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Fred Jeremy Seligson



Cid & I are in the countryside. I suggest, "Thereís a nice lake down the road; would you like to go see it?" He would; & we set out walking. The road goes at a slight, gradual decline through a wide region of long leafy shrubs & dry earth

As we walk, I feel my heart is full - as if a large, ripe orange were inside it. Cid is old, wearing his thick glasses & green beret, also a corduroy jacket. He is somewhat stooped over with age, a bit frog-like

On the way, a gravel path branches off to the right. Then, I recall, "My father is here. Letís go see him." (He has come to visit me & is waiting by another small lake) Cid likes this idea (they have never met) so we turn along that path

The path winds under trees & over a stream. Cid says, "I bet he gives now more than you give him." I donít agree, but reply to keep up our friendly spirits, "About the same ..."


Flutters over clearing sings


More about Fred Jeremy Seligson

Some of his books include: Oriental Birth Dreams (Hollym, Seoul and Elizabeth N.J. 1988;also by DIALOG, Warsaw University 1992). Queen Jin's Handbook of Pregnancy (North Atlantic Press, Berkeley, California, 2002). How to Make a Baby Buddha (The Diary of Queen Maya's Pregnancy) looking for a publisher. Well-Being Exercises for Happiness and Health (Mind Garden, Seoul Summer 2005, in Korean).

Also, poetry: a bilingual chapbook Daughters (AIOU, St-Etienne-Vallee-Francaise 1998) and Vietnam Diary (AIOU 2001) Cherry Blossoms (Longhouse 2004). He is currently completing a collection called Girls in White Dresses.

Over many years, he has collected 1,000's of precognitive Korean dreams covering all aspects of existance, ranging from before-birth to after-death, someday to be woven together into The Great Korean Dreambook, including a History of Korea Through Dreams.