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Karina Klesko, US and John Daleiden, US


March / April 30, 2012

The March / April 2012 Sketchbook contains poems, art and features by one hundred-four writers from twenty-one Countries: Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States

Thirteen poets from eight countries make their first Sketchbook appearance in the March / April 2012 Issue: Jax Aemilias, UK; Johnny Baranski, US; Floyd Cheung, US; Vassilis Comporozos, Greece; Daniel de Culla, ES / US; Anisoara Iordache, RO; Bernhard Kopf, AT; Tonka Lovrić, CR; Valli Poole, AU; Kenneth Salzmann, IL; Craig W. Steele, US; Rachel Sutcliffe, US; Joanna M. Weston. Welcome to the Sketchbook family of writers.

The March / April 2012 Sketchbook Cover Art  is by Emily Romano, US: swan and lily.

The Haiga featured on the Contents page is the eye of night by Emily Romano, US.

Congratulations to the March / April 2012 "swing" Kukai winners:

    First Place: Bernard Giekske, US

    Second Place: Vania Stefanova, BG

    Third Place: Ramesh Ananad, MY

Read the "swing" Kukai Results

Announcing the May / June 2012 "cloud peaks" Kukai: read the full guidelines here.

Forty-five poets from fifteen countries have contributed two hundred eighty-eight haiku to the March / April 30, 2012 "pond life" Haiku Thread. Click here to read the entire Haiku Thread.

"Pond life" Choice Haiku selected by editors Karina Klesko; John Daleiden ~ Pond Sights, Sounds and Seasons; and Guest Bernard Gieske's Choices ~ Night and Day – What A Difference they Make

Announcing the May / June 2012 "wedding / bride" Haiku Thread: read the full guidelines here.

This March / April 2012 issue contains a diversity of poetry forms: Eastern Genre: Haiku, Haiga, Renhai, Tanka and Tanka Prose. Western Genre: Acrostic, Cinquain, Concrete Poetry, Couplets, Ekphrastic Poems; Experimental forms-The Fold and Triadic Line Poems; Found Poetry, Free Verse, Monostich, Pleiades Poems, Rondeau, Rictameter Poems, Villanelle, and Yugen.

For the March / April 2012 issue, editor Karina Klesko continues the Let US Pray feature.  The goal is to hear from all faiths and peoples on a Global Scale. Editor Klesko says, "The more people who participate and read this feature, the more our hearts will become one. Surely a heart that envelops the world can make changes and differences in lives. We can make a difference and wipe away all the divisions that have arisen because of different belief systems. Let us all love and respect one another in one accord. In the March / April 2012 issue thirteen poets from five countries are Featured: Stella Armour, UK; Danica Bartulović, CR; Bernard Gieske, US; Elizabeth Howard, US; Tonka Lovric, CR; Stefanija Ludvig, CR; Sandra Martyres, IN; Karen Cristian Mocanu, RO; O'Leary, US; Asim Kumar Paul, IN; Vera Primorac, CR; Brian Strand, UK; Suinil Uniyal, IN

Please continue to send your poems and prayers to:

Editor Vaughn Seward has selected Renhai for the March / April 2012 Sketchbook; the Renhai authors include: Gellina Cox, TT; John Daleiden, US; Rita Odeh, IL; Vaughn Seward, CA

Be sure to read the Renhai notes link at the bottom of each Renhai selection; the notes contain interesting ideas about the rehnai.

Art features in the March / April 2012 issue: Art Gallery II by Emily Romano, US: Norman J. Olson writes two Travel pieces ~ An Art Trip to London and Fort Lauderdale and Points South including ten sketches as well as an Little Black Book Art Gallery of his recent creations; Art Photo Gallery by Iolanda Scripca.

The winners of the March / April 2012 Poem  Picture Contest:  1st Place ~ Sandra Martyres, IN; 2nd Place ~   Evica Kraljić, CR and 3rd Place ~ Catherine J.S. Lee, US.  Read the entire series of twenty-four poems.

The May / June 2012 Poem the Picture Contest is now open; Write a poem in any form for the Picture. Send your entry to  The winning poem will be published in the next issue of Sketchbook. Click here to see a full sized image of the contest picture. The deadline for submission is Midnight, Saturday, June 23, 2012.

Contributing Editor, Helen Bar-Lev, IL features an Interview with Kenneth Salzmann.

Contributing Editor, Doug Holder, US reports his Review of The Collected Poems of Jared Smith.

Contributing Editor, Jeff Spahr-Summers, aka ZZBaggins features Poetry and Art by Heather Lenz, J.A. Spahr-Summers, and Cindy Stell, Sandhya Tiwari, Sarah Martin, Marcie Riel in The Poetry VictimsVol. 8, Issue 4 and his thoughts in a Not Quite so Personal and Irregular Diary.

The editors call your attention to the following deadline dates posted in the 2012 Announcements Index on the Contents page.

Sketchbook is now open for May / June 2012: Issue 42 submissions. The submission deadline for this issue is June 20, 2012.  For Kukai and Haiku Thread deadlines see the information above.

Submissions are open to the General Public. The Editors look forward to reading your poetry and viewing your art. Please read the Submissions Guide.


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