Free Verse




Free Verse Poets Appearing in the September / October 31, 2011 Sketchbook


RD Armstrong, USFree Verse: The Swirling Dust

Helen Bar-Lev, ILFree Verse: The Path to a Village

Danica Bartulović, CRFree Verse: Even a Bare Twig Trembles; Love Knows No Boundries; You Are Not Far Away

Elizabeth Howard, US—Free Verse: Uncle Billy; A Mythical Garden; Rhonwen Cordelia Weatherstone

Tracy McPherson, US—Free Verse: I looked within; Too many Too Much Unsubscribe; Why is it?; You must be out there somewhere...; Incommunicado; Twinklin' Stardust; UIntitled; I had this dream; It's Nearly Christmas; Do you tell them?

Norman J. Olson, US Free Verse: on the bus ride from Marco Polo Airport to Mestre; I worry about Vesuvius;
storm near Madera in the Atlantic Ocean; almost across the Atlantic; driving across Alabama

Zvi A. Sesling, ILFree Verse: Area Code; Blood; Hometown Blues; Memories; Old Friends; Secret Signal









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