Karina Klesko, US and Jerry Bravi, CA








On shafts of light 
she pierced my world
and sang her secret song.
Amidst her notes I slept one day
so missed the coming dawn
and like a gust of wind
she's gone.

gerry bravi 





Of things past
I sometimes think
But reflections seldom linger
Mind full of eternity
I move on 
Sounds of the treadmill
Drowning my history

gerry bravi 





things take shape
or is it shapes ?
in the geometry of life
some drift like cats
within the mist
so hikers do take care
but some
like virgin blocks of clay
just wait
for us to shape them 

gerry bravi





I walk around
just a pilgrim or a tourist seeking to comprehend
I walk around 
never knowing why from a path full of exits I seldom ever stray
I just walk
stopping in the middle at the close of everyday
standing in the empty
unwinding in the still
it always ends that way

gerry bravi





whiskey pours from bottles
the blues stream from horns
but the world still unravels
whiskey pours from bottles
though never drowns my troubles
ever this crown of thorns
whiskey pours from bottles
the blues stream from horns

gerry bravi





Strangers we met
in the early morn.
On tiptoes I moved
so as not to alarm
I could hear you,
could you perceive me?
A handful of music,
here and then there,
in a garden full of need.
Plucked from the chaos,
two became one.
No longer strangers.
There, it was done.
Was there ever, but one?

gerri bravi


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