Free Verse




Helen Bar-Lev, IL

Waiting for the Rains


There is an impatience in the air,
an anticipation in the fields, parched,
in the orchards, picked fruit-less,
in the clouds, grey and heavy
There is a promise in the darkness,
lengthening, as the sun spins its way
to another solstice,
as the land cools down and waits
for the relief of rain
for the release of green

for another winter
for another spring





Deborah Finkelstein, US



For James Rosenquist


Spray-painted numbers
On my lens
Where Alphabet City meets Chinatown
Games under the umbrella in the restaurant
The bomb
The railroad
Eject here
Pastels in the background
Green grass in the sky
Turning brown from too much sun





Jan Oskar Hansen, PL


Inconsequent Calamity


Men in suits carrying cardboard boxes out of a bankrupt
finance house, it isn’t money they carry out but private
belongings, picture of wife and kids and executive toys,
so what do I care? In the basement where there are no
gleaming windows and walls are cement grey, damp and
unadorned, the janitor sits, he lives from one pay check to
the next, won’t be paid this week though;

maybe he should join the navy and see the world, but at
sixty five it isn’t a wise thing to do. But he has, unlike
the suits upstairs, been unemployed before, he can, if he
must, sweep the streets of New York. The TV’s glare and
sympathy is not on him, the world of middle class men
worries about their own future not the janitor’s or his son
who is on his third tour of duty in Iraq





Doug Holder, US


Jacob Wirth ( Boston, Mass. 1868 to? )

* an old tavern in Boston, Mass.


The sawdust
on the floor
has gone the way
of all dust.
But it is the hard slap
of the house dark
on the dark, mahogany bar
that sustains me.
Yes ,
they have made
to a high
definition TV
but the ancient
beaten ivories
of the piano
still hold their torch songs
on Friday nights.
it seems
there is still a wholesome, yellow statement
of cornbread,
and a saucer of
baked beans.
The long dining room
has stretched over 100 years
and in the rear
there is a pay phone
in its battered booth
before you hit the head.
And that din of laughter

(and I admit
I miss the cigar smoke)
and the bright red

sheaves of corned beef
sprouting from dark bread.
What was once alive in this city
is still
not quite



Meat is a tasty murder


Broiled, fried, crucified.
On a plate
on a platter
what does it matter?

We classify
all our
mannered cuts:
sirloin, tenderloin
and for the regular Joes
you can call it "Chuck."

With a flash
of silvery cutlery
I cut,
but really
I want to
tear into
succulent meat,

and delicately wipe the blood
that stained my cheek.

My word
for savages
we are so





Elizabeth Howard, US


Cecil's Dream


In my sleeping chair, I am cold.
I dream scary stuff, rats
with long yellow teeth, monsters
coming in the cracked window,
a red-eyed giant with a belt.
When teacher tells us to draw
our room, I draw my chair.
Where's your bed? she asks.
I never had a bed so I dream one
with a soft pillow, blue sheets,
a quilt like the one on the wall
at school. In a warm bed, I bet
I wouldn't have scary dreams.





Richard Krawiec, US




A yellow jacket
buzzes my bare legs,
crotch and chest,
I stiffen;
the porch swing
rocks gently.
Slow as stone
I raise my head
to notice for the first
time the eye-succulent
white and pink dogwoods,
the tulips sodden
with red and purple.
When I try to see
the hornet
hovers closer
to my dry,
open mouth.



a gray tangle


of branches cramp
the window unfold
to graceful spires
that tendril
the open blue sky

a flash of red
perks above
the window sill
to slender limbs
leaves which cling
sway like the last
drops of martyr's blood

the world changes
as you rise sit stretch walk
truth contingent
to your position





Free Verse


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