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Free Verse Authors in the March / April 30, 2011 Sketchbook


Ada Aharoni, IL—Free Verse: A Green Week; Siniora: My New Friend in Gaza; Cosmic Woman; Peace Is A Woman;  Eve's Defence

Paul Curtiss, USFree Verse With Random Rhyme: Under The 18th Street Bridge

Joseph Farley, US—Free Verse: Void, Slithy Toves, The Visitors, Down But Not Out, Lost and Along For the Ride, A Liar By Trade and Practice, The Clowns

Philip Hackett, USFree Verse: Suffer The Children To Play, Without Chop Sticks, Beneath The Sweltering Sun, Gamen, Gentle People, Tears of Joy, The Mission for Joana, On Rue Royale, West of Boston, For Daniella

Jan Oskar Hansen, PT: Free Verse: Yes, I Was There; Yemen; Bafly; Gloomy; When I Met Sir Cliff

Elizabeth Howard, USFree Verse: Undertow, Checkmate, A Firm Hand

Michael Lee Johnson, USFree Verse: Lost in a Distant Harbor, A Willow Branch, Witches and Queen, One Day Words, A Patch of Green

Evica Kraljic, CR: Free Verse: Spellbound

Chen-ou Liu, CAFree Verse: That Night

Martin Lochner, ZA: Free verse: The Wind That Rolls The Kalahari Thorn Bush; Disillusioned; A Taoist Reading Being and Nothingness

Joe Massingham, AUFree Verse: Swan Song, The Swan

Nicole Taylor, USFree Verse: Greening; The Evening is Coming

Janice Thomson, CA: Free Verse: Coming Home; Sunset; Winter Storm

Juliet Wilson, UK—Free Verse: Blues; Fumbling; Desolation

F. N. Wright, US—Free Verse: First Love, Suppertime









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