Vaughn Seward, CA and Karina Klesko, US



Christmas Renga 

Springs Of Holly

winter evening...
holiday lights reflect
in the window,
will that special
day ever come?                     vs

sprigs of holly
for the advent wreath
on the table
a cup of hot cocoa
warms my hands                      kk

Christmas eve...
friends and family arrive
bringing gifts,
joy-filled hearts cozy
around a glowing fireplace          vs

karaoke machine,
I try to remember the words
to Silent Night
a platter of rum balls
seems to be missing . . .            kk

special morning...
all the gifts are arranged
under the tree
what a relief! no coal
in my stocking                          vs

season's greeting,
a hand-made sweater
from grandma
the feeling of love
always near                              kk

December, 2006



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