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Light A Candle

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the first birthday—
first time on his feet gazing
at a single flame

# 08. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

around the table...
three generations
in the candles’ glow

# 10. Cara Holman, US

Sunday Worship
Candles of Joy and Sorrow
she speaks in ASL

# 12. Neal Whitman, US

the silence
—a wax candle

# 17. Tonka Lovric, CR

drip after drip
wax from the candle...
a haiku moment

# 26. Keith A. Simmonds, TT

first meeting...
a candle light bonds
our shadows

# 31. Ramesh Anand, MY


the steady flames
of tea candles
my mother’s prayers

# 32. Alegria Imperial, CA

among mom’s
baptismal candles

# 34. Alegria Imperial, CA

the colorful candles
light up Bethlehem

# 37. Priyanka Bhowmick, IN

bee wax dripping
shaped in teardrops
a burning Good-bye!

# 39. Munia Khan, BD

altar candles
each flicker
a sigh

# 42. Alegria Imperial, CA

prayer candles
from the Virgin’s robe
the essence of roses

# 44. Alegria Imperial, CA

quelled candle
he straightens the cold limbs
of a battered child

# 45. Karen O'Leary, US

seventieth birthday cake
his big sigh
blows out the candles

# 47. Munia Khan, BD

red, white and gold…
candles almost consumed
by time

# 52. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

two decades later
candlelight in the streets—
the town of Vukovar

# 53. Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR

Sunday offering…
candles, roses and prayers
for our soldiers

# 56. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

The glory and the light
of the faith hide. Today
even the worms are wise

# 59. Smajil Durmisevic,BA

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Christmas Around the World

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cherry twigs
blooming in bowls of water

~Karina Klesko, US


candlelit study
three shadows chase each other
around the wall

#61. Chen-ou Liu, CA

rice paper moon
another candle
on the cake

# 62. Cara Holman, US

a broken wooden cross
in the prayer book

# 63. Chen-ou Liu, CA

a dark winter night
a candle
her only succour

# 64. Sandra Martyres, IN

thinking of that spring we met
and another spring…

# 65. Chen-ou Liu, CA

alone with my dog
the scent of Christmas candles

# 67. Chen-ou Liu, CA

alone at dusk
I add one more candle
to the cake

# 69. Chen-ou Liu, CA

solemn prayer
all the candles glimmer
in the church

# 71. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

church service
an altar server raises
his candle snuffer

# 75. Willie R. Bongcaron, PH

in the sky
votive candles

# 78. Danica Bartulović

he takes a deep breath
forty candles on his cake
to be blown out

# 84. Sandra Martyres, IN

light a candle
say a prayer
God is everywhere

# 86. Sandra Martyres, IN

by the candlelight
so dense

# 87. Tonka Lovric, CR

candlelit Christmas tree
in the basement apartment
my shadow and I

# 93. Chen-ou Liu, CA

goodbye darkness
a candle
lights up his life

# 94. Sandra Martyres, IN

floating lamps—
ancestors’ voyage from
Kalinga to Java, Sumatra

# 101. P K Padhy, IN

down a valley of darkness
a dragon of candle light

# 106. Bernard Gieske, US

a burned-out candle
at the mortician's
store window

# 111. Juhani Tikkanen, FI

in the cave
a tiny candle aflame
giant monsters on the wall

# 112. Bernard Gieske, US

in the igloo
burning midnight oil
night lessons

# 114. Bernard Gieske, US

a candle
burning slowly
—living longer

# 116. Ljudmila Milena Mršić, CR

burnt candles—
where does the darkness
hide the light?

# 118. P K Padhy, IN

Candle light
scent of tuberose
on rustling silk

# 121. Karin Anderson, AU

candle on the sill—
a moth circles into
the Big Dipper

# 124. Cezar-Florin Ciobīcă, RO

how pale the moon

# 126. Stella Pierides, DE / UK

power cuts
in this wind a candle burns
too fast

# 128. Stella Pierides, DE / UK

electric candles—
so, I record
my prayer

# 130. Stella Pierides, DE / UK

he blows out
all eighty birthday candles—
the year ends

# 134. Yamadori, US

Eve of Christmas—
a candle burning
at the window

# 136. Maria Tirenescu, RO

power break—
reading her last letters
by candlelight

# 137. Cezar-Florin Ciobīcă, RO

prayer candle—
she puts her lips
to the icon

# 138. Stella Pierides, DE / UK

they light their wedding candle—
incense fills the air

# 140. Yamadori, US

luminaries light
the path to a living crčche—

# 141. . John Daleiden, US










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