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Ekphrastic Lannet ~ The Waves Painter – Ivan Aivazovsky

Karin Anderson, AU


Ivan Aivazovsky - 1817 to 1900. Born in Crimea he is arguably the most famous Russian seascape painter of all times and left behind over 6,000 works. He then moved to the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine arts in Russia in 1833.


The Waves Painter – Ivan Aivazovsky


Sea’s moods streamed reality and romance
And he free flowed first with rough pencilled lines.
Even in storm’s rays a thin light sluiced through;
This white light coloured the substance of storms~

He painted shipwrecks, battles and beauty,
Russia’s Seascape artist of famed power.
“The Ninth Wave” one of his masterpieces
whirled the castaways swirled in swashed sea waves~

Youth poverty-proud, he soaked in sight’s sounds
Drawing in charcoal on tall whitewashed walls.
Academy of Fine Arts watched his gift
And this marine painter’s brilliance soon blazed~

When rich his love of art gifted the poor,
As white light beamed him the meaning of life~


Lannet Poem ~ An Invented Form

The "Lannet" is a form of sonnet.

The Lannet consists of 14 lines - presentation of such piece is to the poet’s preference. There is a strict syllable count of 10 per line. The Lannet has NO END-LINE RHYMING SCHEME. Only internal rhyme is allowed. There is no stipulance of Iambic form, pentameter or tetrameter for a Lannet.

The Lannet form was created by Laura Lamarca.

~Shadow Poetry




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