Haiga Authors in the March / April 30, 2011 Sketchbook


Mother's Day Haiga Selected by Karina Klesko, Editor



Heike Gewi, DE: Haiga: airwalking; ripe spikes; footprints in snow

Deborah Rachel Ngo, SGHaiga: Rainbow

Vania Stefanova, BGHaiga: paper boats

Janice Thomson, CAHaiga Thumbnails; Haiga: morning mist; March winds

Collaborative Haiga

Judi and Duane ArmbrusterCollaborative Haiga: a scented whisper

Pris Campbell, US and Norman Darlington, IRCollaborative Haiga: almost buried; earliest memories; old friends

Heike Gewi, DE / YE and Walter Mathois, AT: Collaborative Haiga: new democracy

Don and Judi Hall, CAa late spring; craft fair

Diana Mayr, US and HiroshigeCollaborative Haiga: if not for the scent

Deborah Rachel Ngo, SG ~  Watercolour and Russell H. Ragsdale, KZ ~ HaikuCollaborative Haiga: Voluptuous rose

Tom Painting and Deb KoenCollaborative Haiga: first light; smell of rain; clear through; one see; the owl's eyes

Photo Haiga

Diane Mayr, USPhoto Haiga: between the strip mall

Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR:Photo Haiga: Thumbnails Photo Haiga: first buds; falling off the bike; Beware of the bees; fragrance; bouquet of violes


Collaborative Photo Haiga

Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR and Marija Andjela Pogorilic, CRCollaborative Photo Haiga: bouquet of violes

Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic, CR and Josip Pogorilic, CRCollaborative Photo Haiga: fragrance


Free Verse Haiga


Shanna Baldwin Moore, UShe watches at night







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