Sketchbook II Authors




Sketchbook II Authors

November / December 31, 2011 Vol. 6, No. 6

Shanna's Beat

Shanna Baldwin Moore


RD Armstrong, USFree Verse: The Swirling Dust

Paul Curtiss, USFree Verse: Psalm 669

Tracy McPherson, US Free Verse: Malady; I looked within; Too many Too Much Unsubscribe; Why is it?; You must be out there somewhere...; Incommunicado; Twinlin' Stardust; Untitled; I had this dream; It's Nearly Christmas; Do you tell them?

Shanna Baldwin Moore, USKyoka; Free Verse: Ladies in waiting; Haiku

Shanna Baldwin Moore: Haiga: Wildfire flowers

Joyce Watkins, USJoyce Watkins, US: Free Verse: a poem; Songs of Nature; into the fall; Feels So Good

Ben Wesling, USFree Verse: In The Court Of The Crimson Queen


Shanna Baldwin Moore, USSketchbook November / December 31, 2011

Results of the Poem This Picture Contest

Graphic by Shanna Baldwin Moore

The Winner is . . . Blue Orb Lady by Tracy McPherson, US

The following five poets from three countries contributed five poems to this contest.

Paticipants: Cezar F. Ciobīcă, RO; Bernard, Gieske, US; Tracy McPherson, US; Sandra Martyres, IN; Yamadori, US

Countries: India, Romania, United States

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Announcing January / February 29, 2012 Poem the Picture Contest

Shanna Baldwin Moore, US: Contest Moderator

Write a poem in any form for this Picture. is the place to send your entry by Midnight, Friday, February 24, 2012. The winning poem will be featured in the next issue of Sketchbook along with all entries. Click here to see a full sized image: January / February, 2012.









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