Food Haiku Thread November 2007



Fit For Feasting

For November 2007 the theme of the monthly haiku thread is food. Writers may post an unlimited number of haiku to the food  thread.

Subject Line: November food haiku thread.
Deadline: Midnight Sunday, November 25, 2007

FOOD!!!! holiday food...vegetarian food, be creative!  Think ethnic foods. Perhaps readers will get good ideas for November and December Holiday snacks.

Haiku received will be posted on-line at: November 2007 FOOD haiku thread

the red-tailed squirrel
plants a Spring garden

walnut harvest

j. daleiden

The Sketchbook editors will select their Monthly Haiku Choice from this thread for publication in the November 30, 2007 Sketchbook.


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Fit For Feasting Haiku Thread


the red-tailed squirrel
plants a Spring garden—
walnut harvest

# 01. john daleiden, US



beans n' bacon
the little boy's grin . . .
feeding the dog

# 02. karina Klesko, US



A restaurant
we're stuffed again.

# 03 Zhanna P. Rader, US



all natural food served
plastic flowers
in the shops windows

# 04. Shanna Baldwin Moore, US



Just a potato,
carrot, red pepper, courgette.
My broken magimix.

# 05. Sally Evans, UK



spaghetti bolognese—
i sip cooking wine
finger dishevelled hair

Blithe Spirit September 2001

# 06. Alan Summers, UK



Lemon creme brulee—
a sylph-like ballerina
only smells it.

# 07. Zhanna P. Rader, US



ripe avocados—
I carve the moon's phases
with a penknife

# 08. Hortensia Anderson, US



hunters moon
a mandarin soaked
in brandy

# 09. Trish Shields, CA



robin red breast
feasting in autumn rain
the early bird

# 10. john daleiden, US



Our favourite cookery books.
Flowers and fruit, ingins.
A cat waits for milk.

Ingins is a Scottish pronunciation of onions.

# 11. Sally Evans, UK



peeling onions
tear after tear ........
my divorce now final

# 12. Karina Klesko, US



two crows eating skunk
taking turns pulling off red strips—
roadside diner

# 13. Michael Kleiza, CA



Thanksgiving dinner—
the zipper on my skirt
breaks apart.

# 14. Zhanna P. Rader, US



the bread machine
works overtime
new realtor

# 15. Trish Shields, CA



I burn my tongue,
I cut my finger—
dinner's ready!

# 16. Zhanna P. Rader, US



at the dumpster
an old woman with no teeth
over ripe bannanas

# 17. john daleiden, US



Our favourite cookery books.
Flowers and fruit, ingins.
A cat waits for milk.

# 18. Sally Evans, UK



New-Year feast—
loosening my belt
by one hole.

# 19. Zhanna P. Rader, US



within one hundred days
of Christmas
and dinner
with no pastelles!!

# 20. gillena cox, TT



pigs munch
fresh peelings
humans waste

# 21. Karen O'Leary, US



after the feast, we lie
bellies up.

# 22. Zhanna P. Rader, US



stolen cherries
she keeps washing
red-stained hands

# 23. Hortensia Anderson, US



the scent
of apple slices
falling maple leaves

# 24. Trish Shields, CA



rows of red peppers
in the farmer's market—
a sharp autumn wind

# 25. Hortensia Anderson, US



coming home
more tired than hungry—
who ate all those crisps?

# 26. Sally Evans, UK



fruit cake
wrapped in cheese cloth
harvest moon

# 27. Trish Shields, CA



september sunset—
red, green and yellow apples
match the fallen leaves

# 28. Hortensia Anderson, US



stuffed yet still hungry
for mother's stuffing

# 29. Judith Gorgone, US



Teaching my kids
how to bake pies—even the cat
is covered with flour.

# 30. Zhanna P. Rader, US



autumn frost
making plum jelly
keeps the kitchen warm

# 31. Sally Evans, UK



Burning my tongue,
cutting my finger—
dinner's ready!

# 32. Zhanna P. Rader, US



potato curls
with garlic spread
afternoon facial

# 33. Trish Shields, CA



bitter winter—
sweetness of maple syrup
poured over snowballs

# 34. Hortensia Anderson, US



curdled cream
his anger has baby up
all night

# 35. Trish Shields, CA



Cooking, she sprinkles
some lime zest on the fish:
a way to his heart.

# 36. Zhanna P. Rader, US



Bailey's Irish Cream
swirriled over strawberries
ah—relief from sun

# 37. john daleiden, US



Making a salad—
the dog stuffs down my cutlets,
my fish gets burned.

# 38. Zhanna P. Rader



sunrise on the farm—
the curve of fresh-laid eggs
in wicker baskets

# 39. Hortensia Anderson, US



hickory flavoured garlic
on the shelf
since last week

# 40. Sally Evans, UK



guessing which candies
gave me hives.

# 41. Zhanna P. Rader, US



thanksgiving dinner—
together savoring
a full moon

# 42. Judith Gorgone, US



Steaming tea for two—
a lemon slice of a moon
outside the window.

# 43. Zhanna P. Rader, US



sharing out
chocolate squares
three kids

# 44. Sally Evans, UK



Poppy-seed roll.
A child: "Mama, look,
a freckled bun!"

# 45. Zhanna P. Rader, US



two crows eating skunk
side order of raccoon eyes—
hold the hashbrowns

# 46. Michael Kleiza, CA



talking about life
between us
a bowl of cherries

# 47. Hortensia Anderson, US



red cabbage—surprise!
blue soup.

# 48. Zhanna P. Rader, US



sushi tray,
abalone and ginger

# 49. Sally Evans, UK



Yams only by name
sweet potatoes on a plate
"spike", the game clock stops

# 50. Tammy Lynn Whisman, US



orange segments to each other,

# 51. Zhanna P. Rader, US



two crows eating skunk
Sunday road-kill brunch—
come as you are

# 52. Michael Kleiza, CA



at midnight
raiding the refrigerator
cold turkey

# 53. john daleiden



Proving his love:
the youth eats a whole lemon
without cringing.

# 54. Zhanna P. Rader



first taste of summer—
clusters of sweet green grapes
on a blue glass plate

# 55. Hortensia Anderson



an abundant harvest
roast turkey

# 56. john daleiden



Holiday dinner—
my belt cuts sharply
into my belly.

# 57. Zhanna P. Rader






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