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Free Verse Poets Appearing in the January / February 2012 Sketchbook


Stanley H. Barkan, US—Free Verse: Forgetting Jerusalem; On the Brink; As Yet Unborn; Immortality; Remnants

Helen Bar-Lev, ILFree Verse: Humble

Christopher Barnes, UKFree Verse: Pains & Penalties; Father Figure; American Dream; John Waters; Marc Almond; Karl Lagerfeld

Joseph Farley, USPoems: Surf and Turf; Rats Run The Maze; An Old Story; letting go; Throw Away Lines; Wildflowers; A Not So Brave And Not So New World; Shake The Dust From Your Feet; Something’s Missing; Elemental concepts; Grin and Bear It; gospel; living space; Literal symbols; the world is going to pot; Among The Furniture of Existence; Life, death and marriage; New Year’s Eve On Broad Street; Catholic School; yet another funeral; Bait and Switch; them; no false alarm

Paul Curtiss, USFree Verse: Happiness

Jan Oskar Hansen, PTFree Verse: The Musical Lady; Benafim and Thereabout (Algarve, Portugal); Free at Last; New Year 2012; Two Eipgrams

Elizabeth Howard, USFree Verse: Bridal Shower

Stefanija Ludvig, CRFree Verse: The Terrified Hornet; The Sky; Eyes to Eyes; Let Us Pray: Free Verse: Luck in Thee; Joy in My Heart; Suddenly Mother; Let Us Pray: Free Verse: Jesus is not a Wood

Gloria Mindock, USFree Verse: Oskar Romero

Norman J. Olson, US CRFree Verse: a day trip to Miami; Biltmore garden party

Asim Kumar Paul, INFree Verse: Wife; Satellite Love

Sherry Steiner, USFree Verse: 'Gone'

Joyce Watkins, USFree Verse: New Moon Poem









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