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Moving On


It has been an interesting month hurricanes, no electricity, then on and off electricity.

During the course of all these events, I added a new Renhai Editor, Vaughn Seward, who will be preparing our Renhai section each month.

That is great news. We have some wonderful new poets join us. What I have suggested is that we include the bios for the new poets with their work, on their first time published in the Sketchbook, then after that, they will also join the Author's Reference Pages. Let me know if this works for you, so if you see some bios at the bottom of some of the pages but not all of the authors you will understand why.

I have missed Ginka Bilarska, very much and do appreciate Vasile Moldovan, for including collaborative works they have done as submissions. It is like she is still with us.

Also, Bill Higginson passed on, on Saturday, Oct. 11, for those who knew him or have benefited from his knowledge and books. A wonderful man. He will be greatly missed.

I have been working on improving the Sketchbook i e. expanding into the audio/video technology. So if there is anyone out there that is learned at this,  please send me a note. Saul Bernstein has sent us an excellent DVD of the Idaho Dance Theatre performance of "Undertow". Here is a lovely letter exchange:

I just viewed the DVD today; it is stunning. The movements of the dancers just capture you into the video. That will be featured in the October Sketchbook which is only in a couple of weeks on October 31!!!

In 1984 Integrity Times Press published A. D. Winansís The Reagan Psalms, a scathing indictment against Reaganomics and the Ronald Reagan Administration. Black Bear Press later produced a cassette tape of Winans reading from The Reagan Psalms.

Press Release: Sound Srteettracks has mastered the cassette tape to compact disk. The compact disk of The Reagan Psalms will be released to the public on 13 October, 2008, Lettered Limited Editions.

Sketchbook extends a warm welcome to Ave Jeanne Ventresca the former owner of Black Bear Press. A special thank you to Norman Olson, the artist for The Reagan PsalmsBe sure to look for the full page press release in the October 31 Sketchbook.

CD Packages Available

Platinum Package -The Reagan Psalms by A. D. Winans.  We have our First Limited Edition CD ready for sale this upcoming week. There are 26 Platinum Package Lettered Audio CD's.  Each platinum package contains:

  • A fifty minute CD - The Reagan Psalms

  • A Silk Screened Label by the Artist Norman Olson titled "After the Flood"

  • One booklet of poems by A. D. Winans

  • A signed poem "Creation" that has never been published

  • All sent to you in a beautiful Black Leather/Look presentation gift box

There are only 26 of them in the whole world! Amazing to me.

Allan Winans narrates time from The Beginning, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, all the way to The End. The original book was written in the seventies by the same name The Reagan Psalms. The listener is taken back to a time, where change had been tumultuous since the fifties, sixties and seventies.

The Reagan Years lulled America into a false sense of security with "Reaganomics", seemingly, an answer for all life's problems. A sense of wealth and power was restored after the Vietnam Years. Mr. Winans takes you on a path of biblical terms, recanting the promises made to 'the promised land'.

It stirs your heart, and at one point the sudden realization, the revelation hits you hard. When Mr. Winans recites "The End", one is left with a lump in the throat.

Review : Sound Streettracks

The Platinum Package also includes:

  • Your Notification and Reservation for the Future Audio CD's and New Books, including The Crazy John Collection, proposed for Spring, 2009 and any other Lettered Editions.

There have been preorders when we presented it in a previous Sketchbook.
There are SIX left of the Letterd Limited Edition of The Reagan Psalms CD.

Send inquires to

The Producer is Sound Streettracks

Checks, M.O. or International Vouchers are acceptable. PayPal is also available. Click here for package information and ordering.

Make checks payable to: Sound Streettracks / $49.99

You need to write me and reserve one. I will check to see which next letter is available, there are collectors of A.D. Winans work who have inquired about purchasing more than one copy. Don't wait too long. Not a sales pitch, just the facts.

Great to have a Reserved Copy for yourself, but nice to give the Gold or Silver Package
as holiday gifts.

Thank you to Ron Moss for the September Cover Art--exquisite!!

Special note, just received an e-mail from Metairie, LA notifying us that Vaughn Banting passed away. He contributed much to the haiku world and all of our lives in conquering his handicap.

Many blessings from the Sketchbook staff.

Karina Klesko









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