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Helen Bar-Lev, IL

Waiting for the Rains


This past month there was good news: I received the International Diploemat Award for my poem From This Desk from The Amy Kitchener Foundation, together with Phill Doran from South Africa and Agatha Lai from Malaysia.  I also received 4th prize in the Margaret Reid Contest for Traditional Verse for my poem Two Zinnias and Johnmichael Simon received a high distinction award for his poem Las Maninas.
(Both my poems have been posted here previously so I won't post them again.)

Cyclamens and Swords Publishing is still accepting poems, until 30 November, for our contest - cash prizes plus chapbook.

I leave you with a poem I wrote yesterday morning, not believing the weatherman that we would indeed have rain.



Waiting for the Rains


There is an impatience in the air,
an anticipation in the fields, parched,
in the orchards, picked fruit-less,
in the clouds, grey and heavy

There is a promise in the darkness,
lengthening, as the sun spins its way
to another solstice,
as the land cools down and waits
for the relief of rain
for the release of green

for another winter
for another spring

9.2008 Helen Bar-Lev


Take care, and a good, peace-filled Hebrew New Year to all,


Helen Bar-Lev, Artist, Poet
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