G. David Schwartz, US




Free Verse


I Had A Very Bad Dream


I had a very bad dream
So bad it hurt my head
And made me feel so bad
And you had said
This is just as it should have been
I felt so sad in my head
it occurred in my head
not far away from her
and I was so missing you
and I was deep in the fear



A Fish Without A Head


You may think that a fish
Which does not have a head
Would have difficulty
Getting out of bed
Itíd take one step
And fall to the floor
And there and then
It would walk no more
I here do believe
That this is true
unless as well as until
You get a shoe



Iíve Been Seeking A Light Basket


Iíve been seeking a light basket
My wife wants me to get it for her
But I canít find one anywhere
But I don't want to disappoint her
She says I have a man look
That keeps me right on searching
I both have looked and will look
Absolutely and anywhere
In the left lane and in the pail
I shall not cease searching
Up and until I do find it
And I shall not forget it
I am seeking for a pail
Made entirely of light
She says there is one out there so
I know she's right









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