same entity. Member of World Haiku Association, his haiku are present in WHA Anthologies and on internet sites, both in Portuguese (his mother language) and in English. Site:  (needing a lot of care...).


Angela Consolo Mankiewicz: I have four chapbooks out, the most recent are An Eye,  published by Pecan Grove Press (2006) and As If, just released from Little Red Books-Lummox. I have a Grand Prize sestina coming in Trellis,  a 1st-prize broadside from Amelia, a Pushcart nomination from Hammers, and a Writers Digest Honorable Mention for my play, Judgments.

Publications include: PRESA, Montserrat, Re)Verb, Seldom Nocturne, Arsenic Lobster, Temple/Tsunami, Butcher Block, Slipstream, Chiron Review, Hawaii Review, Cerberus, Karamu, Lynx Eye, Pemmican, Blind Man's Rainbow, ArtWord, Lummox Journal.

My childrens' stories, The Grummel Book, are being reissued on CD this year by SHOOFLY.

I've also been the Contributing Editor and Regional Editor, respectively, for the small (now defunct) journals Mushroom Dreams and New Press.

Combining poetry and my love of music, I am collaborating with a composer on an opera and song cycle.



Dave March, originally from Kensington Philadelphia now lives in Harlan IN. I’ve dabbled with my pen for as long as I can remember with no intention of ever sharing or trying to establish myself as a writer or poet as I don’t consider myself to be either. I love to write especially in the moment. I find myself lost in a whirlwind of thoughts in which I have to quickly scribble down before they are lost forever. I guess my only hope for someone reading my writings is to invoke thought in anyway. “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dream.” W.W.




Tomislav Maretić: Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1951, Tomislav Maretić works in Zagreb as an infectologist on the HIV Ward of the "University Hospital for Infectious diseases".

He has been writing haiku for the past 25 years and the majority of his haiku was published in Marulic - The Magazine of Croatian Literary Society "Saint Jerome". His haiku was published in several national and international periodicals and electronic haiku magazines. He won several awards and honourable mentions on the international haiku contests and his haiku was presented in several international and national haiku anthologies and almanacs.

In 1988, together with Vladimir Devidé and Zvonko Petrovic, he wrote the first
renga in Croatian language and in 1995 the book Renge (Sipar, Zagreb) was
published. He is one among the authors of common, billingual (Croatian/English) haiku
collection Seven Ways (Zagreb, 2000). In 2002 he published the collection of free verse poetry Naplavine.

His first haiku collection The butterfly over the open sea will be published soon („in spe“).

He lives in Gornje Vrapce, a little village near Zagreb on the foot of Medvednica mountain, with his wife Ana and four children (12, 16, 18, 19).


Jacek Margolak was born in Rzeszów, in 1964. He lives in Kielce (Poland) with his wife and two sons. He works as a print technologist. He has been interested in haiku and haiga since 2000 and now he is a member of two poetic groups writing haiku - "Haiku po polsku" and "Orient", and his poems have been published on the internet at The Heron's Nest, Mainichi Daily News, Haiku Harvest, Asahi Haikuist Network, Tinywords, Lishanu and anthologies (Big sky: The 2006 Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, Dust of summers: The 2007 Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, Crickets and Chrysanthemums) and haiga at World Haiku Association.


William J. Margolis--edited and published his first magazine, Experiment, at Roosevelt College (now University of), Chicago, 1949. From 1954-59 he edited and published Miscellaneous Man  (15 issues) from Berkeley & San Francisco: co-founded and co-edited Beatitude 1-12  from San Francisco until 1959 when he had an accident and became a paraplegic. After he got out of VA Hospital in Long Beach he moved to Venice and edited and published 1 issue of Mendicant  (withhelp from Stuart Z. Perkoff and James Boyer May). He was editor of one issue of a renascent Miscellaneous Man, published by L.A. FREE PRESS. The second issue was camera-ready, guest edited by Jack Hirschman, when FREEP's
publisher, Art Kunkin reneged on $$$ -- got a new publisher who paid $1000 advance to Ben Hiatt of Sacramento, who absconded with cash -- it took over 2 years to get back [damaged] paste-ups -- so it never came out. He and his wife recorded many L.A. poetry readings with many poets, which were broadcast on KPFK-FM in the late '60s and early '70s. He has lived in Mexico; the first time in 1951, after graduating from college when he worked with the American Friends Service Committee as a volunter work-camper digging a ditch in rural Mexico for a water system to a small village. In 1962 on the way to Guadalajara, in wheelchair and Ford Ranch Wagon with hand controls, he sustained a broken leg in an accident. A friend who had agreed to take care of him after he got out of the hospital got strung out on barbiturates instead. So he moved out to a wealthy (Vet pensioner) quadriplegic's ranchero until his leg would bend enough to let him get into an airplane back to VA Hospital to get his leg fixed -- the hospital in Guadalajara had messed it up. He was flown to his mother's in Boston where he saved up Social Security money ($95 per month) and then returned to Gaudalajara alone. There he was joined in 1964 by the woman who became his wife after returning to Long Beach in October, 1965. She had an accident in June, 1968m which disabled her and she died in September, 1972. After living a while in L.A. he returned to Venice in February, 1976.

His collections of poetry include The Anteroom of Hell, Inferno Press, SF, 1957; The Little love Of Our Yearning, Mendicant Editions, 1960; The Eucalyptus POoems, Croupier Press, 1974; and Selected Poems, 3 vols.; Rustle & Break and Other Poems, 1948-1962, Venice, 1987; The Summer Cycle, Poems 1958-1960, Venice, 1988; and A Book of Touch and Other Poems, 1960-1975, Venice , 1988.



Ioan Marinescu-Puiu was born in Bucharest - Romania on 28 April 1940. Poet, jurnalist, epigram writer and humorist, member of the Romanian Union of Writers and Romanian Society of Haiku, he is mentioned in Contemporary Poets and Poets Dictionary and in several Romanian haiku antologies: One Hundred Poles, The Dew Harvesters, etc.He published lots of haiku in magazine and is present with his works on some internet national and international sites. Books published: 21, but only 5 of these of haiku - The Citadel's Session, From Beside of my Heart, Rider on Sparrows, Marine and The Return of the Crane. He was twice a prizewinner of the National Festival of Poetry "Octavian Goga" and a prize of Romanian Union of Writers. Also he has two prizes of "Haiku" romanian magazine and laureate of the Annual Haiku and Tanka Contest, third edition, Slobozia. On the internet - "The Winner of the day" - /haiku contest - in feb and dec 2008. Ioan Marinescu-Puiu


Vaughn Marlowe: Vaughn L. Snipes (Marlowe) was born in 1931. After serving in the United States Army during the Korean War, Marlowe moved to the west coast and ran a left-wing bookstore in Venice (a beach suburb of Los Angeles) and by 1962 was a supporter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC).



K. A. Martin is a software developer and a married father living in Ottawa, Canada. He enjoys listening to music, reading, and has been involved in haiku and related forms of poetry since late 2007. He is also active in sports and the outdoors, and is still trying to put the hockey puck in the net. He blogs at

Picture unabailable


Terra Martin is a Toronto Ontario therapist; stain glass artist, potter and seminarian. Her writing over the last 15 years deals with self-help subjects in the form of individual and personal seminars. She has written poetry in several forms but has always admired and studied haiku. She recently turned her pen in this direction.



Thomas Martin grew up on a small farm in the Piedmont of North Carolina, where he graduated from the University of N. C. at Chapel Hill, majoring in English. He has written poetry since his teens, but did not discover haiku and related short Japanese forms until rather late in life.

He has published in such journals as Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Mayfly, Magnapoets and Contemporary Haibun Online among many others. He is a member of the Haiku Association of America and active in the Oregon regional chapter.

He lives in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife, Joyce.

Please join me at my blog:


Sandra Martyres - I live in Mumbai- India and work with a multinational bank. I hold a Masters in Economics and enjoy reading books on Management and Finance. In addition, I have other hobbies like music, reading novels, philately, theatre, travelling and poetry writing. While I have always had a fascination for writing poetry, I have only recently i.e. over the past four years been writing regularly. I am particularly interested in the Japanese poetry forms like haiku, senryu and tanka. I also enjoy writing narrative poems.


Joe Massingham was born in the UK but has lived the second half of his life in Australia .His major employment has been as a Navy officer, university student from first degree to PhD, tutor, lecturer and Master of Wright college, University of New England, NSW. He has run his own writing and editing business but retired early because of cancer and heart problems and now spends time waiting to see medical practitioners, writing poetry and prose and smelling the roses.

He has had work published in Australia , UK, USA and NZ.


Duško Matas, Croatia:  Born in 1933 in Kaštel Stari by Split, lives in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, and the Faculty of Law in Split: specialization neurology and psychiatry, sub-specialization a forensic psychiatrist in Zagreb. He has a doctorate in science and a degree in law. He has published dozens of professional and scientific papers, participated in several vocational commissions and has taken part at numerous professional-scientific congresses in the country and abroad.

He has written and published Haiku since 1988 in haiku publications, newspapers, magazines, literary journals, miscellanies and anthologies in Croatia and 18 countries abroad. He published three independent haiku collections and is the editor and among the authors in the common collections Sedam putova/Seven ways, 2000 and Novih sedam putova/Seven New Ways, 2003 both published in Croatian and English and Pencil and Brush (a four-language collection in Croatian, Slovenian, English and Japanese) with haigas. Duško Matas's haiku have been presented in joint collections of poetry by Croatian doctors: The Bell of Vukovar (1995), Flight of the Sarmat Falcon (1996), An Hour of Eternity.


Walter Mathois: 1954 born and living in Vienna. Since my youth I write poems.Because of my interest in the Japanese way of life, I approached the Japanese short lyric.  Since 2007, I write haiku, tanka and Japanese chain poems with other Haijin.

syllables ... since hours

the blank page


Patricia J. Maynard is a free spirit in search of ultimate truth; she is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature. She is a painter working in acrylics on canvas and woods. Her paintings and poetry are composites of her impressions and experiences of the world around her. Please visit Patricia's  website.  


Joyce Maxner
is a native of the Massachusetts seacoast north of Boston, and has been a resident of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the last 30 years. Her educational and professional experience is wide-ranging and impressive. She has studied at Centenary Junior College, Harvard University School of Extension Studies, College of the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and she has a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University. She has had careers in advertising, in both radio and newspaper journalism, and as a psychotherapist in juvenile justice, and in marriage and family therapy.

Joyce is now semi-retired and living in Audubon, Pennsylvania. She, has a daughter in Bethesda, Md, and a son and, his wife living in Mountain City, Tennessee. Her granddaughter of 19 years is currently living in Hawaii, attending Hawaii University...

In her early teens, she began composing short poems including haiku, and she continued writing haiku and other poetry forms over the years. She has published two well known children's books in narrative verse, Nicholas Cricket, with illustrations by William Joyce (Harper Collins, 1989) and Lady Bugatti, illustrations by Kevin Hawkes (Lothrop Lee & Shepard, 1991).

She has been a participant in various Internet haiku groups, notably WHChaikumultimedia, where she has served as 'haiku coach' and has earned the deep respect of all the list's members for her insightful critiques.


Diane Mayr lives in New Hampshire and is a full-time public librarian. She writes books for children; her picture book, Run, Turkey, Run!, illustrated by Laura Rader, (Walker & Co., 2007), is a favorite for Thanksgiving storyhours. A long-time writer of haiku and senryu, she has only recently started to share her work with the outside world. Lately, Diane has become enamored of haiga and feels like she has found her niche. Stop by her blog, Random Noodling, to sample her work.


Terry McCarty was born on July 31, 1959 in Electra, Texas. He moved to Southern California in 1988. From 1988 to 1997, he worked as a background actor and occasional stand-in for actors including Joe Pesci (THE PUBLIC EYE, LETHAL WEAPON 3, and JIMMY HOLLYWOOD ) and Wallace Shawn (HOUSE ARREST). Terry began writing poetry in 1997.

Terry McCarty is the author of several chapbooks containing poems which blend humor with occasional social and/or political commentary: Hollywood Poetry, Use Your Delusion, Wichita Fallos, Love Poems, The Green Album, Adjustment Disorder and two volumes of Greatest Hits.  Recent Chapbooks includ Born to Walk and Insufficient Gravitas. In addition, Terry’s poem “Icarus’ Itinerary" can be found in Tebot Bach’s 2003 anthology of California poetry So Luminous The Wildflowers (for sale through

His blog is Poetry-Arts Confidential.


John McDonald is a retired stone-mason living in Edinburgh Scotland. He came to haiku in the mid-nineties and fell in love with the genre. John writes in scots, one of the two languages native to Scotland - the other being the Celtic rooted Gaelic. In 2006 he created a bi-lingual blog  and ever since tries to add a haiku a day.
In 2008 he was the recipient of the Sugura Baika Literary award and published two collections of bi-lingual haiku: The Throu-Gaun Chiel and Tuim Tin Tassie. He is currently putting together another collection for early next year.


Margaret D. McGee is author of Haiku - The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines; Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment; and Stumbling Toward God: A Prodigal's Return. Her poetry and other short work has been seen in Northwind Anthology, Alive Now, and Episcopal Life Magazine.

On her web site In the Courtyard at, Margaret shares her further adventures on the spiritual path.


Catherine McGuire is a writer and artist with a deep interest in philosophy, the big “Why we are here?” questions. She has had more
than 160 poems published, including on a bus for the nationally-known Poetry In Motion project, and has a chapbook, Joy Into Stillness: Seasons of Lake Quinault. She lives in Sweet Home, Oregon with her chickens and large garden. Catherine's web site:


Joan McNerney has been published widely. Her haiku has been printed in Modern Haiku, California, Spectrum (Northeastern University, MA) and Getting Something Read, an on-line zine. "I love nature and like to observe the details of each glorious season,. Haiku is particularly suited for that task."


Tracy McPherson: Born in the northwest and grew up in Southern California, I consider Hawaii home (Don Blanding led me there). Something about blue water and yellow ginger in bloom. I have myriad interests, hobbyist and artist, jewelry designer, fiber arts. I started writing as a pre-teen. I love snorkeling and deep sea fishing, horticulture, gourmet cooking. Lived in Hawaii and California, studied trans-cultural shamanism and International Banking Law. I was a banker, single mom ( he still calls me Major Dood) have been a bartender, coffee farmer, Sunday school teacher, office manager, tournament winning fisherwoman. Now I am back to spiritual counseling, professional psychic and "fun "artist. Life is not a spectator sport. "I have lived the breadth and width of it as well as the depth of it." Sort of retired now I appreciate adventure at a leisurely pace. Aloha Tracy.


Stephen Mead: In the early 1990's Stephen Mead's poems began appearing in such journals as Onionhead, Bellowing Ark, and Invert, but upon moving to Provincetown, Mass., Stephen decided to concentrate more on visual work. It was in the year 2000 that Stephen started seeking publication again for both his writing and his art combined. Since, then, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, his work has appeared internationally both in cyberspace and hard copy. Often the writing has appeared along side the paintings, and at other times with the text superimposed. In 2004 Stephen began experimenting even more with these poetry/art hybrids creating a series of e books, including the award winning We Are More Than Our Wounds. From there Stephen began experimenting with his art and poem as films, at first creating slideshows with captions, and then doing his own soundtracks and voice overdubs. In 2006 Stephen put this technology to use releasing a CD of poems set to music Safe & Other Love Poems, as well as two print


Sarah Menefee is a San Francisco poet whose recent books include Human Star [Factory School] and In Your Fish Helmet [Transmission Press].


Ann E. Michael is the author of three poetry collections; see her website


Jadwiga Gala-Miemus vel IGA GALA-MIEMUS born in 1958 in Poland. Graduated from University of Wroclaw - Faculty of Natural Science. Holds a master's degree in Biology, however she owns a private firm and works there.

Publications: "Cien serca" ( Swidnica 1995 ), Almanach Walbrzyski (Walbrzych 1997), " Integracja " (1991 nr 27), "Niezalezne Slowa" ( 1990 nr 16), "Rocznik Swidnicki" (1986,1988/1989 ), Almanach Swidnickiej Kultury titled "Pegaz nad Swidnica" (1945-2000), haigaonline, issue 9-2 Autum/Winter 2008 - celebration of Earth Day 2009, Contemporary haibun online - April 2009 and Sketchbook .

Currently publishing poems, aphorisms and haiku on her webpage


Tamara Mikell-Choudhury, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors grew up not only with her immigrant Jewish mother and grandmother in Arizona, but also on a Sufi commune in the middle of Texas with her Muslim father. Tamara is a doctoral student in the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching program at the University of Arizona where she focuses on the Middle East and issues related to gender, religion, language, and identity. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Bengali-Lithuanian children, and her Yorkie-Wawa dog (a beautiful mutt), Li’lGuy. Additionally, Tamara is passionate about three-dimensional art, and when she isn’t reading or writing, she is designing funky fabulous homes and creating hybrid installations.


Georgi Milev, 47, was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and he still lives there. He has a MA degree in Literature at Sofia University. G.M. is an author of three books, one of poetry and the two of short stories, all written in Bulgarian. Recently he is interested in short forms like Haiku and Yugen.


Malvina Mileta was born in Istria on December 10, 1955 and lives near Labin, Croatia. She writes poetry and short stories, published a poetry collection ZAD NAŠ PORTON and a novel CRNI SNIH, which is the first novel written on the Labin Chakavian dialect.

She is the author of two theater plays and the speaker for the NIT Television.

For her poetry she received numerous prizes. For her haiku she received a Kusamakura award in 2008, publishes in IRIS and joint collections in Croatia and abroad. She takes part at haiku meetings. Malvina was awarded "Commendment" in the Vladimir Devidé Haiku Awards for 2011.


Allison Millcock works as a Youth Counsellor in the Barossa Region of South Australia. She is co-moderator for the haiga forum on Jane Reichhold's AHApoetry forum and recently published her first book, pausing for a moment . . . haiga and tanga. Allison has had haiku published with FreeXpresSion, Paper Wasp, and Haiku Dreaming Australia. She has also had haiga published with Haigaonline and the World Haiku Association.


Karl Miller: lives in Coral Springs, FL; he works in insurance in Boca Raton, and has been published in various literary journals over the last few years.



Gloria Mindock has lived, written, and created in Somerville, Mass for many years. Not only does she have the respect of the local and national poetry community but she has quite a following abroad. She edits the Istanbul Literary Review from her home in the Union Square section of Somerville, as well as running her Cervena Barva Press, an independent press that has published numerous titles from poets domestic and foreign.

Mindock's own work has resonated with the poetry community in Eastern Europe, and she has been published in a number of literary journal there, most notably in Romania. Mindock is a substance abuse social worker, had her own theater company, and for a decade co-edited the Boston Literary Review Read Doug Holder's interview with Gloria.


Andrea Mistretta: Artist. Visit Andrea's web site.


Cristian Mocanu was born on August 8-th, 1968 in Deva, Romania, where he still lives and works as a freelance translator/interpreter. He holds a B.A. in English and Romanian litterature from the Bucharest University (1993). He started writing poetry (Western and Eastern style, in several languages) as a teenager. His poetry was included in several Romanian antologies. He received numerous awards, among which: A) In Romania: "Ion Minulescu" Poetry Contest & Festival (1995):1-st prize,"Porni Luceafarul" Poetry Contest & Festival (1996):3-rd prize,The "Lumina Crestinului" Religious Poetry Award for the year 1998. B) Outside Romania: The “Pesme na jastuku” Contest (ex-Yugoslavia)  3-rd prize (1990), 2-nd prize (1991), the “Benvenuta Europa” Contest & Festival (Rome, Italy), prize for the Poetry section; the Suruga Baika Litterary Festival, Japan, Honourable Mention (2004). At present he is a contributor to various poetry webzines, including:LYNX,, “Haiku Harvest”, “World Haiku Review”, “Karolina Rijecka”. He is the editor of the Romanian Saijiki for the World Haiku Club. His first books of poetry (in Romanian and English) are due in the near future.


Vasile Moldovan is a Romanian poet. Since 2001 he is the president of Romanian Society of Haiku. He published some haiku and senryu books: Via dolorosa (1998), The moon's unseen face (2001),  Noah's Ark (2003), Ikebana (2005).Together with poetess Magdalena Dale, Vasile Moldovan has written a bilingual renga book: Mireasma de tei / Fragrance of lime (2008).


Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu is a Romanian poet who has lived in Bucharest since she was born. She began writing poems in 2007 and haiku in March 2010. Her poems, haiku and haiga were published in three Romanian magazines, a Romanian haiku anthology, a haiga anthology and a poetry anthology in Romania. Recently she had a few haiga published in Daily Haiga and Notes from the Gean. Her works also appeared in Ploc!, Asahi Shimbun, Sketchbook, Romanian magazine Haiku and Mainichi Daily News.


Sonnet Mondal is the author of five books of poetry. His works have been published in several journals of the world and he has received many honours for his literary endeavours including Poet Laureate from Bombadil publishing, Azsacra International Poetry award etc.. He is the Founder of the United Minds for Peace Society, The Enchanting Verses International journal of poetry and the Bombadil Review.


Longtime poet and recent photography convert Michael Morell lives just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his rescued-from-racing greyhound, Kayla. Haiga allows Michael to share his passions for poetry, nature, and photography.  



Shanna Baldwin Moore: well. let's seeoriginally from the tall tree country of Washington state, I surfed the tree tops in the wind... My grandmother was a poet in Greenwich Village and inspired me to write...I am also a painter in oil and this was what connected me to the beat poetsI was the art director of the gas house in Venicewe had poetry readings to jazz and learned this awesome sound of music to poetry... came to Hawaii 36 years ago for a vacation and I'm still vacationing...a lot of my artwork was of Pele the goddess of the volcano and now I write for Hawaiian poetry can be found at "my town".  Hope to have a book out by the end of the year.


Andrea Moriah was born and raised in the great Midwest of the US and now lives in the rolling hills outside of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Her poems have been published in Cyclamens and Swords, the Voices Israel Anthology and the Ilanot Review. Her story, "The Fence", received honorable mention in Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest. She is currently studying for her Master's Degree in English Poetry at Bar-Ilan University's Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing. She also creates painted ceramic sculptures.


My name is Ron Moss and I live in Tasmania, an island state of Australia and a place of stunning wilderness that inspires my art and poetry. I reside in the mountains with my wife, two dogs and cat. I work in the film and photography department of the Tasmania Archives, and I have been a volunteer fire-fighter for 10 years.

I have been deeply interested in Eastern art and philosophy from an early age. I have pursued this interest through extensive reading and through the study of Japanese writing forms including haiku. I also study and practice martial arts, Zen meditation, sumi-e (ink painting) and haiga (an art form that combines haiku and watercolour painting) and I have participated in several exhibitions.

My poetry work has been translated in several languages and is widely published in journals and anthologies. I have won numerous awards both within Australia and overseas (including Japan). I enjoy using visual media and poetry in combination.

My creative expression is with mixed media, including photography, painting and digital fine art.

Portfolios can be found at and


Cameron Mount is a poet and fiction author and a member of the Davis Square Bagel Bards. He served as an officer in the US Navy from 2001 to 2007, rising to the rank of Lieutenant before leaving to pursue a career in writing. In 2008 Cameron earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. His poems have been published in The Somerville News, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry. He has received awards from the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition. He currently teaches English at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey.


Robert Moyer, Winston Salem, NC, wrote haiku for many years before he published anything. His work has since appeared in frogpond, MODERN HAIKU, bottle rockets, Acorn, and simplyhaiku, among others. He has also been included in a number of anthologies, most recently LOOSE THREADS, the ten-year anniversary anthology of Acorn. He was privileged to host the 2007 Haiku North America Conference with Dave russo and Lenard D. Moore in his home town of Winston Salem, NC.


Aju Mukhopadhyay, the poet, critic and biographer, is a bilingual writer of fictions and essays. He has done some important translations on his way. He has authored 12 books in Bangla and 14 in English. His works have been recognized with awards by such bodies as The Writers Bureau, Manchester, Poets International, Bangalore, International Library of Poetry, USA and the latest; Excellence in World Poetry Award, 2009 by the International Poets Academy and others. He is a member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute who offered him the American Order of Merit. He is on the editorial board of some important magazines. He regularly writes in magazines, e-zines and occasionally in newspapers. Many of his works have been translated in other languages and anthologized.

Conservation of Nature environment is the watchword of his life.


Christopher Mulrooney has written poems and translations in Ezra, Vanitas, Guernica, New Translations, Calque and Beeswax.


Maggie Murray lives in West Yorkshire, England. She loves reading and writing poetry. Her favourite poet is Dylan Thomas. She also loves walking, gardening and also plays a big part of her life.


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