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...As Autumn Leaves Turn


September has been a month of delays for the Sketchbook Editors. On September I returned to my Iowa home; I discovered that I had to install a new furnace and make a number of other repairs before the property could be rented. During that period I had little or no daily access to the internet. After three weeks I returned to my home in Arizona and began work on the September Sketchbook.

Congratulations to the winners of the "autumn festival" kukai: 

     First Place: Kristin Reynolds, US

     Second Place:  Trish Shields, CA

     Third Place: Kristin Reynolds, US , Mary Davila, US

Read the "autumn festival" Kukai Results

Take a trip with the September haiku poets to the local "bazaar". This thread of poems re-creates the experiences of shopping at a "bazaar".

The October 2008 Kukai is any of the following: (migrating birds--geese migrate, cranes / storks come, shrike, butcher bird, quail, bullbul, woodpecker, bird of passage, migratory bird, snipe, longbill, siskin, little birds). Send no more than three entries to  Read the complete details for the October 2008 "migrating birds" Kukai

Celebrate the end of October with festivities; send an unlimited number of haiku to the October Haiku Thread: cat(s), witche(s), jack-0-lantern(s), shadow(s); or any images that convey the sense of "halloween" and / or Samhain. Read the complete details for the "October 2008" Haiku Thread.

Ed Baker has published a new book, Restoration Poems, which is featured in the September Book Fair.

Helen Bar-Lev, Israel, publisher of Cyclamens and Swords Press, has sent us a reminder that November 30, 2008 is the closing date for submission to their First Annual Poetry Contest: First prize is $300, second prize $100, third prize $50 and seven honorable mentions. Winning poems and honorable mentions will be published in the winter issue. Read the details here.

If you like to write haibun then enter the Kikakuza Haibun Contest. The entry is due by January 31, 2009. There is no entry fee for poets living outside of Japan. Read the detail here.

Tanka writers may want to enter the First International Erotic Tanka Contest; deadline: Postmark, December 31, 2008.  Read the details here.

The September Sketchbook issue contains three articles from our Global Correspondents:  Jeff Spahr-Summers, reporting on South AfricaEnd of Innocence; Bob Lucky, reporting from ChinaOn the Road in China; Helen Bar-Lev, reporting from Israel—Waiting for the Rain.

The October issue of Sketchbook is scheduled for publication on Friday, October 31, 2008.  Please send your October submissions to

The October 2008 issue will the the first year of continuous monthly publication of Sketchbook.  We look forward to reading your October poems.









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