Jan Oskar Hansen, PT



Free Verse


An Outing in Portugal


Driving up to Alentejo I had to travel up a long, steep road,
and since my scooter is small, I stopped a few time to cool
its engine. On top the view was striking
ochre, sandy yellow,
and green and I could see the far away ocean, or rather,
thought so. I took some pictures
when I later recorded them
on my computer, the ocean was a blue hazy mountain.
Almodover, an inland town, was my goal, only because it
has such a musical name, a promise of a new exiting life.
The wind was cold and Im old
the ride would take about
two hours, but I did drink a glass of water and ate a sandwich at
the local inn
absentminded as I am I dare not drink and drive.
Yet, the trip had done me good
once more I saw how
beautiful real Portugal is, away from sun seekers, sunglasses
worn at night in sleek bars, and meaningless conversations.



Another Journey


I stopped a two metre snake crossed the road
in the deep narrow valley so forbidden only
the midday sun dare intrude for a little while.
Portugal is a small country but as soon as you
leave a town- not the coast- it looks deserted,
and I worried in case I had a puncture…eerie.
Yet, every so often I noticed bus stops, in this
seemingly wilderness there must be cottages
tucked away in the foliage; finally a village.
Had a coffee, asked how to get on a main road:
sempre emfrente*, so I did till I came to a fork
in the road, didnt pick it up just carried on.
Tomorrow Im driving to a monastery where
the monks make their own wine I will buy
a bottle and celebrate my birthday on Sunday.

*sempre emfrente
always in front









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