Munia Khan, BD



*Dectina Refrain


From A Distance


My heart
Beats for you
From a distance
Yet never away
Our longing souls in love
Wrapped in the secret desires
You and me encircling our joy
Through the interval of longing time

Here my heart beats for you from a distance


*Dectina Refrain: Dectina Refrain is a 10 line poem. The first nine lines coincide with the number of syllables used for each line (i.e. Line one is one syllable, line two is two syllables, and so on until line nine); the final tenth line is a monostich made up of lines 1-4 in the poem.  The Dectina Refrain was invented by South African writer Marion Friedenthal; Luke Rapture Elk of Lukes WordSalad on All Poetry named the form for Marion (AllPoetry).









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