Results of the March / April 30, 2012 "swing"  Kukai




March / April 30, 2012 "swing"  Kukai

The March / April 2012 Kukai is "swing". See The Haiku Handbook, William J. Higginson, p. 269. Use the exact word "swing" in the haiku. No more than a total of three haiku may be submitted. Haiku submitted to the kukai should not be work shopped, appear on-line in forums, or in print.


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"swing" kukai

Submissions: Thursday, March 01, 2012 – Thursday April 19, 2012 Midnight.
Voting: Friday, April 20, 2012 - Friday, April 27, 2012 Midnight.

The results will be published in the Monday, April 30, 2012 Sketchbook 7-2 "swing" Kukai results.

Letters to the Sketchbook editors and discussions on various forums indicate that some assumptions about a kukai must be spelled out. From now on (April 1, 2008), Haiku entered in the Sketchbook kukai must be previously unpublished; they must not be work shopped; they must not appear on any list, forum, group, blog, or in print. In short, if the haiku has appeared on the internet or in print we consider it to have been published. The voting in a kukai is anonymous and publication anywhere voids anonymity. Any haiku found to be previously published will be disqualified.

A kukai is a peered review poetry contest. A haiku Topic is assigned by the editor. An 'anonymized' list of submitted haiku is then distributed to all participating poets and they are invited to vote. Votes are returned to the editor who tallies the votes and publishes the haiku for the participants, this time with names and points revealed.

Index to past Kukai: Vol. 1, No. 1 ~ October 2006 - Current

Forty-nine haijin from fourteen countries contributed one hundred-thirty haiku to this Kukai.

Ramesh Anand, MY Malaysia ; Ashi, DK; D; Johnny Baransky, US; Danica Bartulović, CR; Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo, IL; Ralf Bröker, DE;S.E. Buffington, US; Pris Campbell, US; John Daleiden, US; Cynthia Carlson; Floyd Cheung, US; Cezar Ciobîcă, RO; Carlos Colon; Magdalena Dale, RO; Tracy Davidson, UK; Robert Davey, UK; Daniel de Culla, ES US; Angele Ellis, US; Terri L. French, US; Bernard Gieske, US; Judith Gorgone, US; Michele L. Harvey, US; Hubert Edgar Hix, US; Linda Hofke, DE; Cara Holman, US; Vladislav Hristov, BG; Alegria Imperial, CA;Harvey Jenkins, CA; Anisoara Jordache, RO; Robert Kania, PL; Yamadori Komodori, US; Catherine J.S. Lee, US; Tomislav Maretić CR; Sandra Martyres, IN; Cristian Mocanu, RO; Susan Murata, US; Rita Odeh, IL; Stella Pierides, DE / UK; Valli Poole, AU; Maria Santomauro, US; Alex Serban, RO; Keith A. Simmmonds, TT; Brian Strand, UK; Vania Stefanova, BG; Diana Teneva, BG; Sasa Vazic, RS; Chrtine L. Ville, US

1st Place

coming home
the familiar creak
of the porch swing

# 08. Bernard Gieske, US

2 3 10   22 1st Place


2nd Place

the light
between two pines—
a swing

# 05. Vania Stefanova, BG

2 2 6   16 2nd Place


3rd Place

autumn twilight
my parents in silence
on the swing

# 11. Ramesh Anand, MY

1 4 4   15 3rd Place


4th Place

summer love
a frayed knot
on the old rope swing

# 78. Terri L. French, US

1 4 3   14 4th Place


5th Place

she swings

# 27. Ralf Bröker, DE

2 1 4   12 5th Place


6th Place

his mind swings
between memories...

# 69. Tracy Davidson, UK

0 3 4   10 6th Place


7th Place

rope swing
learning when to hold on
and when to let go

# 77. Cara Holman, US

2 1 1   9 7th Place


8th Place

early winter
an empty swing
catches snow

# 33. Cara Holman, US

0 1 6   8 8th Place


9th Place

old tree
where their swing once was
new leaves

# 110. Angie Werren, US

1 1 2   7 9th Place


10th Place Tie

backyard swing
the oak's last leaves
graze our toes

# 12. Pris Campbell, US

1 0 2   5 10th Place Tie


in the washing machine
a solitary button

# 56. Vladislav Hristov, BG

1 0 2   5 10th Place Tie


rocking chair—
she remembers her childhood

# 81. Stella Pierides, DE/UK

0 0 5   5 10th Place Tie


front porch swing
same old argument
next door

# 100. Pris Campbell, US

1 0 2   5 10th Place Tie


breath of wind—
a rocking chair swings only
the poplar's shadow

# 128. Cezar Ciobîca, RO

1 0 2   5 10th Place Tie


11th Place Tie

the distance
between the two swings...
missing you

# 09. Rita Odeh, IL

0   4   4 11th Place Tie


cloudless sky...
swinging the swing
to its limit

# 19. Michele L. Harvey, US

0 1 2   4 11th Place Tie


my toes
reaching for the sky

# 26. Floyd Cheung, US

0 1 2   4 11th Place Tie


weathered swing . . .
a green haze of buds
on the old maple

# 40. Catherine J.S. Lee, US

0 0 4   4 11th Place Tie


house on the hill—
the moon squeaking in
the children's swing

# 46. Cezar Ciobîca, RO

0 2 0   4 11th Place Tie


on the kids carousel
an autumn leaf

# 98. Vladislav Hristov, BG

0 1 2   4 11th Place Tie


eagle wings
I push her swing
into the clouds

# 117. Cara Holman, US

1 0 1   4 11th Place Tie


tire swing
a rusted-out Chevy
by the old barn

# 122. Catherine J.S. Lee, US

0 1 2   4 11th Place Tie


12th Place Tie

late night radio
swing-time music
Bye Bye Blackbird

# 02. Neal Whitman, US

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


old sneakers
touching the sky
her childhood swing

# 28. Christine L. Villa, US

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


spring equinox
the playground swing
comes to rest

# 41. Susan Murata, US

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


batter up—
on the third swing the ball
becomes a star

# 48. John Daleiden, US

1 0 0   3 12th Place Tie


taking me
to the starlit sky..
a rope swing

# 55. Rita Odeh, IL

0 0 3   3 12th Place Tie



# 71. Floyd Cheung, US

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


empty swings
sway together in the air—
ghost lovers

# 90. John Daleiden, US

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


grey morning
not a single move
empty swing

# 120. Diana Teneva, BG

0 1 1   3 12th Place Tie


13th Place Tie

alone and still
the emptiness of chain links
the swing awaits

# 14. Cynthia Carlson

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


hushed wind
twirling on its own
park swing

# 17. Alegria Imperial, CA

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


noisy air
my soul flies high into
the swinging sky

# 18. Sasa Vazic, RS

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


an abandoned swing
swaying back and forth
breezes from the sea

# 21. Valli Poole, AU

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


empty park
swings swinging
in the wind

# 29. Tomislav Maretic CR

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


father’s day—
he still oils their creaking

# 39. Stella Pierides, DE/UK

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


up, down and up
state of mind
the swing

# 49. Ashi, DK

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


the school playground
a last swing into the blue

# 54. Bernard Gieske, US

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


making the swing
spin instead of sway:
pretty blonde girl

# 59. H. Edgar Hix, MN, US

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


how far can we
hold on?

# 63. Alegria Imperial, CA

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


planters moon
the farmer in the fields
idle porch swing

# 76. Johnny Baranski, US

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


in the garden
a swing full of snow
under empty nests

# 85. Magdalena Dale, RO

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


birds fly south
inside a pendulum swings

# 89. Linda Hofke, DE

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


broken swing
discarded needles
from the pine tree

# 111. Tracy Davidson, UK

0 0 2   2 13th Place Tie


windy morning
in Grandmother's garden
ghost children swing

# 126. S.E. Buffington, US

0 1 0   2 13th Place Tie


14th Place Tie

0 0 1   1 14th Place Tie

Haiku in this group received 1 vote.

For Sale on the fence—
silence on the empty swing
echos better days

# 04. Brian Strand, UK


In a swing outside
the college library:
an autistic child.

# 13. H. Edgar Hix, MN, US


as high as it goes
the "big kids" swing carries
a small girl's dreams

# 20. Judith Gorgone, US


before the rain
the old man's door swings open

# 22. Angie Werren, US


April shower
I admire the lazy swing
of his seven iron

# 23. Tracy Davidson, UK


the grandfather
swinging on the swing—
where's the child?

# 30. Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo, IL


he complains
about old bones
the porch swing creaks

# 34. Terri L. French, US


High Noon—
of swing door

# 38. Robert Kania, PL


in circle from sunlight
the ferris wheel

# 52. Vania Stefanova, BG


the song
playground swings sing...
new leaves

# 65. Michele L. Harvey, US


moonlit memories—
the old porch swing sways
back and forth

# 66. Judith Gorgone, US


the derelict swing
answers an old man
with its moaning song

# 67. Valli Poole, AU


the swing and the tree crowns
the wind

# 70. Danica Bartulovic, CR


the empty swing
dark night

# 75. Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo, IL


barely spring
dusting the plate
before the swing

# 83. Susan Murata, US


three speeds
to the baby swing
slow slower and still

# 86. S.E. Buffington, US


I found in attic
A broken swing

# 93. Alex Serban, RO


a lazy monkey
from branch to branch ...

# 94. Vania Stefanova, BG


two elderly...
swaying on the same
swing seat

# 97. Rita Odeh, IL


one two three - swing
she hears the dance teacher
in her dreams

# 104. Sandra Martyres, IN


the stillness
of a tire swing

# 107. Michele L. Harvey, US


spring drizzle—
all swings speckled
by the petals

# 114. Tomislav Maretic CR


her sneakered feet
scattering clouds—
new swing set

# 118. Terri L. French, US


in shafts of bleached light
a girl’s tulip skirt

# 119. Angele Ellis, US


spring melt off
the swing dance party
heats up

# 123. Susan Murata, US


the swans swing
in the lake

# 127. Maria Santomauro, US


swing time—
Dick Clark smiling, grinning
from the bandstand

# 130. John Daleiden, U


15th Place Tie

0 0 0   0 15th Place Tie

These haiku received 0 votes.

from Sun to cloudy
dead calm to hurricane
the mind swing to and fro

# 01. Ashi, DK


Song of swing—
I hear that in a dream
Mother’s voice

# 03. Alex Serban, RO


Life goes with a "swing"
ripe man brings home fruit woman
thinking we're gonna drown

# 06. Daniel de Culla, ES / US


child on a swing
so high but still below
the resident crows

# 07. Harvey Jenkins, CA


an autumn leaf falls down
in springtime

# 10. Vladislav Hristov, BG


a beaming child
up and down in a swing...
spring sunshine

# 15. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


from branch to branch
to find the juciest figs
the monkey swings

# 16. Sandra Martyres, IN


village green
cricket match
kids enjoy the swings

# 24. Robert Davey, UK


rain and gale
swing oaks
stretching their bones

# 25. Danica Bartulovic, CR


backyard swing
the shadow of our six-year-old
selves smooching

# 31. Carlos Colon


gray skies
I take another swing at it

# 32. Johnny Baranski, US


swing (ahhh)
swing (ahhh)
only the absent wind

# 35. Angele Ellis, US


swings playing
with the sun

# 36. Diana Teneva, BG


Rumor of war,
coils of smoke-
on the swing, only a newspaper.

# 37. Anisorara Iordache, RO


kids play on a swing
binoculars are brought for
the girl in a wheelchair.

# 42. Cristian Mocanu, RO


fierce blizzard
a child still sleeps
in the swing

# 43. Magdalena Dale, RO


night terror...
I hear the mockingbird's
porch swing squeak song

# 44. S.E. Buffington, US


swings go
up and down—
summer park

# 45. Maria Santomauro, US


girl swings higher
foot tapping crimson leaves
ready to fall

# 47. Linda Hofke, DE


playing old LPs
the rhythmic lilt of swing jazz
in a groove

# 50. Neal Whitman, US


Spring wind—
Trees are swinging
Without leaves

# 51. Alex Serban, RO


watching the sky
first time he swings above
cherry blossoms

# 53. Harvey Jenkins, CA


winter’s stillness...
my pulse rate swings
in the display

# 57. Ramesh Anand, MY


first swing set
he buys a helmet
and knee pads

# 58. Pris Campbell, US


Hanging low
the pendulum's tonic swing

# 60. Cynthia Carlson


an anxious father
puts his son on a swing:
excitement growing

# 61. Keith A. Simmonds, TT


mood swings
prozac to the her rescue
peace descends

# 62. Sandra Martyres, IN


granny and grandpa
on each side of the swing—
a giggling child

# 64. Sasa Vazic, RS


swinging past
in an elliptic orbit—
good-by earth...

# 68. Yamadori Komodori, US


Holy Saturday
my son asks, how many swings
till sweets

# 72. Ralf Bröker, DE


on his rocker
the squeak of the swing
childhood summer

# 73. Christine L. Villa, US


on the swing
grandma teaches the toddler
how to pump

# 74. Tomislav Maretic CR


before dawn
birdsong lifts
our silent swing

# 79. Angele Ellis, US


scratches on
my knees… flying
swing memories

# 80. Diana Teneva, BG


that old rope swing . . .
windfall willow catkins
dapple the lake

# 82. Catherine J.S. Lee, US


after twenty years
back in the public garden
the swing’s repainted.

# 84. Cristian Mocanu, RO


the swallows
return to swing
in the sky

# 87. Maria Santomauro, US


childhood house—
sitting on the old swing
with my first rag doll

# 88. Cezar Ciobîca, RO


you and me
let’s take a swing
life’s merry-go-round

# 91. Ashi, DK


swing your partner
square roots

# 92. Neal Whitman, US


adult swing set
burdens are far below
shoeless feet

# 95. Harvey Jenkins, CA


on the downswing
a blast of music
the beat marches on

# 96. Bernard Gieske, US


village tree...
a boy settles
on the tire swing

# 99. Ramesh Anand, MY


making the swing
spin instead of sway:
pretty blonde girl

# 101. H. Edgar Hix, MN, US


You swing left
I swing right
the ball drops

# 102. Cynthia Carlson


empty swings
going to and fro...
wild winter wind

# 103 Keith A. Simmonds, TT


new moon
squeezing our squeals
into a swing

# 105. Alegria Imperial, CA


earth and sky
keep distancing when
I begin to swing

# 106. Sasa Vazic, RS


mother robin lands
with a sudden fluttering
of holly branches

# 108. Judith Gorgone, US


bird feeder swings
in an original comedy
the lone lorrikeet

# 109. Valli Poole, AU


young Moon
the whole night on the waves

# 112. Danica Bartulovic, CR


swinging grasses
our shouts announce the next
Mexican wave

# 113. Ralf Bröker, DE


he is flying high
standing on the swing—
her shining eyes

# 115. Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo, IL


pinch hitter
he swings both ways
on and off the field

# 116. Johnny Baranski, US


on the swing she listens
to jazz

# 121. Stella Pierides, DE/UK


vacation’s over
magnolias shed petals
on the wooden swing.

# 124. Cristian Mocanu, RO


in the park
branches in full bloom
swings still empty

# 125. Magdalena Dale, RO


summer sun
shelter of old trees
hammock swings

# 129. Linda Hofke, DE


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