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Ekphrastic  Quatrains ~ Echoes of Glitter

Iolanda Scripca, US


Dedicated to Natalie Wood on the day the authorities re-opened her case 2011


Free Verse


Echoes of Glitter


"Splendor in the Grass" can hardly breathe
A beauty in the fearful, destined waters
Not even Santa Catalina can lift up Natalie

An angel fallen in the hands of Evil

Macabre mask of rotten jealousy
The arm of selfishness pushes her with force
Her screams for help fall on empty ears
As men do nothing but drink themselves to satisfaction...

If you ever sail at night to Catalina Island
And think you see the city lights come close
You'll hear Maria's echo in the "Westside Story"
And watch the glow of glitter of a fallen star...

Natalie_Wood_by_Jack_Mitchell: Wikipedia




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