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Ekphrastic Quatrains: Sandrine

Bernard Gieske, US Poet ~

Connie Bransilver, Photographer ~ "Madagascar - Ratine and Sandrine"

Connie Bransilver, Photographer ~ "Madagascar - Ratine and Sandrine"




Yours are the eyes of a new soul
Your shy smile I now behold
Sandrine your name I am told
You’re our bridge to the new and old

Sandrine, this moment gives me glee
Though swift and fleeting it may be
Your inviting smile is the key
Your face crinkled in curiosity

Sandrine, caution will serve you well
Supported in your mother’s arms for awhile
Your smile creates a new prosody
You give us hope with your curiosity

Sandrine, hold dear what you see
Search the stars above the trees
Blaze a new trail with your strides
Travel throughout your land far and wide

You came, you see, you will succeed
A brighter future there will be
There’ll be so many with new names
This country you will all reframe

Sandrine, you reboot my day
Your smile lights up my day
No more need I say
I’ll follow in your way


The photo, "Madagascar - Ratine and Sandrine"

* Madagascar is the fourth largest island. It has a vast array of plants and animals, a “biodiversity hotspot”. Amidst all this richness of beauty, a great percentage of the people live in poverty. 85% of the population live on less than $2 per day. With 43.1% of the people falling in the 0-14 year age group, Ratine and all the young people are facing a difficult future. Hopefully, they will be able to reshape it for the better.

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