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Ed Baker. Restoration Poems: 1972 - 2007. Country Valley Press: Gardnerville, NV.   79 pages. ISBN 978-0-9820196-0-3.  $13.95 plus s / h $3.00.

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Country Valley Press, 1407 Mission Street. Unit A, Gardnerville, NV 89410.




from Restoration Poems:

how to put
new materials
into old


so that they
look as if

they've always

the line of
sight    the
eyes  bring

"no hurry with the book: it won't improve with haste. And no one riding you. Let it accrete and shape it with care as it comes. And then mull it with even more care when it seems 'done'. They way you're working makes heavy demands on each word..."

Cid Corman (1975)

"To feel an old house being restored actually and within the fresh
materials of these poems 'chinked/w a secret/mix',
brings us all at once to one fine poet's home: now sit down and read its timbres, words and boards, close to the fire."

David Giannini

[Baker] has constructed a veritable, masterly house out of air. A place we walk through in our minds, watch it grow into completion and make our-selves at home. Such is the magic of his words, the geometric and architectural imagery of his mind--a sensitive, instructive human there."

Fred Jeremy Seligson

"Here is the dwelling of past in present. The craft of abiding and an
abiding craft. Here is our home to be."

John Martone




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