Tracy McPherson, US




Free Verse




Life is
She is there
Four p.m.
With her sign
“A happy meal
would make
me happy”
Her eyes
Skin weathered
She wears old
Sweats and
A T-shirt
Tennis shoes
Sizes too big
After months
Of seeing her
She now looks
at me and
I don’t know
The nightmares
I do see the
Lost dreams
Little girl
A twenty-something
I hear the
“But Mom, Dad
I’ll be able
To finish college”
A homeless veteran



It's almost sunset


It's almost sunset
The bay is quiet
Every has gone
Home for supper
The sun shimmers
A molten gold
Path across the water
Later in the evening
Lovers stroll along
They walk with
Dogs on leashes
Careful to keep
The walkway clean
As the sky and water
Release their hold
On the day
Colors change
The streaks of mauve
And pink with curdled
Clouds become a
Soft shade of old denim
And stars begin to
Blink on heralding
The moon and
Dark night



Vanilla ice cream


The old woman smiled
As the waitress brought
The blue and white porcelain
Bowl filled with a big scoop
Of vanilla ice cream.
Her eyes nearly as blue as the
Porcelain misted slightly
Thank you Missy, you
Always remember
The old woman's husband
Had brought it to the
Diner several years ago
They had met here as
Adventurers more than
Fifty years ago
He told Missy he wasn't
long for this place
and ask if they would serve
his wife vanilla ice cream
in that dish when
she came in
The dish had held a scoop
of vanilla ice cream and
and engagement ring
years ago



Tight Buns and 501s


Guys looked great in em
And we bought em
Took em home
Put em on and
Jumped in the tub
Full of hot water
Sat there til our butts
Turned blue and
The water was tepid
Then we got out
and walked around
and stood around
til they dried
on our body
did we look Hot
oh yeah
Levis and Little Ts
And sandals
Saturday night
beach attire
then we moved
on to bell-bottoms
and boot-cuts
still the girls
of summer
and sunny beaches
monsoon season
add a sweatshirt
or someone's
leather jacket and
we were good to go
beach bonfires
cold beer
where did
they go
to college
to careers
to stardom as
a wife and mother
in our hearts
still the girls of summer
tight buns and 501s



Beach outlaws


Levis n boots
Bare torsos
On the
Cold beer
In hand
Sideways glances
At the girls
Strolling and
On the boardwalk
In the alley


57 Chevy


two door
sooo cool
the older guy
White T-shirt
Chukka boots
Cruising the drive-in
Root-beer floats
Girls with pony-tails
After burgers and fries
He took the nice girl
Home and necked
in the driveway
til mom's
flashed the porch
then he prowled
the city looking
for his buds
a joint a beer
trouble and fun
and maybe
a loose woman
sooo cool the older guy









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