Free Verse



Free Verse Poems in the May / June 30, 2012 Sketchbook


RD Armstrong, USFree Verse: Anniversary; The bucket is suddenly empty: for Leonard J. Cirino, US

Amaranth Borsuk, USFree Verse: What Is Withheld

Gillena Cox, TT—Free Verse: Sylph

Mark Dohle, USFree Verse: To full color and joy

Yosef Gotlieb, ILFree Verse: The Tides of Time; Wien; Bialik Hall, Writers House; Ode to Michal, Death Be Not Proud; The Conjugality of Hydrogen and Oxygen; The Frothing Wave of Raindance

Joshua D. Gross, USFree Verse: Untitled

Jan Oskar Hansen, PTFree Verse: An Outing in Portugal; Another Journey

Mehjabin Haque—Free Verse: Longing

Elizabeth Howard, USFree Verse: Therapy

Michael Lee Johnson, USFree Verse: Moon Sleep; Around My World; Jesse’s Homeless Face; Dancer of the Shoe Poem

Sergio Ortiz, USFree Verse: A Memory; Wind and Soul

Asim Kumar Paul, INFree Verse: Her Brown Shadow; Her Pink Shadow

Kay Tracy, USFree Verse: A Song for My Children

Neal Whitman, USFree Verse: Turtle All the Way Down









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