Dectina Refrain



Dectina Refrain Poems in the May / June 30, 2012 Sketchbook


John Daleiden, USDectina Mirror Refrain: A Garden

Munia Khan, BDDectina Refrain: From A Distance


*Dectina Refrain: Dectina Refrain is a 10 line poem. The first nine lines coincide with the number of syllables used for each line (i.e. Line one is one syllable, line two is two syllables, and so on until line nine); the final tenth line is a monostich made up of lines 1-4 in the poem.  The Dectina Refrain was invented by South African writer Marion Friedenthal; Luke Rapture Elk of Lukes WordSalad on All Poetry named the form for Marion (AllPoetry).


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Bernard Gieske, USTen Dectina Refrain Poems: Situations; Edificante; Nachgucken; Accabadora; Nuförtiden; Ispitivati; Tsadkanoot; Gulínglíng; Argenteria; Effentjies

Karin Anderson, AU—Ekphrastic Dectina Refrain: Skateboard

Stella Armour, UK—Acrostic Dectina: Starbursts ~ Acrostic Dectina; Glistening ~ Acrostic Dectina; Stupendous ~ Acrostic Dectina









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