Asim Kumar Paul, IN



Free Verse


Her Brown Shadow


Too little we know
About her,
Of her life,
She is full of colors
Hairs are polyethylene curly,
Painted in brown shadow,
That can do well
For her beauty glow,
Eyes are bright,
Eye balls are blue,
Face is covered with small boxes
As if all boxes full of software
That brings using for someone
Who is trying to reach her.
And it is learning for those who
Are trying to compose
Or program upon her pathway,
Adding an extra time to decode,
To form a new code of life,
That is also a mystery,
A group of odds,
A group of evens
With which she has to go
With her love with someone
Who is spreading goodwill
And will not hinder her
Complete trip of life,
Over much questions or barricades,
But will rest on natural confidence.



Her Pink Shadow


She is painted pick and white,
She is seeing life is full of colors,
A brigade of many folds,
On the shades of chattered life,
As she goes with pink hangings,
It is like walking with understanding.

She moves like HTML script,
Dusk to dawn
She is passion of means,
Those bring code of heart
At small passes and strokes
Of terms, organs and expectations.

She walks with JAVA coded apron,
That is pink on her face
That is folded at every step
Watery path from mind
The window that brings skills,
Over dept of life carried over small prints.

She stares at future,
New era of understanding,
That props up over programming,
New arrivals, new thoughts,
She looks as if she is pink beauty,
With good-tempered love singing.

How it is her longing,
How it is hard for her
Of getting creations of life,
On programmed version,
On new window of life,
That can establish strong bonds.



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