Craig Tigerman, US




Free Verse


Sudden Smile


Seeing you suddenly flash me that smile
Amid breathless beauty as you go past
Melts me inside, wanting all the while,
As I smile back, to tell you at last,
No longer bound by age or station
To safety of silence, how lovely you are
Here in these years, no fear of elation
Arresting reflections of a shining star.



Sylvan Angel


Past ability to reason,
Night and day, in every season,
Breathlessly, with every breath
Undeniably, till death,
Endlessly, time out of mind,
Undefined by humankind,
Deeply, wholly, dearly, true:
Sylvan angel, I love you.





Caught in freeze-frame
While the world swirls around,
Under the gun I try to run
But it doesn't help much
That my feet don't touch the ground.

And O, the shadows!
How their thoughts retreat and fade,
Defy possession and expression
Though remains sure pains
Of their presence and importance:
Veiled swords, each a gleaming blade,
Discernments I should have made.









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