Haiga Authors in the May / June 30, 2011 Sketchbook



Pris Campbell, USHaiga: the distance

Andrzej Dembończyk, PLHaiga: meeting after years

Karen O'Leary, USHaiga: new dreams

Ramona Linka, DEHaiga: midday heat; Steady rain; anniversary

Deborah Rachel Ngo, SGHaiga: humble lines dancing

Emily Romano, US—Haiga: gondola; huge fish; one flower; stillness; trapped; water garden; facile

Alex Serban, ROHaiga: in the forest; embroidered stars

Vania Stefanova, BGHaiga Series: I stare:


Collaborative Haiga

Pris Campbell, US and Nan Talbot, USCollaborative Haiga: sprout wings, baby; your body over mine

Jeremiah Orozco, US and John Daleiden, USCollaborative Haiga: A Tanka and Haiku Sequence: Summer Bouquet for Deborhanne


Photo Haiga

Diane Mayr, US: Photo Haiga: May, nervous giggles, a new day

Irena Szewczyk, PL: Photo Haiga: date in a park

Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CRPhoto Haiga: The recession; wandering










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