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Collaborative Haiga

Watercolour by Deborah Rachel Nago, Singapore

Haiku by Russell H. Ragsdale, Kazakhstan


Deborah Rachel Ngo, SG: is a self-taught artist and poet who was never formally trained in either art forms except for attending enrichment classes at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She was born in 1988 and is of Chinese and Eurasian heritage. Deborah calls Singapore home and although she is relatively unknown, writing and painting have been lifelong passions for her.

This is Deborah's first Sketchbook appearance.


Russell H. Ragsdale, KZ: publishes through electronic submission only because he lives in a dark corner of the world (Central Asia) where the snail mail works erratically. He has been published in Autumn Leaves, Banks of the Little Miami, Blue Fifth Review, Luciole Press, Monthly Review and Pirene’s Fountain. He teaches English at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research in Almaty. His blog is called Yuckelbel’s Canon and can be found at 


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