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Kevin Ryan



Kevin Ryan is the Director of Charnwood Arts, a committed community artist, a keen photographer, writer and haijin. He has published a wide range of books and magazines and has developed, managed, produced or delivered well over 1,000 different arts programmes, projects, residencies, festivals and events across all art forums. He is also a documentary short video maker and an Ustad in a South Asian martial art.

Kevin Ryan's Photographs:

1. A rose from the Generalife, Alhambra, Grenada, Spain - Werner Reichold
2. Evening sky above Loughborough, UK - Jane Reichold
3. Granada Bus Station, Spain - Alan Summers
4. Fish pond at the Alhambra, Spain - Karina Klesko
5. Spanish Flowers, Granada, Spain - H.Gene Murtha
6. Cooling Towers at sunset, Ratcliffe on Soar, UK - Michael L Evans
7. Fire Poi - 12 Degrees West, Loughborough, UK - Kevin Ryan
8. Fire Poi, The Phoenix, Dingle, Eire- Elbert Pruitt
9. Footbridge, Matlock Bath, UK - Garry Gay
10. Red Admiral, Barrow on Soar, UK - Gerry Bravi
11. Still Life, New Buildings Farm, Ashleyhay, Derbyshire, UK- Stanford M Forrester
12. Scarfin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire, UK - Steve Addiss
13. Autumn Leaves, Charnwood Forest, UK - Cindy Tebo
14. Sunset over Charnwood Forest, UK - Allen McGill
15. Brendan's Shadow, New Buildings Farm, Ashleyhay, Derbyshire, UK - Lynne Steel 
16. Appalachian dancers, Scarfin Books, Cromford, UK - Kirsty Karkow
17. Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, Eire - Hortensia Anderson
18. Derelict factory, Loughborough, UK - Mary Lee McClure
19. Fairground ride, Loughborough, UK - Carol Raisfeld
20. Milking Time, Ashleyhay, Derbyshire, UK - Ron Moss
21. Swans and Geese, Watermead Park, Leicester, UK - Soji
22. Roses, Corby, UK - Raffael de Gruttola
23. Front door, King's Lynne, UK - Norman Darlington
24. In Coleridges Footsteps, Somerset, UK - Gerald England
25. Heart Leaf, Charnwood Forest, UK - Conrad DiDiodato
26. Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, UK - Carole MacRury