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Free Verse Authors in the February 28, 2010 Sketchbook


Armstrong, RD (Raindog), USFree Verse: Occasional Lover, Second Skin, Love Poem

Bar-Lev, Helen, IL—Free Verse: Fruit Amnesia

Campbell, Pris, US—Free Verse: Queen of the Nile

Dohle, Mark, US—Free Verse: Reaching, The White Gate

Farley, Joseph, USFree Verse: 28 Inches of Snow, Wolf, Portrait

Gieske, Bernard, USFree Verse: Seasons Long, Light, A Double Bed, Unfinished Symphony, Today

McNerney, Joan, USFree Verse: Winter Solstice, You are gone, Flowers for the Dead

McPherson, Tracy, USFree Verse: That Hat; We Danced Again; The Coffee Angel

Mileta, Malvina, CRFree Verse: I Need You

Muzingo, Leslie, USFree Verse: The Widows of Joe Cain

Vukelic-Rozic, Djurdja, CRFree Verse: Please Embrace Me

Simon, Johnmichael, ILFree Verse: Family Calendar

Walters, Ruth, UKFree Verse: A Pressed Flower, A Gentle Soul, Bones, Connecting

Whitman, Neal, USFree Verse: The Half Life of an Elemental Love









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