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 Zhanna P. Rader



The lake

is filled with sky

my heart only with you

Composed in Russian


Translated in English

with love,




I have just read this: "Cid Corman on poetry over the radio, October 1952. Poetry magazine, October 1952 . communication: poetry for radio" by Cid Corman at 


which starts with the words:


"What few poets seem to realize is that radio is their best potential outlet these days. It puts the stress rightly on the spoken word, tests the imagination of writer and listener spoken revives the need of the oral-aural commitment in verse, and permits the largest possible audience to experience the poem."


I read three of my humorous stories on the local radio last year. And the radio lady said that I was smiling at the right places, and thus the listeners could hear my smile.  Thus connecting Cid's article and my experience, I wrote this, something like a tanka, as a tribute to the author - although I do not know if it has any poetical or other value:


He reads a poem,

changing his voice and smiling,

and lets its humor

be heard, seen and enjoyed

by the radio listeners.



Zhanna P. Rader