Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN




Free Verse


Love Like a Statue


So much beauty so much grace
as in ebony statue
beauty overflowing the body and face!

"Shall I lick suck drench rinse and swab you?
And then whole heartedly swallow up you?"
"Yes yes, do it please
I surrender completely, at ease!"

Thinking and saying are de facto doing
happiness concurrently overflowing
both the beings;
a situation like this
etched as in a statue
is more enjoyable than to accomplish
or perform the final act
which never sate
causing the frustration to ensue.



Of Melody, Rhythm and Meaning


Sound, even inarticulate,
of air or rain or instrument,
birds' songs or human voices
with emotion and feeling of oodles pitches
resounding in our heart titillate our senses
with rhythm and tune of different hue,
create music each time anew.
There is even the music unheard
like an emotion stilled in our heart
or a poem unwritten on a page
like a dream formed on ethereal stage
but incommunicable such things remain,
inaccessible other than in subtle plane.
Music is usually audible like recital
painting is visible like work sculptural
poems are written legibly on a background
of different shapes and forms, profane or profound.
Poetry may be enacted, painted or performed
even through mimicry or acrobatic mode
but braying hooting croaking or roaring
in absence of melody rhythm or visible thing
cannot be song or poem or painting.



Cultivating the Human Being


"O mind, you don't know agriculture:
Such a fertile field
as human being
remains fallow.
Gold it would yield
after cultivating
as a human motto,"
sang Ramprasad
the Kali worshipper.

Leave aside the mind and heart,
ultra moderns have far surpassed
the saint
in cultivating the human body and body-part;
women sell their bodies through media recent
children are bought and sold
as are the body parts of the living dead and old.
Flesh trade was there before Ramprasad,
the story continues in ways hilarious and sad.

Beyond all ceremonies,
cultivating the inner being
shedding all disharmonies,
could we become the life's king.



Hunger and Thirst


Among the various hungers, many a need
hunger for food and drink
is the basic urge of life;
until this base need is fulfilled
till for hunger and thirst humans sink
the greatness of life cannot survive.
It is futile to talk about peace
until the fire of hunger we extinguish
in every human being
if not in every living thing.



Structural Violence


Ten proud faces beamed
in the slave media:
World's richest chairmen of companies-
all worth several billion $
arranged in descending order.
The same media on the same day
while the Sun shines to make hay,
published stories
of the bizarre mud cookies
doing the rounds among the poor kiddies
and others, desperate to stave off hunger in Haiti:
"when my mother does not cook any thing,"
says a poor sibling,
"I eat them 3 times a day."
Rickety, they die in hundreds
as in Africa, exploited for years, degraded.

In a computerized world
with a technological hype and commercial fair
with explicit understanding among the players
to exclusively exploit the market share,
to speculate in the share market;
degrading the earth, water and sky
enjoying the resources everywhere
the successful ones are always victorious.

Is it not a structural violence
against the naive, innocent children of the earth?
Shall we offer hurrah to the rich for their mirth?
Beg on behalf of the poor for their munificence?
Does the whole structure not require
overhauling or demolition with fire
to rebuild a new structure for all?



Amrita's Annaprasan


(Annaprasan is the first feeding of hard food to a child of six months as per Bengali custom)


Love from us for dear Mili
O Nupur, hear attentively!

Hard days are ahead of you
With sipping and sucking as you
Begin to bite and chew;
Hard and tough you have to face
Stark reality to embrace.
Leaving the bare and pulp, turning about
You will grow strong and stout
Away from the twilight age
Towards the womanhood with courage.
Never fear, all your friends and each elder
Will help you to be a heroine warrior.

Life is struggle, life is beautiful
Enter it with love vigour and cool.



Act like a Sage


After retirement at the ripe age
even when a nonagenarian
and out of usual vocation,
seek the real and act like a sage
beyond what you have so long done

seek the one you have not sought so far;
either the absolute or the details of the matter.
Better wear out than rust out

monk Vivekananda said aloud.
If you have a disease do not lull or tend
rather help the body to flush it out or amend.
You were not born as you had wished
so there is nothing to lament about it,
duration of life no mortal can fix.
Now is the chance in life to flourish
none can outlive life
as none can unripe the ripe.









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